50+ Marketing Dissertation Topics in 2024

Relevant Marketing Topics in 2024

Finding good marketing dissertation topics that will reflect your best skills and still remain within your course requirements is always challenging, yet do not let it discourage you! The trick is to focus on the changes that we have observed in 2023 and explore the marketing trends that have not been present before. Think about the use of social media and online shopping that became relevant these days and do not forget about customer relations that have also undergone relevant changes. Your dissertation should provide your readers with the unique information and statistical data that will support your methodology and the chosen research methods.

Speaking of the most popular marketing topics, we can outline five main ideas like influencer marketing dissertation topics or the use of online social campaigns to gain more popularity. Here are the most relevant topics that will help you take the lead:

  1. Social media videos and online streams as a way to help small brands connect with their customers.
  2. Modern electronic payment methods and the discounts for international shopping: the pros and cons of online shopping in 2023.
  3. The challenges of using Instagram and social media influencers as a way to promote your products: what are the royalties and shared responsibilities?
  4. Virtual online markets through video conferencing and hosting with the online guides: how does it affect brand royalty?
  5. The importance of the culture for the visual aspect of the brands and products: are these aspects still relevant for the younger generation?

The most important is to discuss your dissertation topic with your academic advisor and study the subject well before you start writing. Brainstorm various ideas that we have collected for you, seek relevant sources for your dissertation, and don’t forget to compare the present methods with the past practices for the best results!

Top Marketing Dissertation Topics Divided by Subject

Starting with a marketing dissertation requires proper research and a careful study of your guidelines. The majority of the business schools and universities that are studying marketing will seek unique topics that are relevant and acceptable. Always try to narrow things down! As a way to help you and dissertation writing services achieve success with your dissertation, we have divided over 50 different topics to help you see the reasoning and the different aspects you can research. Take your time to study these marketing dissertation topic ideas and play with the different wording to see what reflects your objectives and the course specifics.

Marketing Dissertation Topics in 2024

A good marketing dissertation topic should address an important concept that is relevant to a specific type of industry. The research aim must reflect a particular school of thought and reference a case study or series of events.

  1. The most apparent challenges faced by the companies when taking their business abroad: analysis through the lens of post-Brexit.
  2. An exploration of the promotional paradigm in developing markets compared to the already developed Asian markets: the pros and cons.
  3. The importance of professional relationship building by turning to special training courses online: why the physical presence aspect is essential in 2023?
  4. The challenges of international meetings and promotional campaigns in the post-Covid-19 society: what have we learned and how to manage the occurring issues?
  5. The marketing styles: the creation of the strong Market Leaders and the use of a cultural aspect when dealing with the customers.
  6. Approaching product cycles and changes in the logistics: the electricity crisis and the use of the Green energy campaigns.
  7. Major trends vs minor trends in 2023: the use of the meta-universe and AI-based tools to communicate with the intermediaries.
  8. Building a brand as an international company: the things that must be known and the role of the customer satisfaction.
  9. Adaptation processes and the diversification of consumer markets: what are the analytical frameworks that are most essential online?
  10. The bias and competition among the supermarket retailers: is there brand loyalty?

Brand Marketing Dissertation Topics

When your dissertation involves working with a brand, it’s a creative process and you must focus on design, the message, objectives, transparency, and other important aspects that make a brand meaningful.

  1. The obeyance of the moral aspects by the retail brands in the : the importance of honesty.
  2. Offering value and the high street factor when dealing with the emerging and established brands: what are the major difference worth noting.
  3. The case study of the TESCO brand model: the consumer decision process versus implementation of the rules set by the stakeholders.
  4. The role of the verbal construction for delivering the message used in the brand: strategic analysis of the famousbrands.
  5. Semiotics in the street banners and the delivery of the call to action message aimed at the teenage population.
  6. The comparison of the marketing strategies versus German marketing through the print media: the length and the presentation styles.
  7. How to build a successful brand when your resources are limited: knowing your target audience and consumer relations.
  8. Rebuilding of the famous brand: will customer loyalty remain the same if the name and the logo change?
  9. Recession stage of the branding: how has the retailing market changed during 2023.
  10. The use of animals for advertising purposes: is the emotional factor an acceptable solution for such branding?

Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics

The use of digital promotion and online advertising is not limited by the use of social media. The aim of digital marketing is the use of all electronic means to make your voice heard by using SEO tools and other modern ways like smartphone targeting.

