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50+ MBA Dissertation Topics to Do a Relevant Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is definitely a challenging, effort-intensive task. For one thing, difficulties commonly start at the stage of picking a dissertation topic. Especially when it comes to the area of business administration. In order to really impress the crowd, stay original, and stick to the field specifics at the same time, a balanced choice must be made.

For everybody out there having trouble choosing an underlying topic for their upcoming paper — here are 50+ dissertation topics for MBA students to make your life easier and inspire you for the definitive work.


A range of topics that can be explored in terms of a profiled MBA dissertation is quite extensive. However, the list can be narrowed down by gathering diverse themes that cover every major aspect of business administration. There are certain constraints in the area, after all, so here is an enumeration of great examples of MBA dissertation topics you could elaborate and investigate in your own work.

Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • Study of the importance of auditing in large corporate infrastructures
    Corporate auditing has long become a means of data-driven optimization and scaling through investigation of office structures and business workflows. Exploring the need for auditing is certainly a hot topic among today’s businesses.

  • Taking corporate risks from the perspective of accounting
    With the rise of volatile crypto funds and heavily discussed life experiences of entrepreneurs who had the guts and made their “big short”, smart risk-taking in companies would me more than intriguing of a topic to unravel.

  • Impact of technology on the modern means of accounting
    Exploring various accounting tech and systems dedicated to making this line of work automated and simpler would be quite exciting. Inspect the applications, benefits, and prospects of advanced technologies in accounting.

  • Comparison and definition of banking and accounting as separate fields
    Companies tend to adopt bank-like accounting structures, missing out on the underlying differences. Shedding the light on the topic of the difference between banking and accounting should be relevant.

  • Efficient circular debt management in companies — practical recommendations
    Many large corporations operate based on the capacities that are in the constant state of liquid debts. Proper circular debt management is crucial for such market players so why not provide tips in this area.

Operations Management Dissertation Topics

  • Modern tech-driven solutions for supply chain management
    Supply chain management remains among the burning topics across industries and businesses while technology can’t but impact the way it is implemented and managed. Stimulate attention by diving into the topic of self-driving cars, automated assembly lines, and other supply chain solutions.

  • Production scheduling strategies in different industries
    Especially in manufacturing and automobile industries, savvy production management is the pillar of successful, profitable operation of whole facilities. Here, you can dive into the topic of production scheduling tactics. Make a successful manufacturing brand a centerpiece of investigation (e.g., Toyota or Samsung).

  • Benefits of big data analytics in corporate inventory management
    Big data today has the potential to push companies by providing an exponential amount of valuable data for targeting, optimization, and scaling. Highlight the way big data analytics improves inventory management in corporations.

  • Streamlined quality control through introduction of AI
    Explore the way artificial intelligence impacts and improves the usual means of quality control in operations management systems and infrastructures. Highlight the importance of automation in quality-boosting initiatives.

  • Virtual supply chain capabilities in collaborative environments
    Whether to implement a virtual supply chain or not is among the burning questions for most modern businesses. It would be a great idea to study exactly how virtual supply chains boost collaboration.

Business Management Dissertation Topics

  • Impact of business management automation on corporate success
    You may research the way automation ultimately streamlines today’s business management techniques. Centralized communication and tasking, distributed management, and major collaboration formats are but a few items of discussion.

  • Adapting to globalization — strategies for small business
    How exactly must the most stress-resistant business segment — small business — be managed in order to withstand all the globalization pressure? Explore the techniques of timely adapting to global business realities with this topic.

  • Business team management in multinational corporations
    Synchronizing performance in big multinational corporate environments, smoothing out cultural differences and eliminating barriers can make up an engaging social study. Just make sure to elaborate on some unique ideas and insights.

  • Role of transparent communication and feedback in companies
    Another lucrative social study can be dedicated to the part of open-ended communication within business teams and company ecosystems. There are tons of statistical data on the efficiency of team surveying and HR analytics.

  • Influence of socio-cultural backgrounds in business teams
    How to achieve horizontal relationships inside teams without killing the management efficiency, how to best manage socially and culturally diverse teams — themes like these can be explored in this MBA dissertation topic in management.

Finance Dissertation Topics

  • Exploring microfinance — its economical benefits and global effects
    Microfinance is the concept that’s definitely worthy of elaborate MBA dissertation topics in it — explore how it stimulates economies and helps reduce poverty rates in this one.

  • Impact of direct foreign investments on emerging country economies
    A lot of interesting economy-boosting cases were related exactly to direct foreign investments made at the right moment, in the right direction. The in-depth study of the history of efficient external economy stimulations sure would be exciting to read.

