Top Research Paper Topics for You to Choose From

Writing an academic research paper has a lot of pitfalls and challenges. It is often hard to find relevant information, make sure that it is true and peer-proven, illustrate your point well. However, the problems often start even before you start writing your paper — namely, during the research topic selection.

Choosing the right topic for your paper can ensure the success of your project. If you pick a relevant and transformative topic and you manage to execute it well, you’re more likely to impress your teacher and earn good credits for your work.

So, how do you choose the right theme? Well, let’s take a closer look at what you need to pay attention to in order to select the best topic for your particular case. We’ll also list some good research topics that might inspire you or your research paper writer

How to Choose a Good Topic for the Research Paper?

There are several general tips that might help you with the research paper topic selection. Here’s what you should think about while choosing a theme for your research project:

  • What interests you the most in the subject?

The quality of your research paper depends on how interested you are in working on it. If the topic is genuinely compelling to you, you will spend more time delving into the details about it, thus you’ll be better suited to present and answer questions about it. So, try finding interesting research topics you’ll have fun working on;

  • Start with a general topic, then narrow it down

It might be easier to outline and research a general subject first and select a narrower topic later on. As you learn more about a particular subject, you’ll be able to better understand its specifics, thus making it easier for you to determine the most interesting, relevant, and influential theme for your research;

  • Make sure there are enough information sources

Even if you choose the most exciting research topic, the quality of your paper will be lacking if there is not enough quality data for you to conduct the research. So, before you settle on the theme, make sure you’ll be able to refer to strong credible sources in your paper;

  • Try to pick a unique subject

You won’t impress anyone if you choose a generic topic that’s been overdone over the years. This doesn’t mean that your work should contradict established opinions, but you should aim for your paper to be transformative and have at least certain unique aspects about it;

  • Make a strong thesis statement

Your thesis statement reflects your entire paper. So, it might be useful to construct a strong thesis statement and build the rest of your paper around it. Remember that each part of the statement should be supported by evidence and clear logical conclusions based on them.

List of Research Topic Ideas

Take a look at these trending topics that can help you and proposal writers to choose your idea for the science course of your choice. You can also select one of the funny research topics to draw more attention to your project.

Research Topics in Education

  1. Economic returns of education for college students
  2. How has e-learning changed university education?
  3. Education quality assurance — are tests enough?
  4. How do campus courses compare with the field experience?
  5. Can there be an effective entrepreneurship education in college?
  6. Does education affect the spread of bad habits?
  7. The effects of college education on prison inmates
  8. Where does the money we pay for education go?
  9. Gender-specific trends in education
  10. Why do college students cheat?
  11. The challenges of hearing-impaired learning and the use of remote education.
  12. How can primary school children become involved during Zoom sessions?
  13. How can children learn more about politics?

Research Topics in Business

  1. The spread of electronic commerce and how it impacts small businesses
  2. Social challenges of establishing a business
  3. Virtual simulations in business
  4. How international business-to-business relationship has changed throughout the years
  5. How can digital marketing help businesses thrive?
  6. Business, ethics, and social responsibility
  7. Business-university collaboration effectiveness
  8. Real business cycles vs business models
  9. Is global business regulation possible?
  10. The specifics of small business growth and changes in management that need to happen
  11. Why are the schools different from their American counterparts when learning the MBA?
  12. What business methods can only be encountered ?
  13. Should corporations invite European and American specialists?

Research Topics in Nursing

  1. Safety evaluation of human care robots
  2. Social evolution of nursing
  3. Legal aspects of nursing
  4. The importance and effects of communication in nursing
  5. Economics of nursing
  6. The role and impact of gender in nursing
  7. Ethics and morality of nursing research
  8. Nursing aspects that transcend cultural specifics
  9. An effective use of simulation in nursing education
  10. An importance of critical thinking in nursing
  11. The traditional nursing methods in Wales.
  12. Should the nurses be allowed to work with the criminals as a supportive method?
  13. The practice vs theory: what is the best scenario for nursing education?