  1. The use of blogging for promotional purposes: do people still rely on length blog posts or prefer short motivational graphics?
  2. The presence of smartphone analysis of user preferences: where do we cross the line when it comes to user privacy?
  3. Online campaigns and their efficiency during the times of social distancing: how can people become engaged in a promotional project?
  4. Content marketing challenges: how should online outlets be sorted to provide customers with a higher value?
  5. The phenomenon of digital "word-of-mouth" : how can the companies help promote their presence online beyond social media.
  6. Reaching the tastes and preferences of Generation Y by adjusting one's communication style: should the language marketing be used?
  7. Accessibility matters: how can technology help us reach the remote areas of the world by addressing important social issues?
  8. The politics and the use of digital marketing: the user-generated content and the online comments that ask to choose a position.
  9. Online safety and the role of the digital tools to make the purchasing process safe: cooperation with the law enforcement agencies.
  10. The peculiarities of the exclusively purchasing decisions when shopping online in 2023 analytical customer styles.

Customer Relationship Management Dissertation Topics

A successful customer relationship is the primary aspect of marketing because one has to know the target audience and explore customer markets. As you address this aspect in your customer relationship dissertation, follow these ideas:

  1. The changes in customer retention in 2023 through the lens of the Covid-19 pandemic and changes in logistics.
  2. How much force can be applied when aiming to change modern consumer behaviour styles that were not typical for society.
  3. The cultural factor and the presence of foreign influences in the decision marking process: customer influencers.
  4. A case study of Apple Inc in the market: why do the customers stay loyal and follow international marketing rules.
  5. The psychoanalytical model of the classic customer: what should the international companies that enter the market know?
  6. The racial bias and prejudice when targeting different ethnicities and social classes represented .
  7. The use of the online shopping applications and the verbal content that aims at the customer satisfaction: the pros and cons of the target marketing.
  8. The innovations and the risks when dealing with the public boycotts of the existing brands through the lens of foreign politics.
  9. Price adjustment strategies and the reasons why the customers may see the changes as acceptable: what are the red flag alerts for the companies?
  10. Personalisation of the products: how can the companies become unique for the customers without turning to the ideas of their competitors?

Dissertation Topics On Social Media Marketing

The importance and the value of the SMM for society cannot be underestimated when the majority of commercial deals and shopping take place online. Focus on the work of influencers and social media shopping.

  1. The use of Facebook's marketplace: is cooperation with this digital marketing platform bringing us into the US legislation?
  2. Discovering Twitter: should the use of microblogs become a foundation for the discounts and the special alerts for the customers?
  3. Should large corporations implement social media like Instagram and TikTok, which are mostly aimed at the younger generation?
  4. The copyright debates on social media: the pros and cons of online reposting and the use of memes and the graphics that are freely floating online?
  5. The dangers of user-generated content on social media: why should the marketing specialists be cautious as they use various posts and comments online?
  6. The bias and transparency of the online reviews that represent the companies: how should one build the testimonials to reflect the company's value?
  7. Integration of social media for the Agricultural sector in the : how can the older population embrace the technology and apply modern promotional methods?
  8. Instagram marketing: is cooperation with the influencers a safe method or does it set certain limits as one becomes stuck on a specific target audience?
  9. The use of technical language writing for the creation of social media blogs: should the companies implement an academic writing style for product descriptions?
  10. Comparison of the social media presence of the NHS and the CDC in the United States: what are the major differences and similarities?

How to Choose Your Marketing Dissertation Topic

Dissertation topics in marketing should be connected to your main assumption or the research objective that you set. Unlike classic essay writing, dissertations are not revolving around the thesis statement but represent complex research that chooses a methodology and aims to solve a problem. There should be enough time taken as you work on your topic because there must be good sources and literature reviews that support your position. If something is not explored in greater depth, you can either narrow down or expand your dissertation’s subject. It will help you to achieve more clarity and stay focused as you work on your sample data.

Some other aspects to consider as you choose your marketing dissertation ideas:

  • Set your research objectives and priorities.

  • Choose a topic that reflects your best skills and something that you feel comfortable with.

  • Be ready for research by preparing your sources well. Remember to use only verified and acceptable sources by checking with the committee.

  • Create a research proposal with an outline where you structure things first.

  • Brainstorm the readiness of your dissertation topic for publication purposes.

  • Think about the importance of your topic.

  • Set your timeline for the completion and study the possible variations that will help you address your marketing field in the best way possible.

  • Never ignore proofreading and editing your work! It will help you to keep your readability high as you focus on structure, grammar, style, and plagiarism avoidance.

Your marketing dissertation must be inspiring, which is why topic selection should be unique and relevant to the latest issues or the problems that are worth exploring. See what subjects in marketing are usually left without proper research and go beyond your comfort zone. Keep it in mind as you explore, and see our marketing ideas, and you will succeed!

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