Controversial Topics for Speeches and Debates

Writing argumentative research papers, participating in class discussions, taking part in college debates – all these seemingly different activities have one common thing: students should choose controversial topics for each of them. The ability to protect one’s point of view, as well as evaluate the pro and against arguments in a controversial situation, is a viable asset every student should gain while studying.

What is Controversy?

A simple explanation would sum things up by bringing up an issue or a theory that would lead to public disagreement. A good example would relate to religious wars, ethical conflicts, politics, or certain preferences where a person would have a different opinion. As a rule, dealing with the most controversial topics, you have to be careful as these will touch upon sensitive issues. While you may talk about religion or past conflicts that have taken place, always show due respect and make sure that you provide some evidence issued by both sides.

The most important is to choose your controversial topics carefully by focusing on something that you know well. Ask yourself controversial questions and see how these can be approached by starting a debate. Start by telling about what you think about an issue, quote other people, talk about the dangers or those ethical (moral) aspects that make you choose X over Y. You should explain why you are researching some controversial issue by focusing on both sides. For example, when you study politics, make sure to provide some background information about personalities that you analyse.

When you are dealing with a conflict, controversial opinions are important for finding a compromise. It should be one of your purposes as you write a controversial essay. As always, it’s essential to choose your topic correctly by narrowing things down as much as you can. For example, when you are dealing with gun control issues or medical marijuana, you should think about the field of your studies by approaching things professionally. If you have a personal point in what you explore, it’s better to avoid the topic as you may feel unbiased as you enter the discussion. Choose something that you can explore without a personal relationship and things will become easier.

Therefore, we’ve prepared a long topics list for you to train your skills while participating in interesting and entertaining activities.

Choosing Best Topics

There are several important aspects students should consider while choosing their controversial topics for discussion. Here are several questions we suggest you answer before deciding on your topic:

What is your purpose? – Your topic choice may differ depending on the particular purpose. For instance, if you plan to participate in a tournament in your high school or college debate club, it may be more sound to choose topics that are controversial, relevant, even funny. Participants, as well as the audience, would appreciate such choices, as they suggest interesting, entertaining pastimes. In argumentative paper writing though, students might choose really complex topics that require considerable research, especially if they have much time for pre-writing research.

Who is your audience? – Another aspect that requires clarification and consideration is an audience. Topics for high school students will definitely differ from topics for the advanced academic community. Similarly, the audience may influence particular motions. For instance, college students will discuss vaccination topic in a significantly different manner than university students studying medicine. Depending on your audience, you may choose to research different aspects of your chosen controversial topics.

Are you personally interested in this topic? – Avoid picking topics that don’t appeal to you. It is always better to participate in discussions and write papers that entertain you or provide insights you consider valuable. Under such circumstances, you are more likely to hold and share your own thoughts along with beliefs.

Can you find credible sources? – Either participating in a discussion or writing an argumentative research paper, students should look for strong evidence. Discussions based solely on personal opinions are often either tenuous or too narrow in scope. Source credibility matters a lot as credible sources present information based on research and empirical studies. By citing credible sources, students demonstrate their preparedness along with awareness about various aspects their chosen topic has.

There is a great variety of topics one may choose from. Therefore, students should narrow the scope of possible discussions by clarifying their purpose, audience, personal interests, and credible sources. By doing so, they will ensure the relevance of discussed information, turning discussions into entertaining activities that are interesting for participants along with the audience.

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Controversial Topics List

We’ve prepared more topics among which students may choose those they find most appealing. They are united into categories to make a choice easier for you.

Controversial Debate Topics

Controversial Speech Topics

Controversial Topics for Discussion

Controversial Funny Topics

Controversial Topics for Teens

Controversial Topics on Science

Controversial Topics on Current Events

Most Controversial Topics In 2023

Without a doubt, the majority of political topics that we have seen during the past decades have been replaced by the presence of Covid-19 and vaccinations, which has been a subject of numerous controversies coming both from the press and the journalists across the pond. Still, it has made it possible to determine the most controversial subjects that have already been popular in 2023. See some of the fresh controversial ideas to brainstorm:

  1. Will the end of the pandemic times ever take place or are we lost forever?
  2. The effects of climate change
  3. Should there be special Covid-19 IDs that would provide people with greater access to basic needs?
  4. The role of the raine's conflict.
  5. The rise of robots and AI
  6. How will remote education continue or should there be hybrid education?
  7. The labour crisis in agriculture: has Brexit ruined things?
  8. The rise of cryptocurrencies
  9. The teen suicide rates : how has remote education affected the rates?
  10. Immigration and border security
  11. Religious education in the schools: pros and cons.
  12. Should politics topics be approached unbiased or through the lens of the national interests.
  13. Scandals in the Royal Family: should these events be ignored?
  14. Boris Johnson's personality: should entertainment still take place?
  15. The future of healthcare

Don’t Know How to Start – Ask Professionals

Controversial speech topics often require students to conduct extensive research, use their critical thinking skills, and apply numerous persuasive speaking and writing tactics to make their arguments strong enough. While these activities undeniably transform into personal assets students can use in their future careers, they are time and energy-consuming.

If you want to gain all the benefits this kind of work brings without spending much time and effort, consider finding a professional who will do all the boring work for you. Writers from speech writing services will gladly review tons of credible sources, including academic articles, for you so that you could impress your professor with an excellent argument no matter how complex chosen controversial debate topics are.

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