How to Write an Abstract for a Dissertation?

Dissertation writing as an art in today’s world and different writers are available in the market that can easily complete the dissertation of students in different manners. The professional writers that are available in the market usually charge a hefty amount of money in order to complete the dissertations of students.  However, the quality standards that are usually provided by these writers are very high and they provide effective dissertations to the students through which they can benefit in both the short and the long run. If you face the question “how to write a dissertation by yourself” or you don’t know how to write an abstract for a dissertation -  here you or your dissertation writer will find the instructions that will support each student to build a good piece of work.  Your dissertation abstract needs to include each step that is written below. So, let’s read about how to write a good dissertation abstract?

How to Write a Dissertation Abstract? 

In the first part of one’s dissertation abstract the student should mention the significance of the certain research paper and give factors why the reader needs to read this dissertation. Inside a term one ought to attract the attention of the audience and leave it from the final word.

Problem of the Dissertation

The problem of your dissertation presupposes to explain to the reader the problem that you are researching and trying to solve. Determine each custom thesis of one’s work, hypothesis and also the primary argument.

Methodology of Dissertation

Giving the answer on this type of question as how to write an abstract for a dissertation one must know what methodology is. In this part of the dissertation abstract the student ought to explain to the reader what research methodology is used in his or her project. Of course, that is a tough scientific method that’s why, try to accomplish your best.

Your Findings

In this component of your dissertation abstract the student is welcomed to describe his or her findings and effects which have been found in the research methodology.

Dissertation Significance

The last and the final part of your dissertation ought to describe the value of your work. Acquaint the reader on the final results of one’s discovery and explain why they are so significant and important. Apparently you’ve realized how to write an abstract for a dissertation. You see that writing a dissertation abstract is not as tough as one may perhaps think but if you know all essential rules and significant points.

Standard Dissertation Research Questions

You know how to write an abstract, but is it plausible? To find out, you must ask yourself whether your work can answer the standard dissertation research questions like:

  • Does your abstract capture the reader's interest?

  • Is everything precise and correctly written? Check twice to see if everything aligns.

  • Make sure that this part reflects the overall dissertation. You must only add information that is in your paper.

  • Does your text summarize the findings adequately?

  • Is the word count over the maximal or less than the required one?

These things are significant and play a major role when checking your abstract. We often ask ourselves whether our writing can answer them because they are proof or well-done work. If an abstract fails to meet them, then there must be an issue that we have yet to see while writing it.

What Makes A Good Research Question

It is essential to know what a good research question is. Mainly because it plays a vital part in our work and, as seen above, is critical for our success.

A good research question must be focused on a topic and be researchable. It means that it must follow the topic we write about and be easily researchable outside it with enough sources of information.

It also has to be concise yet comprehensive. For example, the terms used in your paper must clearly show their meaning.

A good research question is a complex one. That means, in this case, the complexity is good. It will make it arguable and exciting and, simultaneously, researchable with options to be explored and investigated.

Example Of A Comprehensive Dissertation Abstract

Now that you know more about the abstract and the research question in general, it is time to see an example of one. Below we have prepared a brief, comprehensive, yet random dissertation abstract that you can use as a model.

"This study analyzed the modern computer games usage pattern and the addictions that competitive titles create among young adults. It examined how the competitions and overall enjoyment create addictions related to college activities such as clubs or grades anticipations. In turn, in some cases, it negatively created on-campus illegal activities like forbidden medication and alcohol usage. The study used data from 517 male and 329 female students from the first to the third year. The students were from different majors like law, liberal arts, economy, and philosophical fields. In the month before the start of their lessons, participants were given two blanks to fill in: one about their planned study activity and another about the games they played at home. That research was done to measure their possible competitive games addiction and their time spent on it. Based on the data, the outcomes suggested that gaming addiction is (1) negatively affecting the usual college and club activities and (2) negatively related to their studies performance and GPA. Finally, (3) negatively associated with the medicine, alcohol, and all acts of violations that occurred during the studies period. The final results are examined regarding the importance for male and female college students, their attention, and success in college, and the constructed reality based on their gaming addiction."

Now, this is a sample of a dissertation abstract. The abstract may look slightly different depending on the topic and the ideas behind your work. Nevertheless, the basics are the same, and your final piece should look similar.

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