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As most students will agree, knowing how to start an assignment is already half of the challenge solved because it helps to set the scene for writing and create an outline. No matter what type of essay may be requested, it has to achieve three primary goals: to catch the reader's attention, introduce research topic, provide strong thesis. Most assignments encountered through academic life will always include specific structure, yet once student understands the importance of each academic writing element separately, essay structure will any longer seem challenging. Still, before drafting an outline, students should start with selection of a good topic, which will help decide on a type of an essay, sources, length, and argumentation style. If creating an assignment is hard for you, then buy assignment online in a few clicks. 

How to Start Work On Your Assignment

Before learning how to write an introduction for an assignment, it’s crucial to conduct a  preliminary topic research with the analysis of available sources. When an average college student wonders how to write an assignment fast and without hassle, they often forget about completing a plan where all key ideas and counter arguments should be written down. Coming up with a good outline helps keep within academic structure, format, and word count. 

  • Select Relevant & Unique Topic - always start by looking through several ideas. Even if there is already a topic specified, it is still possible to extend it by focusing on a particular detail. Main argumentation in each assignment should relate to the thesis, which is placed at the end of an introductory paragraph. Many university professors recommend choosing a theme based on thesis a student already has in mind. 
  • Conduct Preliminary Research - once there is a particular idea that sounds right, it’s high time to explore the subject by turning to related research works and journals. If there is a lack of available information, think about changing the topic or focusing on what can be used as a reliable source. If there is an idea that is not common knowledge or a personal opinion, it must be supported with a reliable reference. 
  • Choose Peer-reviewed Sources - this is where most students get stuck as they try to meet initial instructions and find sufficient peer-reviewed materials. If there are online sources, social media, video blogs or slideshows, it should be crucial to consult with your professor to ensure that such list is acceptable. An example of unacceptable reference for most educational institutions is Wikipedia. 

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  • Read Grading Rubric Instructions - Take time to read through the scoring rubric once again. Make sure to pay attention to numbers and pages, if there are any. It is often the case when students find only one example when indeed several examples were requested. The same is with English literature tasks that may ask for  allegories, metaphors, alterations, among other literary devices. Missing even one of them may result in the final grade being decreased, therefore, remember to check instructions twice! 
  • Create Future Paper Outline - when students ask for help, sending messages like “write my assignment” or “Help me, I’m stuck with my homework!”, the most frequent assignment part they miss is starting with a proper outline. Even if no outline is required by the instructor, its importance should not be underestimated. When creating an outline you should think about topic sentences for each body paragraph, list of sources, explore contrary opinions, and learn important formatting rules. 

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How to Structure Assignment Introduction

Writing a good introduction is just as important as completing a strong appendix in an essay, meaning that most readers always focus on the beginning and end of a paper with all supplementary information. But there is no universal introduction for assignment that would work for all academic essays, there are obligatory elements that will be met in almost every paper structure. When composing your paper introduction, think over the hook sentence. This is usually the claim that catches reader’s attention by providing unusual fact, making an interesting statement, showing statistical data or starting an essay with controversial information. The choices depend on required type. 

Next step is transition information with brief topic introduction, which should tell readers about why chosen subject is important and relevant. Another goal of this part is to help an audience make a logical transition towards the thesis, which acts as an argumentative conclusion of an assignment introduction paragraph. 

Final part is thesis statement. It’s the heart of each essay paper, representing main argument or a strong claim. Conclusion sentence supports assignment’s thesis, briefly explaining research purpose in your own words. 

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Get Inspired by Our Introduction Examples

Here are a couple of samples that may help you to start an assignment

Example of Introduction for Assignment for Contrast and Compare Essay: 

“Two Voices” 

As a person moves through Belgian countryside, it’s easy to notice major differences between Flanders and Wallonia. What strikes traveller’s eye is not only architecture, costumes or different language, but the pace of daily life. The Dutch-speaking people instantly impress strangers with their accuracy and directness, while French-speaking population leads a laid-back style of life where everything happens in due time with no fuss or hurry. These differences have a long history and important reasons that lie in religious upbringing of each region. As most Belgians agree, it is the same country, only two different voices that express their thoughts differently. Comparing both cultures, it’s hard to believe that they belong to virtually the same legislation and the rules, despite the language and traditions being different. Built upon contrasts and an endless list of cultural differences, Belgium is an example of peaceful co-existence in turbulent times. 

Assignment Introduction Example for Argumentative Essay: 

“Social Media Promotes Teen Depression”  

Social media help connect people from all over the world, provides important platform for delivery of urgent news, assists in emergency situations or political protests, yet there are also darker sides. One of them is depression caused by excessive social media use, cyberbullying, and emotional burden of keeping personal image popular. Even though there are counter opinions claiming that social media is a key to popularity and high self-esteem, it’s only based upon mass following and virtual isolation. An inner side of popularity forces modern teenagers seek to constant support in faceless followers, causing burnouts and anxiety. From the other side, there are those who could not become popular on social platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Aiming for success, falsely defined by others, such people lose their individuality. A temporary arena for popularity, social media influences depression, keeping teenager permanently attached to what is considered popular. 

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