How to Write an Introduction for an Assignment and Receive an A?

Introduction is an outline of entire paper, presentation of key ideas as well as the purpose of work. Every college and school or in the entire world give their students similar essay writing tasks. They can be of different types and might follow drastically different standards, but some basic elements remain identical. Introduction is one of them.

How to write an introduction for an assignment? Well, first thing you need entails understanding what role it has in the essay and how to do assignment in general. Introduction is essential because it teases and informs audience, revealing what’ll be discussed. Usually, introduction has its own grading criteria. It’s counted separately from the body. That’s not surprising since it helps decide whether the person is going to be interested in reading essay or not. Such relevance explains the necessity of learning how to start an assignment introduction properly.

Purpose & Meaning

As you learn how to write a good introduction, always ask yourself about essay objectives and read your thesis part separately. Once done, see what information must be offered to explain it and make it stand out.

Introduction for assignment is a vital part of any task because it serves several purposes at once. First, it stirs interest of your audience. Naturally, if someone isn’t curious about your topic, they won’t read an entire essay or dissertation dedicated to it, so something special is needed for getting their attention. Others might have some interest in the topic but apart from your work, there are numerous others dedicated to the same theme. What helps in choosing between them? For sure, introduction!

As literacy rates across the globe grow, clear writing becomes one of the most demanded modern skills. Along with it, the importance of introduction cannot be neglected. The sooner you show that your writing is clean and well-structured the better.

How to write an introduction for an assignment? Make the first sentence interesting. That’s known as a ‘hook’ that attracts audience’s attention. The moment a person takes a look at your introduction, they must feel engaged. Here they’ll decide about giving your essay a chance or closing it and looking for something else. Professors have certain obligations here, so they’ll be reading what you submit one way or another. Still, the grade they’ll give you partly depends on whether or not they were bored as hell when reading it. So, be as original as you can while staying within the bounds of academic writing standards.

Introduction should be informative. You present essay layout, mentioning what you’re writing about, what goal your work has, and what outcomes you’re set on achieving. That’ll also determine the extent of interest your audience has as they will see what your essay entails. Whether you compose essay yourself or pay someone to do your assignment, make sure that it is strong and engaging.

What Are Typical Parts of an Assignment Introduction?

Thinking over what to include in an introduction, provide a hook sentence or something inspiring that will make your readers motivated to read further. Your introduction should also reflect that information by offering an explanation or a powerful lead. Let’s regard actual examples of how an assignment introduction should be actually started. Namely, there are six main parts that it must comprise. Note, though, that not all of them must be used together at all times. It depends on your professor’s preferences.

  • Hook - first sentence that must be provocative, unexpected, or informative. That’s the first thing your audience sees and it should be highly stimulating.
  • Background of topic. You should present some chosen theme brief background and create an understanding of what your essay is about. Don’t be too thorough here. Outline everything briefly since you’ll have time for more detailed exploration later, in the body.
  • Rationale for topic choice (optional). Why did you decide to write about this theme in particular? Make reasoning for such choice clear. Also, if you do write it, don’t use first-person pronoun, talk in general instead.
  • Main essay points. What milestones are you hoping to reach? What processes/elements will you be regarding? Narrow down ideas here, briefly presenting the main ones.
  • Outline your actions (optional). Mention what you’re going to be doing and in what sequence. Such layout is mostly used for long essays starting with 8-9 pages, so if assignment is shorter, you’d better clarify such aspect. This way, there won’t be any mistakes.
  • Thesis. This’s the most important element of your introduction. If the hook determines audience’s interest, thesis helps them decide whether they’re going to read everything or just some parts. Thesis is a controversial claim that must be proven. It reflects the essence of your essay and helps formulate your end-goal as well as present evidence supporting it in one single sentence.

Introduction Writing Tips

While there is no perfect formula on how to write an assignment introduction, your first paragraph should have an introductory tone that will explain your main argument or thesis statement. Lead your readers towards the most important element by offering sufficient information that explains your point of view. As many college students keep asking about how long should an introduction be, it is usually about 10% of the total word count of your essay.

  • Formulate specific topic. Choosing something broad won’t work as you’ll be focusing on too many areas at once without investigating anything on a sufficient level.
  • Make an outline, either written or imaginary one. You should know very well what main points the essay is going to cover and what end-goal is going to be. This way, you’ll be able to avoid losing direction even if you suddenly realise you’re stuck.
  • Don’t be scared of being creative but don’t overdo it. On many occasions, hooks have rhetorical questions. While they aren’t allowed in academic writing generally, they are great as hooks since they help engage with audience directly.
  • Make sure you address each part mentioned above (with two emphasized exceptions being non-obligatory). Every effective introduction must have these aspects.
  • Check an example of introduction for assignment. See how successful, effective essays start. You can’t copy something directly, otherwise, it’ll be plagiarism, but you can always use it as sample that should help you start your own work.
  • Pay particular attention to thesis. While introduction is usually graded separately from body, thesis has its own individual column. So, despite being a part of introduction, thesis is actually just as important because it gives direction to your essay and audience at once. Remember, thesis is the last sentence of introduction and it should be argumentative, meaning that some people may disagree with it.

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Introduction Sample

As a rule, good introduction examples are the ones that sound interesting, which is why you should focus on what inspires you by taking a deeper look at the structure and the two first sentences. Do not forget to explore the thesis statement. Look at assignment introduction example we’ve created specifically for you. Normally, it should be about 10% from the general paper word count, with maximum length of one paragraph being 2/3 of the page. Note that all six aforementioned parts are included into this example.

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