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Expert English assignment help from Edubirdie

English is a subject universally taught from the earliest days in school and this is for good reasons – it enables students to express themselves both in written and verbal way. Later, it also introduces them to elements that constitute the cultural framework defined by this language. This knowledge is delivered or formed via an entire spectrum of assignment types, each focussing on developing certain skills and abilities or on exploring, evaluating, or memorizing specific content. All in all, it may be difficult to manage all homework at once, that is when our assignment help comes to the rescue.

Problems That Students Come Across

Such a diversity of assignments reflects numerous challenges encountered by students while accomplishing them. These challenges could be related to:

  • Appropriate use of language and grammar: vocabulary, phonology and phonetics, morphology, orthography, punctuation, syntax, etc. This is perhaps the most important skill, being universally required by people working both in humanitarian fields and sciences or simply by anyone using English for communication
  • Writing various kinds of texts that are intended to efficiently describe, inform, argue, convince, persuade, etc.
  • Literature analysis: identifying themes, figures of speech, revealing symbols, making accurate character portrayals, extracting the message embedded in a written piece, etc.
  • Knowing the history of English language, including influential authors and their works, literary movements and the historical context they were linked to, and learning how to navigate all this knowledge in order to analyse literary works through the prism of this entire history or a specific period (identifying literary movements).

Although everybody is trying to plan voluminous amounts of work in advance, sometimes, such plans are simply underestimating the required effort and time, hence, they prove out unrealistic and simply fail, leaving students with big and urgent problems.

Our writing service, Edubirdie, offers virtually any kind of English assignment help you can imagine, including creative or analytical writing, fulfilling coursework, editing or proofreading texts in subjects like nursing, marketing or English proofreading in a law assignment help for students. This range of services covers all the tasks requested by students.

All Sorts of English Assignment Help

Below is just a selection of tasks for which we provide the best English assignment help:

  • literary analysis of works having different form, belonging to various genres and periods (classic or modern literature), character analysis, rhetorical analysis, literary criticism
  • summaries or reports on books, movies, artworks
  • specific paper types, such as, various research papers, argumentative papers, persuasive essays, expository essays, precis, memos, letters (for instance, business letters)
  • tasks related to applications either for academic or professional positions: resumes, cover letters, statements of purpose. Such tasks often involve writing about oneself
  • capstone projects, powerpoint presentations and many other types of homework

An important remark is that one should consider contracting our academic service even for relatively minor tasks that nevertheless prove challenging or frustrating. This could be assembling an annotated bibliography that could be required per se or that could serve as important guidance for completing an essay, creating detailed outlines for essays, which again, could help guide writing efforts, writing abstracts, introductions, conclusions for already existing texts, etc.

Assistance at Any Level of Proficiency

Edubirdie has experts from different levels of expertise. Although we routinely fulfil Master and PhD-level assignments among others, our academic assistants are perfectly capable of adjusting content, vocabulary, and writing style to approach school- or college-level tasks. They are familiar with the curriculum for various educational levels. Basically, any type of English assignment help is possible.

As many online English academic assistance platforms work with clients across borders, many clients end up receiving their work in a language version that does not align with their requirements. Considering that dialects differ not only in pronunciation and in vocabulary, spelling, grammar, this results in significant differences clearly visible even in written language. Linguists categorize most known dialects into three general groups:

North American dialects. These are spoken in the US and Canada. Due to the dominant global position of the US, this is a dialect currently adopted by many new English speakers throughout the world. The reason Canadian English is attributed to this group is because, while it has numerous forms and indigenous influences, it shares phonology, vocabulary, and syntax with American English.

Dialects of the Isles. English, besides being spoken and Ireland, is followed closely by many countries that have former or current historical ties with the Empire. Along American English, it is one of the two popular options when Learning English as a foreign language in many world regions.

Dialects of Australasia. While being significantly influenced by both American English and English, Australian English is much more unique and distinct from both mentioned forms (compared to Canadian English, for instance). New Zealand English falls in this group due to high resemblance with the Australian form. Besides, English is fairly unique in India, the Philippines, where it is spoken by a large number of people, but also in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong. Yet another important English variety considering the number of native speakers is South African English (though this one wouldn’t be attributable to the Australasian group).

At EduBirdie, we clearly distinguish between variations in English language and ensure that both the content and language used are relevant to clients, so that you can get the essay help you deserve. Alternatively, we adjust our written language to fit other preferred dialects requested by clients.

Meet Our English Experts

Edubirdie’s pool of proficient experts has been created through rigorous selection, which makes this service really competitive among writers. First, our applicants are asked to submit general info regarding their experience and related professional skills – this allows candidate pre-filtering, leaving only about 63% of registered candidates for further selection.

Next, follows a demanding general English test with limited time allocated - only about 35% of the candidates from the original pool pass this test. A second 30-minute test is designed to test essay writing skills specifically. Candidates have to compose an essay on a randomly assigned unknown and specific topic. This ensures plagiarism is not an option – the only way of fulfilling these specific requirements is writing the essay yourself and doing it really fast.

Test results help select top 10% of candidates from the original pool. These candidates would have their higher education diploma and ID verified. Following confirmation (received by 8% of original candidates), these applicants are finally admitted to writing. They are also assigned personal mentors that closely review their first five papers, providing important feedback and monitoring writer performance and suitability for this job.

Although it could be seen as somewhat tough, this multi-stage selection process ensures we cooperate with the most gifted candidates, which positively impacts the quality of services we deliver. We are confident that such writers will provide comprehensive English assignment writing service or other courses by approaching complex tasks including some types they never encountered previously.

