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Academic Writing Tips

  • How to Write a Business Report With Example

    What is the Purpose of a Business Report? Learning how to write a business report can seem quite challenging if you are dealing with an existing case study or must model some performance of a hy...

  • How to Write a Strong Thesis Statement?

    The Usage of Thesis Statements In simple terms, a thesis statement is the heart of any college assignment that may require it. Even if you are coming up with creative writing, your thesis statem...

  • Step-by-Step Case Study Analysis

    A case study analysis can be daunting if you do not follow the right approach. A proper analysis needs focus and attention to detail. It requires a thorough investigation into a specific business p...

  • Top 10 Script Monologues

    This list from the Script Lab is a valuable read, both bcause it includes the written out monologues right in the article and because writing the perfect monologue is such an elusive talent. Findin...

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  • Rewriting Your Script Like a Pro: The 3 Step Guide

    Rewriting your script is always a daunting process. Getting to the end of the first draft is hard enough. Now you’re supposed to go back through it and pick apart all of the beautiful work you just...

  • How To Write a Good Research Proposal?

    Besides justifying the need to look into an issue, a research proposal offers realistic methods for conducting a research. Design work and process of carrying out research is determined by principl...

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