  • Role of financial services such as loan and mortgage in the economy of banking infrastructure’s credit systems are among the pillars of the country’s economy and a dissertation outlining relevant information about the shifts and tendencies of today’s credit flows is more than needed.

  • Study of the Brazil’s banking sector reform period Brazil’s banking ecosystem reform was a major economic occurrence that still has perspectives that could be highlighted and explored in-depth. Try exploring the reasons for the reform occurring in the first place and analyzing its effects.

  • Exploration of adjustable-rate mortgages and their shifting tendencies
    Adjustable-rate mortgages or ARMs remain a very exciting financial concept that can be profitably analyzed and manipulated by a savvy financial specialist. The notorious ways to short mortgage stock rates is a great area for exploration.

Information Technology Management Dissertation Topics

  • Benefits of mobile technologies for educational establishments all around the world
    Mobile eLearning has become a social and technological niche of its own and today mobile technologies streamline education in universities for many foreign students.

  • Adoption of IT solutions by churches and religious infrastructures
    This should be a very exciting topic firstly because it is pretty novel and almost uncharted. Churches in many countries have their own IT systems and digitized experiences while certain religious organizations are considering large-scale digital initiatives. It would also be interesting to discuss how technology adapts to the constraints of religious traditions.

  • How IT drives and pushes global trade today
    This is a very extensive theme where a number of major aspects can be highlighted inside a dissertation — from commercial automation technology to the impact of smart analytics on today’s trade decision-making.

  • Ultimate precision of smart digital systems in cancer diagnostics and treatment initiatives
    AI-powered robotic smart systems employed in specialized hospitals provide 80% more precise breast cancer diagnostics results as compared with analyses conducted by live doctors using traditional non-automated computer techniques.

  • Benefits of information systems in the existence and operation of SMEs
    How information systems have gradually become the cornerstones of small-to-medium business infrastructures, their impact on digitization and virtualized scaling, etc.

Strategic Risk Management Dissertation Topics

  • Risk management ’s manufacturing sector — standards, measures, and tendencies
    The theme of how risk management can make or break statistics ’s manufacturing sector is an ever exciting area to explore for all business administration enthusiasts and students.

  • Quantitative risk management techniques and approaches — an in-depth study
    The role of up-to-date statistical and high-quality data inputs for advanced quantitative risk management isn’t discussed enough. Analyze the range of approaches and effects of techniques in the field.

  • Business intelligence in strategic risk management
    Explore the role of business intelligence and BI systems that structure and process all the business-driving data. In particular, how it can be most beneficially used to boost strategic risk management.

  • Importance of long-term risk management in banking
    Calculating safe margins, predicting spikes and drops, and analyzing trends — highlight the ultimate importance of continuous risk management efforts in banking infrastructures.

  • Everyday pains of every operational risk manager and possible ways to solve them
    What’s getting on the nerves of every other operational risk manager every single working day? Exploring is not only fun and ironic, but truly engaging for everybody related to the field as well.

Entrepreneurship Dissertation Topics

  • High-risk investments — to play high stakes or to take it easy?
    Try exploring the concept of high-risk investments among entrepreneurs — are they truly the big thing that every would-be successful entrepreneur should focus on or the balanced approach remains the best?

  • Real estate investments — are they as risk-free as they look?
    Realty investments form one of the most fruitful, risk-free financial areas. However, market flops and crashes appear even in real estate. Highlight the major risks and ways to mitigate them in your dissertation.

  • Achieving long-term financial security when you are an up-and-coming entrepreneur
    What ambitious entrepreneurs and small companies coming up in the market should be most prepared for. Pitfalls, hidden risks, common practices and mistakes, and vivid examples from peculiar entrepreneurial careers can be studied.

  • Stock market crash and economic flops — how major economic failures can be turned into entrepreneurial gold mines
    To many savvy entrepreneur minds, big market disasters and financial bubble pops are the source of the ultimate profit. Discuss how such occurrences can be used as major social and business lifts.

  • Calculating business bankruptcy probability factors
    How do I calculate my chances of going bankrupt? This is the question that bugs the minds of thousands of business administrators. Research specific factors influencing the probability of a certain business type going bankrupt under certain circumstances based on real-life cases.

Human Resource Management Dissertation Topics

  • Performance improvement strategizing — ways to boost human specialist efficiency
    How exactly can an HR specialist help improve performance in a team or company department through direct and indirect influence on its members? This is one of those bottomless dissertation topics in HR for MBA.

  • What soft and hard interpersonal skills to focus on in potential employees?
    Does creative and open-minded beat analytical and practical? Or the other way round? Investigate this, classify skills of a reliable, efficient employee, and investigate their prioritization.

