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  • Machine Learning: A Form Of Applied Statistics

    Machine Learning Machine learning is essentially a form of applied statistics with increased emphasis on the use of computers to statistically estimate complicated functions and a decreased emph...

  • The Concept Of Integrated Marketing

    What is integrated marketing? It is a way to deal with accomplishing the targets of a showcasing effort through an all-around composed utilization of various limited-time strategies that are expect...

  • Chemistry Lab Report: Iodometric Titration Of Copper

    Abstract The purpose of this experiment was to find out the amount of Copper in a random weight of Copper(II) Sulfate given to us in a volumetric flask. I proceed to carry out the experiment by ...

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  • Axioms And Laws Of Boolean Algebra

    Boolean Algebra differs from both general mathematical algebra and binary number system. In Boolean Algebra, A A =A and A.A = A, because the variable A has only logical value. It doesn’t have any n...

  • Branches Of Computational Geometry

    There are 2 main branches of computational geometry: Combinatorial Computational Geometry. Numerical Computational Geometry. Combinatorial Computational Geometry The most goal of th...

  • Analysis Of Stonehenge Geometry

    Through an exploration of geometric systems and proportions in architecture, knowledge on the influence of quadvarium systems to have shaped the historic spatiality of buildings is illuminated. Spe...

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