How to Create An Appendix For Your College Essay

An appendix is usually encountered in research papers, which means that your college essay may have an appendix section. Yet it’s only necessary for those cases when you provide supplementary information that does not represent an essential or critical part of your main essay content. Therefore, it is safe to say that appendices are used as supplementary bits that help readers to understand more about your essay subject or research objectives. If some information is too lengthy or you have mentioned statistical data, it is recommended to include it as an essay appendix instead of placing it in the body of your paper. As you learn about what is an appendix, remember that it can be anything from statistical data to the inclusion of the original article when you order essay, especially if it is something that cannot be obtained easily or comes from a print source.

How To Structure An Appendix

One should remember that learning how to structure an appendix carries only a general character. A separate appendix might be required for each particular subject or data set you have included in your original essay writing. Therefore, only include those bits of information that will be helpful for your paper, meaning that your essay should be able to function well without any appendices. In other words, structure your appendix with nonessential information only. An appendix in essay writing should be like "additional information to read and check" for reference purposes.

The following must be remembered when structuring your data:

  • Appendix may come before or follow your general list of references.
  • The contents of your appendix are treated just like the normal text, yet things will always depend on what kind of formatting is being used. It means that if you use MLA formatting, it will follow the same set of rules that your main text incorporates. The same relates to formats like APA or Chicago where writing conventions and references must follow provided structure.
  • Every essay appendix starts on a new page.
  • Information in your appendix must be represented in the order it is mentioned in your research paper.
  • The heading, especially for APA format, must be "Appendix" with the following of the "Appendix A" pattern.
  • The appendix heading must be centered and written in bold font.
  • If you have a table of contents for your essay, the appendices must be mentioned.
  • Regarding the page numbering, appendices continue where the last bit of your essay has left off.

How to Format An Appendix

One of the most common challenges that students face when dealing with varied information for their essay papers is not knowing how to format an appendix, especially if there is a lot that must be included and the data coming from all the possible sources. Let us assume that we may have more than one appendix, which is only natural for most academic essay papers where appendices are present.

Considering that we may have unique topics, we shall provide you with the general requirements:

When you are mentioning your appendix with your history essay writer, it should be in bold font and look like (Appendix A, Appendix C, Appendix 3).

When you are talking about your appendix as a part of the text, it should be (see Appendix D) in parentheses, right at the end of your particular sentence where it is mentioned.

For example:

As a way to address cyberbullying taking place in Great Britain, O'Kane et al. (2005) started with an additional exploration of sample groups that included both middle-school-age learners and the teachers (see Appendix D for gender analysis samples).

  • As you might have already noticed, each appendix must have a corresponding letter or number. It works this way: The first one mentioned in your paper is Appendix A, the second would be Appendix B, and so on.
  • If you plan to include over 26 different appendices, you must implement AA, BB formatting styles.
  • However, if you plan to use only one appendix, it is just Appendix, not Appendix A.
  • Each appendix that you have must have a title added to it.
  • Each appendix data must start on a separate page.
  • The title of each appendix should be at the top of the page, centered, bold with the classic essay style capitalization.
  • The first appendix data paragraph is flushed left without indents.
  • All the upcoming paragraphs are indented as "normal".
  • All paragraphs are double-spaced.
  • If you have tables of figures, add them with the same style rules as is normal within your format. For example, Table B7 would be the seventh table in your Appendix B section.
  • If you use appendices from some outside source, it must be cited parenthetically within a particular, including this data in the same references list. No need to create a separate one!

Appendix Writing Tips & Example of Appendix

An example of an appendix that you may use as a reference would look this way:

Appendix A

List of Dutch Cybersecurity Methods That Were Most Popular in 2021

Considering the increase of cyber attacks and the use of the "man-in-the-middle" method for detection of the most common threats, more than 70,000 specialists have been asked to participate in the listing of the most common cybersecurity methods in the Netherlands that have proved useful. The most popular of them included real-time detection, heuristic analysis, installation of firewalls, corporate security methods, hardware acceleration solutions.

The specialists of the Delft University, in particular, have mentioned the pros and cons of the cloud services that have been hosted in the Netherlands as a way of how even international solutions may be helpful for the implementation of more than one

security method. It has posed an important question related to the global security threats and unification of the most common methods.