Obviously, we continue monitoring their performance long after selection – in fact, this monitoring never stops. After all, there are many other qualities that count in such a job: abiding by the rules of academic honesty, reliability, conscientiousness, the ability to work with tough deadlines, adaptability, independency and originality in thought and writing style, respect, friendliness, and efficiency in interacting with clients, etc.

Benefits Our Service Offers

Our English assignment help service comes with numerous benefits that helps us to stay on top:

  • More transparency and control of writers selection and interaction with them. Thus, after placing an order with clearly formulated instructions, you are free to review all bidding writers and check the prices offered by their stats on the platform, the amount of executed assignments and corresponding feedback. This offers more information that helps decide on the desired balance between performance and bidding price. Hence, for relatively routine assignments, you can decide to opt for writers which are fairly new on the platform or that have somewhat lower scores, while for really important tasks, they could opt for those with the highest ratings.
  • Revision option. Rest assured that in case the output of the research paper, essay, or any other task does not match the original instructions or has subpar quality, you can ask for unlimited revisions, all for free.
  • We encourage client-writer interaction. Order instructions shouldn’t be the only chance to shape the project’s fate and provide guidance, while results shouldn’t be reviewed only upon final submission. Thus, we encourage clients to ask for outlines, or drafts that allow monitoring project progress in real time but also to provide important feedback that helps guide writers in the appropriate direction.
  • Money-back guarantee. If despite numerous revisions, the quality is still unacceptable or important instructions have not been fulfilled, you can demand a full refund. Although such situations are rare, we believe it is very important for students to know that they risk very little when contracting our services – whichever the scenario, one would still get either quality work fulfilled or the money returned.
  • You are in charge. The money is not released to writers until the order is submitted and clients are satisfied with the results.
  • Benefit from full confidentiality which affects all activity performed on our platform, for instance, messages exchanged with writers, list of orders placed, etc. Client identity information is fiercely protected.
  • Edubirdie offers affordable prices. Knowing that our client base is largely formed by students, we have always been very careful about the prices we set for our various services, including content writing, doing coursework, solving exercises, editing or proofreading text, etc. While ensuring quality of content and services has always been a greater priority, we can freely claim that we’ve managed to make our service affordable.
  • We work 24/7. This refers not only to our customer support - you’ll find writers active on our platform at any hour, which could be really useful, especially considering urgent orders.
  • All our texts are unique and original. We ensure this is a rule strictly respected by our writers, with severe penalties enforcing it. We check that every single piece of submitted text passes our anti-plagiarism tests performed by powerful software.
  • iOS app ensures that our English assignment help is accessible from anywhere. Interestingly, this may greatly simplify placing orders in certain circumstances. For instance, photos shot with the smartphone camera can be uploaded directly to our platform and attached to order instructions – these could be book pages, printed instructions, or even computer screen photos. In the latter instance, this helps avoid taking screenshots with the PrtSc function, pasting images into image editing programs, saving files, and sending them.

Considering all those advantages listed above, we are proud to say that Edubirdie offers a very solid and mature combination of benefits, some of which are unique or fairly rare among our competitors. We believe that the quality of help and interaction with clients are key determinants of success in this field, hence, we do everything so that this vision materializes in tangible benefits experienced by clients.

If you are already here to find assignment writing services, be assured that you are dealing with professionals and getting the highest quality assistance for the money while risking very little (both in terms of money and time). If you are just considering using our services in the future, why not try it right now, even out of simple curiosity? Whenever faced with overly complex assignments or burning deadlines, you would already know what writing quality to expect from this service and how it works. You might even be able to identify a few preferred writers and establish long-term collaboration with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of English assignments can EduBirdie help with?

    EduBirdie offers comprehensive assistance for a wide range of English assignments. This includes literary analysis, book and movie reports, various essays (argumentative, persuasive, expository), summaries, capstone projects, PowerPoint presentations, and more. They also assist with specific tasks like creating annotated bibliographies, detailed essay outlines, abstracts, and even application-related documents such as resumes and cover letters.

  • How does EduBirdie ensure the quality of English assignments?

    EduBirdie ensures the quality of English assignments by employing a rigorous selection process for their writers, who are tested and verified for their expertise in English language and literature. Each assignment is tailored to meet the client's specific requirements, with unlimited revisions offered to ensure satisfaction. The service also includes detailed proofreading to guarantee the assignment is error-free and adheres to the highest academic standards.

  • Can EduBirdie handle assignments at any level of English proficiency?

    Yes, EduBirdie can handle assignments at any level of English proficiency. Their team of experts is capable of adjusting content, vocabulary, and writing style to match the requirements of school, college, or even Master and PhD-level assignments. They are familiar with the curriculum across various educational levels and can provide appropriate assistance accordingly.

  • What are the benefits of choosing EduBirdie for English assignment help?

    Choosing EduBirdie for English assignment help brings a multitude of advantages, including the opportunity to collaborate with expert writers who have specialized knowledge in English language and literature. Each assignment is meticulously tailored to the individual requirements of the client, ensuring a personalized and targeted approach to support. EduBirdie stands out for its commitment to customer satisfaction, offering unlimited revisions to ensure the final product aligns perfectly with the student's expectations. Furthermore, the platform facilitates direct communication between clients and their assigned experts, allowing for a seamless and efficient process that ensures assignments are completed to the highest standards. Additionally, EduBirdie prioritizes confidentiality, ensuring that all interactions and assignments are handled with the utmost discretion. To make professional English assignment assistance accessible to a wide range of students, EduBirdie also offers competitive pricing, balancing quality with affordability. This comprehensive suite of benefits underscores EduBirdie's dedication to enhancing academic outcomes and supporting students in their pursuit of excellence in English studies.

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