  • Employee motivation initiatives that worked — study of useful techniques
    Take motivation programs and initiatives implemented by known companies at some point. There are a lot of working practices and as many hoaxes and counter-effective efforts.

  • AI-powered HR management tools
    HR management tools can be smart and automated, too. And most beneficially so — explore, for instance, the way smart systems facilitate talent sourcing through autonomous data collection online.

  • How hugely successful companies hire employees
    Everybody’s always interested in how employees at Google or Apple offices work. The only topic that beats that is the way such companies recruit and hire their workers. Explore this to stimulate some hype around your dissertation.

E-Commerce Dissertation Topics

  • Making the big decision — how to introduce new eCommerce strategies
    What KPIs to introduce and measure, what statistical impact to expect, and how many factors influence the potential success of a certain eCommerce strategy? Research this and more in your dissertation.

  • Social media as its own commercial cosmos
    Discuss how social media has long become a separate digital commercial space that extends traditional eCommerce and serves as its essential part.

  • Advanced payment processing technologies
    Contactless payments, cryptocurrency transactions, and blockchain mechanisms — people are interested in advanced methods of payment processing that streamline eCommerce success.

  • Importance of unique selling point and unique value proposition in the success of eCommerce
    Inspecting successful experiences of industry pioneers and outstanding companies and entrepreneurs makes a great gist for an MBA eCommerce dissertation.

  • How eCommerce solutions conquer hearts and make friends with customers
    There are startups that earn millions off of products built with the cheapest raw materials. Explore how the concept, approach, and technology can sometimes outrun investments in the field of eCommerce startups.

Economics Dissertation Topics

  • Market competition as the main driver of corporate success
    A paper on the importance of a competitive edge and the tendencies of the ever-raging competition in finance-driven fields can be among top exciting MBA dissertation topics.

  • How entrepreneurial economy develops within different regional constraints
    Entrepreneurs and SMEs based in various countries of the world face different challenges and operational boundaries depending on locality. Who has it the worst and who is lucky enough to work in convenient conditions?

  • Top economic flops caused by the COVID-19 pandemic
    economy has been affected in a major way, but it would be even more interesting to list and inspect major economy-hindering occurrences that the pandemic provoked.

  • Social economy of — migration flows and effects
    How much and in what specific ways migration tendencies affect the economy by forming an outer layer of social economic environment.

  • How microeconomics extrapolates into global economic tendencies
    There are many interesting tendencies and patterns that can be captured and analyzed in terms of localized microeconomics. Explore how the size of minimum wages influences global socio-political aspects of whole countries and such.

International Business Dissertation Topics

  • Sustaining business operations in global corporations
    One of the top burning questions when it comes to engaging MBA dissertation topics in international business is the best practice for sustaining performance in international operation conditions as a whole.

  • Relations between companies and governments when it comes to international operations
    What companies and entrepreneurs have to cope with in order to operate in convenient regional conditions, what facilities one should never spoil relations with, and examples of existing brands mitigating issues in tough situations.

  • Things to consider when building vendor partnerships
    Try going in-depth on the topic of establishing profitable partnerships with vendors — elaborate on the topic from an unexpected perspective, like psychological and social factors indicating a promising partner.

  • International entrepreneurs — common qualities, tendencies, and experiences
    What separates successful international entrepreneurs and what sets them apart? The key to success often lies in well analyzed patterns. This can turn out to be a game-changer dissertation with your own take to “techniques of success”.

  • International business transactions — where things can be smoothed out?
    Financial transactions are the essential issue for most entrepreneurs and SMEs operating internationally. Study the most relevant ways it can be streamlined and optimized for regular profitable use.

Retail Management Dissertation Topics

  • Impact of visuals on targeted and random customers of eCommerce shops
    There is a lot of science behind the notions of visuals grabbing the human attention and impacting memories and even actions much more efficiently as opposed to any other form of media.

  • The most advanced ways to stimulate impulsive purchases
    The topic of attention-grabbing visuals can be elaborated further and expanded into the study of other efficient forms of impact on human perception and stimulation of reaction.

  • Retail spacing and design as the driving factors for making profits
    The role of shapes, forms, sizes, and colors does not get enough discussion when it comes to the analysis of profiting factors in retail.

  • The way efficient management pushes ’s automotive industry
    Automotive manufacturing facilities are famous for management approaches that streamline the overall productivity and help make exponential profits as they develop further.

  • B2B prospecting as a separate psychology-based science
    One of the essential pillars of retail expansion and success that could use some more exploration is B2B prospecting. Dedicate your retail management dissertation to patterns, triggers, and points of influence when finding leads and converting clients.

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