How to Write an Assignment: Structure and Writing Hints

No matter what kind of assignment one should write as a student, it always involves certain structure and requirements. It’s no wonder that some of us may find it difficult to cope with all formatting rules and grading rubrics. Knowing how to write an assignment right is not as complex as it may seem when you understand each part of the task! From Introduction and Body Paragraphs to Thesis statement and Conclusion, writing assignments have elements that easily tell well-written assignment from poor text.

Turning to our expert writers at EduBirdie, we have compiled checklist of things that student should mind while working on assignment. Check each part to realize that even complex writing assignments are not that bad anymore!

What Steps Should Each Student Take to Write an Assignment?

The most important thing is careful planning. While each university student may have personal rules, basic structure should always include:

  • Studying grading rubric, understanding formatting as well as word count limits
  • Finding good assignment or dissertation topics unless it is specified.
  • Finding sufficient, reliable sources to support arguments.
  • Choosing strong thesis topic.
  • Forming outline layout for an essay.
  • Including as much information as possible in draft paper.
  • Forming References / Works Cited page not after, but while you work.

Following these simple steps, students will have basic assignment structure that meets requirements, provides with tips to continue work. To get an idea of classic paper style and assignment format, let’s see writing template. Read into each bullet point while working step-by-step to know more about writing.

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Assignment Writing Template Structure Example

Even though each type of written paper requires its own structure and rules to be followed, we have prepared classic structure that will meet requirements most of the time. Firstly, it’s required to understand how to write an introduction for an assignment.

Introduction / Intro Paragraph

  • An Introduction is an important any paper part, therefore, it should have hook sentence that will instantly engage audience in essay or research. Introducing ideas, start with anecdote or known fact that’s approached from different angle.
  • Make argument or statement that’s unusual or sufficient for debate.
  • Keep introduction short, but insert short summary of what paper will reflect on.
  • Introduce thesis statement as last sentence of introduction paragraph. Ensure it relates to paper topic idea as well as body paragraphs that follow.

Body Paragraphs

  • Classic plan usually involves from 3 to 5 body paragraphs, depending on final word count or essay type.
  • Each body paragraph should revolve around one idea. There is academic rule that comes from professors that says: “One paragraph – one idea!”
  • Start each body paragraph with topic sentence that makes statement or tells about following events.
  • Always backup facts, provide information with reliable, peer-reviewed sources.
  • How to do an assignment right? Use “Introduction / Analysis / Source / Own Voice / Conclusion” template. Start by introducing facts. Next, comes analysis, supported by source. Last part should be finished by your own considerations.
  • In last body paragraph, include counter opinion or ideas that go against thesis. Always provide own opinion, explain why your own take is different.


  • Conclusion for assignment is where thesis is restated. Write summary of what was learned or acquired as a result of research.
  • Do not introduce any new ideas in conclusion part.
  • If applicable, let audience know what additional research could be done.
  • If student writes review or critique essay, make suggestions. In most universities, especially in Political Science and Healthcare, professors let students introduce suggestions or research proposals.
  • Once again, provide strong statement, based on thesis to support main idea.

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What to Include and How to Write Assignment Outline?

Outline is what basically tells how to start an assignment by providing structure and layout that fit within required rules. In outline student should enclose:

  • Intro paragraph that speaks of main idea, followed by strong thesis statement in italics.
  • Headers of body paragraphs with short 1-2 sentences description.
  • Opposing views paragraph with brief explanation.
  • Conclusion paragraph header.
  • Works Cited page.

Unless specified otherwise in Outline instructions, keep it within 1-2 pages. Majority of universities provide students with templates, yet in those cases when professor asks to write reflection paper, you are left to your own consideration.

10 Expert Tips for Writing an Assignment

  1. Always start with good topic research before working on an essay. Find topic that inspires or gives an opportunity to find good arguments.
  2. After choosing topic, start looking for academic as well as reliable sources. This is the most time-consuming part. Visit local university’s library or turn to online sources like academic journals and databases. If you struggle to find sufficient sources, switch topic or change the title of the existing idea.
  3. Research topic and come up with several thesis statements. Most universities in the put written assignments to their databases that works based on keywords. If thesis statement makes strong argument, it should have relevant keywords that make it easier to find for scientific community. As thesis statement is chosen, ensure it also relates to sources you have found before and be sure that now you know how to write an assignment.
  4. Always follow layout that you have presented in outline. Form body paragraphs in such way that allow sources to be placed in logical, clear way. Always keep balance of your own opinion and in-text citations (quotes).
  5. As you speak about certain facts, provide real-life examples or simulations. This way audience can understand and relate to your arguments and ideas. If it’s applicable, talk about your own experience, support statements with related research in same field.
  6. Add graphics, diagrams, appendix pages, and the footnotes. It makes written task credible for your target audience.
  7. Follow the formatting rules and check paper for structure, indents, headers, and fonts.
  8. While working with paper’s draft, present ideas and do not cut out weak parts yet. The purpose of draft is to include your ideas “as they are” and edit them later.
  9. Always proofread paper twice. The first time that you proofread text, make edits by taking best parts from lengthy draft. It is the time to edit paper, check it for grammar, punctuation, and logic. Act as director who do their work to complete the best cut. For second proofreading read aloud, so you can hear how it sounds, check whether it makes sense.
  10. If essay has title page and abstract, edit keywords if necessary, ensure you met requirements and wrote all target words.

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