The list of cybersecurity solutions that have been...


Appendix A is our Appendix Label. List of Dutch Cybersecurity Methods That Were Most Popular in 2021 - our Appendix Title. First Paragraph has no indent, flushed left. All the paragraphs that follow have an indent and are formatted as usual.

As you work, remember the following writing tips:

  1. It is recommended to include raw data in your appendix essay by keeping the original format "as is".
  2. It is also good to place an online link if there is too much information that must be mentioned.
  3. Tables and figures should have their separate numbering pattern. If something is important, include it in your paper, not in your appendix.
  4. If you implement more than three appendices, these should have their own page listing in the table of contents.
  5. The appendix part of your essay may include maps, graphs, non-essential screenshots, photography, diagrams, and computer-generated data among other things.
  6. It is the rule of a thumb not to overload your appendix with information and includes only those bits that are related to your paper.
  7. Only include information that is reflected AND referenced in your text.

When you are planning the structure of your essay or thinking about whether or not you should buy essays, remember that your paper must be able to “function” even without all these additions that you have in your paper. Think twice before including anything as it is essential to ensure that it has a reason to be included. If your appendix contains something non-related, it may even deduct your final grade.

The Appendix Referencing In Different Styles

Without a doubt, one of the most complex aspects is knowing how to add an appendix to an essay based on a provided format. Thankfully, this part is not as complex as it may seem, especially if you have our referencing guide with various examples and basic rules. As it has been shown in our appendix citation examples above, the rules will follow the same set of conventions that you will already know from your original format.

Here are the most popular styles and their rules regarding appendix formatting to guide you:


The most common example of Appendix format in APA would be:

Considering the scope of the original research, Jones (2009) has reviewed the studies of energised transformation of the atomic cells that have been provided by the CERN reports (see Appendix E for methodology patterns used).

Regarding the formation of data in your appendix, consider APA referencing rules regarding fonts, indents, and the citation of the bibliography sources. As a rule, these must be included in your usual References/Bibliography list.


- In-text citation of Appendix goes inside the parenthesis. For example: (Appendix 1).

- Your Appendices must appear before the Works Cited page.

- The heading "Appendices" should be centered at the top of the page.

- Each Appendix starts at the new page of your document.

- Appendix must be mentioned in your paper.

- References must be double-spaced with the usual indent of the second line.


It follows the same set of rules as in MLA or APA with minor differences, including the page numbering, which is separate for an appendix as it should be: "Page 1", "Page 2". These are placed at the end of your paper and the usual "Appendix 1" pattern is used in parenthesis. It is also recommended to use a footnote as you refer to some appendix. For example: "See Appendix 1".


As always, your appendix in Harvard referencing should be placed at the end of your essay but before the references list. If there is more than one appendix, it follows Appendix A or Appendix 1 format. For example:

Appendix A contains the full listing of the cardiovascular peculiarities that have been noticed in dolphins, reflecting the general consensus that... There is a strong belief that the use of chemicals that contain chloride has led to irreversible reactions as noted in numerous research reports... (see Appendix C).

The citations must be published in your References list, not in the body of your paper. The label and title must be centered and in bold font (Appendix D). If you use anything from a published source, use the actual word "Source:" with the short citation that is placed at the bottom left of the page (below the statistics table, for example).

Source: National Archive (2019).

Vancouver Referencing

It is usually sufficient to provide the reference in your essay text. For example: (See Appendix A).

The cases related to PTSD among the veterans have been noticed by Harrison (See Appendix D).

You must follow the formatting of your reference type, depending on if it is a book, a journal, or some online source.

Each reference to an image in your Appendix should be mentioned in your Reference list.

Use Only What’s Absolutely Necessary

Composing information for your Appendix or Appendices, always have them mentioned and properly referenced in the essay, provided by essay writing help service. Use only those bits of data, statistics, interviews, emails, or graphics that are truly necessary for your writing. Your paper must be autonomous and easy to understand even without all these pieces of additional information. If something is critical for a correct understanding of your thesis statement and/or objectives, mention it in your essay instead of placing it in your Appendix. Doing so will help you to stay safe and provide only the most relevant information.

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