Research Topics in Health and Social Care

  1. The economics of social care
  2. The effects of modern technology on human health
  3. The cause for the rise in mental health problems
  4. The impact of cultural specifics on health standards
  5. The impact of the state of nature on human health
  6. The disparity in health behavior between young and old people
  7. Equity and equality in healthcare
  8. Why health economics should be reconsidered
  9. An importance of health and healthcare education
  10. Can the health gap be breached?
  11. The psychological aspect of social media and the mental issues.
  12. Social care for the elderly during Covid-19 times .
  13. Should the siblings take care of the younger school students and what are the limitations?

Research Topics Psychology

  1. The psychology of time — why do we perceive time differently as we age?
  2. Why do we aim to maintain the status quo?
  3. The psychology of politics — the specifics of political environment
  4. The psychology of interest and marketing
  5. The importance of statistics in psychology
  6. The psychological specifics of intelligence and the learning process
  7. The psychology of money — why we spend the way we spend
  8. Psychological impact of online socialization
  9. The psychology of scientific research — how do our assumptions impact our conclusions?
  10. Psychological perspective on modern art
  11. Should we approach procrastination differently when learning online?
  12. The presence of a TV in the room: what are the cons and pros of such socialisation?
  13. How do we perceive international cultures through the media?

Research Topics Biology

  1. Conservation biology — how can we reduce the human impact on our ecosystem?
  2. The specifics of the molecular biology of coronaviruses
  3. How can nanotechnology help in biological research?
  4. Biology of cognition — what makes our brains unique?
  5. The ethics of human genome editing
  6. The benefits and dangers of GMO
  7. Biological progress in pollution control
  8. Can the aging process actually be reversed?
  9. The biology of invasive species — how to mitigate the damage?
  10. The use of light spectrum in biological research

Research Topics on Obesity

  1. What are the medical consequences of obesity?
  2. How and why has the obesity definition changed throughout the years?
  3. Environmental aspects that can impact obesity rates
  4. The importance of social factors in obesity rates
  5. Can obesity be called an epidemic?
  6. The economic costs of obesity
  7. Obesity and body positivity — where is the boundary?
  8. Obesity rates in men and women — differences and reasons
  9. Obesity and education — is there a connection?
  10. Genetic factors of obesity
  11. What are the reasons for obesity ?
  12. swimming competitions and obesity.
  13. The quality of food, GMOs, and the obesity campaigns.

Research Topics Literature

  1. The most impactful literary works and how did they change the society
  2. Literature and science — which helped which more?
  3. The impact of catastrophic events on literary styles
  4. Will literature become obsolete? Comparison with film and video games as storytelling mediums
  5. Globalization influence on literature
  6. Literature as the mean of propaganda and marketing
  7. How does collaborative literature differ from the works of a single author?
  8. Myths and archetypes in modern literature
  9. Literature and copyright — can piracy kill the industry?
  10. The effects of a quality preview on the literary works
  11. Is fan fiction considered a literary genre?
  12. How can the use of subtitles increase our literary skills?
  13. The heritage of Shakespeare in the modern media and the controversial issues.

Research Topics History

  1. Similarities in suppressed histories of Aboriginal minorities
  2. Repeating patterns in history
  3. How do narratives shape history?
  4. Feudal Japan — reality and romanticized depictions in media
  5. How much were early civilizations different?
  6. History and religion — how beliefs shaped societies?
  7. History and gender — when did inequality and stigma appear?
  8. Oral historical evidence — importance and how to research?
  9. The fight for liberty — who has fought for freedom the most?
  10. Architecture as a historic evidence
  11. The role of Druids and Northern Ireland.
  12. Mythological aspect of dragons and the use of dragons in Welsh history.
  13. Do refugees to contribute to history?

Research Topics Geography

  1. Geographic factors in the modern economic development
  2. New technological trends in geographic research
  3. Geography of art — how has the environment shaped the artists?
  4. How well do we know the oceans and what stops us from learning more?
  5. How does modern technology change geographical concepts?
  6. The rise of urban geography — how do the patterns within cities shape our lives?
  7. The geography of law — how does the territory shape the concept of justice?
  8. Globalization processes and their impact on culture
  9. Political geography and gerrymandering
  10. Geography of tourism — which assets can be used the best to develop a successful industry?

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