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Awesome result

Very good and also good with short deadlines.



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I hate making reports, but I need them for my Chemistry class. So, I asked for the report writing help. I was sceptical, but the writer’s work is just perfectly done! I’ll definitely use this service again. Thank you for all your service!



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Would highly recommened to anyone

Very well written paper and would highly recommened to anyone.


Mila L.

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Good customer service!

Very friendly agents available to you round the clock. Required to change requirements for my report last moment and they agreed. One of my friends also using this service.

Custom report writing services by Edubirdie

Writing a report is a challenging task because of the numerous obstacles it hides. It might seem easy at first. Reporting on something doesn’t require solving problems or making sense of complex calculations. However it still poses enough difficulties for many students and pushes them to look for report writing help.

Being students, young people tend to have a lot on their plate. They hope to find a proper balance between their social life and assignment writing while also trying to fulfill all other obligations. Whatever you’re studying, you are probably aware of how difficult time management is. When you have many essays or other papers to write, frustration could well up and lead you to exhaustion and hopelessness. Report writing services might be what you need to restore the balance between your daily activities.

Creating a report entails describing and analyzing some events. You have to convey its primary purpose to your audience while keeping your tone coherent and academic. Deep insights and excellent critical thinking skills are required to succeed here because your report will be automatically flawed if you misinterpret something. Each assignment requires time to do careful research, find sources, design charts or appendices. And this is all before you’ve even written a single word! Even if you work hard, there are no guarantees you’ll receive a passing grade. To rectify that, the EduBirdie service offers its professional help with writing a report.


Most students have no idea what report writing even entails and what types it’s divided into. For this reason, it’s essential to formulate the purpose and functions of this type of work. It can make it clear what business report writing services include.

All reports focus on providing a summary of something. They don’t present your opinion, and they seldom rely on other outside sources. Still, a person writing a report should understand the described event with perfect clarity.

The report can be informational, and its essential goal is to make the audience aware of an event and its peculiarities. There are also analytical reports summarising objective facts and offering solutions. Functional works, such as lab reports, imply a specific use, such as demonstrating the results of an experiment. The length of each report type may be various. It can be challenging to puzzle out all the rules of every report type, but the EduBirdie experts providing professional academic writing services know all these intricacies. They’ll take all of them into account when working on your order.


If you are looking for custom report writing services to improve your knowledge and get good grades, the key is to choose a professional who’s best qualified to complete your order. Many academic help services assign the clients’ orders to their writers randomly or upon the writers’ requests. As a result, final papers are often subpar because their authors have no experience in the field.

At EduBirdie, once you ask us to do my lab report, we give you the opportunity to select writers based on their ratings, experience, academic level, and the price they request. We believe the best way to ensure true collaboration with our clients is by empowering them to make informed decisions. That’s why you get the right to learn everything you need about our writers’ experience before you decide to hire any of them. All our experts have passed a series of tests checking their credentials and skills. Most of these people have built successful careers in various fields, including law, business, academia, science, and finance. And they write papers to make some extra easy money. Your report will cost about $13.99 per page. No matter which of our specialists you choose, your order shall always be completed by your deadline, even on short notice.


Once you’ve selected a personal statement writer, he or she starts working their academic magic immediately. A good medium-sized report of a complex type will have several sections. Let’s imagine you’re focusing on the financial statement of a company. In this case, your work will include:

  • Abstract briefly summarises the paper by stating what’s done in it and its end goal.

  • Introduction presenting the topic background, for instance, a situation you’ve decided to report on, your work aims, and ways of achieving them.

  • The methodological part disclosing the company specialisation and informing how the info in the analysed financial statement was collected, what actions were taken in its course, etc.

  • Findings based on the results of the financial statement analysis.

  • Discussion (which is optional): you could be asked to present your opinion based on the results of the company’s statement.

  • Conclusion summing up the report and restating its key points.

Citations in the appropriate academic formatting style are also a must. Make sure you mention which of them is needed when placing your order. At our essay writing service, editors and proofreaders back up our writers by scanning every custom research paper​ through anti-plagiarism software and correcting typos and grammar mistakes, if any, along with verifying the credibility of sources they used. Finally, our fantastic customer support team offers communication 24/7. Contact them via email, live chat, or use a toll-free option. They’ll provide professional assistance, including answering all your questions and dealing with any concerns you might have.


Lots of students attending universities already know EduBirdie offers the best report writing help. The good news is we don’t stop there. Our writers provide a wide variety of services, including:

  • Writing essays on specific subjects, for example, literature or biology assignment help.
  • Speech writing, PowerPoint presentations, annotated bibliographies, and expert help from personal statement service.
  • Personal statement writing is required to enter a college or uni.
  • Technical assistance with maths, physics, or Excel help.
  • The lab report or dissertation help, literature reviews, and assistance with every other type of complex academic project.
  • Reviews on movies or books: our specialists can watch or read what you require quickly and present a thoughtful analysis.
  • Concise summaries of articles or other publications.
  • Essay editing services and proofreading for papers you have written on your own.
  • Creative writing, namely, pieces about your personal experiences, fictional stories, or even scripts for short videos. Each will have vivid details and a descriptive writing style.
  • Case study writing or analysis.


If you’re busy with homework, have personal troubles, or simply feel no desire to work on additional tasks and just want to pay for essay, academic writing from EduBirdie can come in handy.

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Just contact us with a request “write my report,” and your order will be immediately included in our order base. You can use the services we offer by hiring one of our professional writers to complete your assignment at prices that won’t ruin your budget. Note we don’t just write reports for money; we provide a wide range of academic help options. There are several similar companies operating in this market, but clients looking for the best, choose EduBirdie!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How fast can you write my report?

    Our skilled team of writers can manage reports with urgent and regular deadlines. By this, we mean your report can be completed starting from a 3-hour deadline. But we kindly ask you not to lose your time if you already know you need our assistance. The reason is simple: the more time we have to complete your report, the better are chances we have a high-quality paper crafted before the deadline arrives.

  • What subject can I order for report help?

    Given our writers’ extensive expertise, you can order any report help, including subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Microbiology, Osmosis, Calorimetry, Titration, Engineering, Science, Sociology, Psychology, and others.

  • Will I be able to communicate with my report writer?

    Once you post an order at Edubirdie, you will be assigned by the writer of your choice. We provide you an opportunity to communicate with your writer directly via live chat, and this is our exclusive feature. You can clarify any details or requirements before the writer has started working on your paper. This will make sure you are at the same pace.

  • Is a refund possible?

    Yes, it is. But please note we deal with refund requests on a case-by-case basis because every refund reason is unique and needs our attention individually. We guarantee your money back if you are not satisfied with your completed paper or the revised work. If you insist the paper is irrelevant to the initial instructions, our QA will assess the work quality and estimate a percentage of inaccurate content it contains. Afterward, we refund an amount comparable to the last one.

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