Brand Assets

EduBirdie is renowned as an organization that operates professionally. Our brand is partially displayed through the use of bold and exciting colors. The below files and colors can be used for marketing and promotions.

EduBirdie Logo
EduBirdie Color Palette
  • Blue

    HEX #0F80DE

    RGB 15, 128, 222

  • Navy Blue

    HEX #045281

    RGB 4, 82, 129

  • Yellow

    HEX #FFD30B

    RGB 255, 211, 11

  • Turquoise Blue

    HEX #03C1FF

    RGB 3, 193, 255

Usage Guide
Main Logo
Monocolor Illustration Version 1 Illustration Version 2
Multicolor Illustration Version 1 Illustration Version 2

All service logos, illustrations, patterns, and design features should under no circumstance be used for commercial purposes. The only exception is if you have been given written permission by EduBirdie. Any and all brand material is the sole property of EduBirdie. All Rights Reserved.