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Amazing done...

Amazing done more than requested and well with in the deadline will definitely be using again



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Very good writer!

A very good writer and did what I asked and made revisions with efficiency. Thanks!


Xanthip E.

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Great writer!

Coursework is something to deal with, trust me. I was searching for the coursework help ‘cause I don't really like to write such papers and I was damn out of time. The writer helped me a lot and answered all my questions. Thanks for the great work!


Houston L.

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High quality and good service!

I requested a research proposal writer to make it for me. I was afraid of the possible plagiarism because once I faced it on the other service. But the writer's research proposal on EduBirdie didn't contain any plagiarized material and was clear and well-structured. Thank you!



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EduBirdie is the best essay writers ever! I had a difficult one to write, but the author made it quickly and perfectly well. I can't express all my gratitude, I'll definitely hire this writer again. If you're looking for someone to write your essay - EduBirdie is the best way!

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  • What types of speeches can EduBirdie help with?

    EduBirdie offers a versatile range of speech writing services that cater to various occasions and topics. Whether you're delivering a keynote speech, a motivational talk, a scholarly presentation, or a heartfelt toast at a wedding, EduBirdie has expert writers to assist you.

  • How does EduBirdie ensure the quality and originality of the speeches?

    EduBirdie employs a team of highly skilled writers who undergo rigorous screening before coming on board. Each speech is crafted to be unique, engaging, and insightful. The service also emphasizes that every speech is checked for authenticity and is 100% plagiarism-free.

  • Can I choose my writer at EduBirdie?

    Yes, EduBirdie allows you to select your writer based on their success rates, customer reviews, and the number of completed tasks on their profiles. This feature ensures that you always have the advantage of hiring top-notch speech writers, leading to a high-quality custom-written speech.

  • What are the additional benefits of using EduBirdie's Speech Writing service?

    EduBirdie offers several perks such as quick results with over 500 dedicated writers, 24/7 customer support, and a customer satisfaction guarantee with unlimited revisions. They also offer affordable rates, ensuring that you get outstanding value for your investment without causing financial strain.

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Speech Assistance from Professionals

Have you ever grappled with the intricate task of creating an impactful speech? The journey to effective public speaking is paved with dedication, significant time investment, and, most crucially, a natural talent for communication. Indeed, the ability to articulate your ideas persuasively and coherently is a gift that not everyone is fortunate enough to possess. Therefore, it is entirely justifiable and often necessary to seek professional help from an experienced writer.


Every speaking occasion indeed necessitates a distinct approach, tailored to address a specific subject matter and fulfill certain predefined objectives. This is an understanding deeply embedded in our professional ethos, which influences every speech we craft.

As a versatile speech writing service, we are skilled at tuning into the unique requirements of various speech types. Whether you are articulating a complex concept, inspiring a crowd, or even raising a toast at a wedding, each speech serves a different purpose and thus, demands a unique approach.

We believe that a good speech isn't simply about stringing together eloquent words, but rather a thoughtful synthesis of the speech's purpose, the speaker's personality, and the audience's expectations. To this end, our professional speech writers embark on an immersive process of understanding your objectives, researching your topic, and weaving your unique perspective into a speech that resonates with your audience.

Whether you're delivering a keynote speech at a conference, a motivational talk to your team, a scholarly presentation at a seminar, or a heartfelt toast at a wedding, our service is equipped to cater to your needs seamlessly. We are proficient across a wide spectrum of topics and genres, enabling us to help you communicate effectively, no matter the occasion.


Plagiarism isn't merely a breach of trust; it represents a serious ethical violation that can lead to severe repercussions, both academic and professional. It tarnishes reputations, devalues genuine efforts, and undermines the fundamental principles of fairness and integrity. Given its grave implications, avoiding plagiarism is paramount to our academic writing service.

In our commitment to upholding academic integrity, every order processed by our service undergoes rigorous verification. Our writers ensure that every citation is meticulously attributed, accurately following the designated citation style. This level of detail goes a long way in preventing inadvertent plagiarism that can occur from careless referencing.

Furthermore, we emphasize that the research conducted for your speech is thoroughly original. Our speech writers delve into many credible sources, extracting and synthesizing information to construct an engaging, insightful, and unique speech. This dedication to originality safeguards against plagiarism and ensures that your speech stands out for its unique content.

By adopting stringent verification procedures, we assure you of impactful speeches that uphold the highest academic integrity standards. With our services, you can have peace of mind knowing that the work you receive is both authentic and original.


Compelling and convincing arguments are the backbone of any remarkable speech. While the digital world today is flooded with numerous online services, choosing the right one can make all the difference. Let's discuss why our service stands out among the rest and how it can add value to your assignments.


"Who will be my writer?" is a question we often encounter. The answer lies within our team on this platform, where you will find a legion of professional writers ready to assist you with any do my paper request. No matter your requirements, even if they diverge from traditional speech writing, we're fully equipped to accommodate them. With us, even the most specific and unique requests can be fulfilled.

Our talented pool of writers, widely recognized as some of the industry's best, sets us apart. Each professional writer on our team has undergone rigorous screening before coming on board. Finding the right expert to craft your speech is a breeze with us.


We treat every order with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring that your speech perfectly reflects your unique voice and message. We're also committed to punctuality, delivering your orders exactly when needed; we can even cater to the tightest deadlines. This is a commitment we always uphold. Remember, when you choose a speech writer from our platform, you also choose reliability and professionalism. Meanwhile, you can use our additional services, such as coursework writing service, to ease your academic journey further.


If you're in the market for a service that perfectly harmonizes exceptional quality with budget-friendly rates, your search ends here. Our platform prioritizes maintaining the highest service standards, ensuring our professional writers polish your speech perfectly. Yet, we understand that cost is often a determining factor for many students. That's why we're committed to offering this high-level service at prices sensitive to your budget. You'll discover that accessing top-notch speech writing doesn't have to be an expensive proposition. Here, quality and affordability coexist, ensuring you get outstanding value for your investment without causing financial strain. With our services, exceptional help is both accessible and affordable.


Our order form is designed for maximum convenience. It takes a few minutes to provide essential details like topic, subject, and deadline. After that, you can rest easy knowing your speech is in the hands of professional writers who care about your success.

Next time you need the help of a professional speech writer or an essay writing service, why try our platform? Not only will you leave a lasting impression on your audience, but you'll also reclaim hours that would otherwise be spent on sleepless, stressful nights.

Stop draining your energy on less important tasks when you can place an order with us, the online writer of choice for numerous students. We're ready to craft your speech, enabling you to become a persuasive public speaker and enjoy college life for a change. "Write my speech for me," and we'll start immediately.

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