How to Write a 500-Word Essay Guide

Composing a 500-word paper would appear a troublesome task. Notwithstanding, let us disclose to you something: negative attitude towards the given assignment can just lead to your failure. Relax and be hopeful about the imminent work! In addition, Writix tips for composing 500-word and 1000-word articles will encourage your work and will help you to get a clear answer to the main question: What does a 500-word essay look like?

500 Word Essay Definition

A 500-word essay belongs to academic writing tasks where high school or college students have to provide their analysis and outlook on a certain topic. It is both the easiest and the most challenging task due to length. There are at least five 500-word essay types:

  • Persuasive (persuade your readers).
  • Descriptive (describe something).
  • Argumentative (argue about something).
  • Expository (expose things).
  • Narrative (tell a story).

These definitions reflect the style of writing and the methodology that you must follow.

How to Write a 500-Word Essay?

First of all, it is essential to consider how your target audience will perceive your paper. It is a short essay after all, which is why things must be narrowed down a little bit to fit your objectives. While it may be impossible to conduct an in-depth analysis of your subject, writing this essay assignment usually requires fast thinking and creativity. Remember that if you have already found certain external sources, these must be mentioned both in text and on your Bibliography page. Here are the steps that you must consider to make your 500-word essay stand out:

  • Choose Your Topic Correctly Unless Already Provided With a Prompt. Choose something that inspires you because it will always show in your writing. If you are already given a prompt, do not be afraid to ask your school teacher or a college professor if something is unclear. The same relates to cases when your paper's prompt has a double meaning.
  • Research Your Subject. If you have an opportunity or you write something other than a personal essay, take your time to research your topic and add some statistical data to your writing.
  • Start With An Outline. When you have an outline, you can narrow things down and write down all the key elements that explain your subject.
  • Create An Interesting Hook. If you choose to write an argumentative essay, consider using an interesting fact or inspiring information to keep your readers motivated to read further.
  • Study The Rules of Your Essay Type. It means that writing a descriptive essay is not the same as working with expository writing. Read about definitions of each task type and consider which one fits you the best way to reflect your thoughts and ideas.
  • Provide a Thesis Statement. The heart of your writing is the thesis statement. It should reflect an idea and/or reflect your take on a problem. Your thesis may be either one or two sentences, depending on if you need any additional explanation.
  • Proofread Your Essay. It is necessary to check your writing for grammar, repetitions, clarity, spelling mistakes, and style. It is recommended to read it aloud and ask yourself whether you have met the objectives of your prompt.

500 Word Essay Structure

If you have to find an answer to the request "write an essay for me", we recommend you to start from analyzing the 500-word essay structure to understand which information to include in your paper and which not.

  1. The introduction. Despite the fact that this passage starts things out, it's most effortless to compose it last. That is on the grounds that you don't comprehend what to write after you have created this part. Once the body of the exposition is finished, you can return to this passage and make the presentation.
  2. The body will consist of 3 sections. The primary section will be the principle idea you are attempting to introduce to the peruser. Ensure you support this claim with truths or with your perspective, contingent upon what sort of exposition you're composing.
  3. Then comes the second purpose of the body. Similar principles apply to this claim. While writing an assignment, ensure you give satisfactory support.
  4. What's more, the third and last primary purpose of the body; keep it compact and give the essential supporting proof.
  5. The conclusion is the final passage of the paper. It can likewise have 100 words, roughly. It ought to be a summary of the essay. Ensure it's formulated uniquely in contrast to the presentation. It ought to leave the reader with something to consider.

Your article ought to have an effect. It ought to be significant, intriguing and roll out for the readers. Before you make your last modification, make sure you have fulfilled every one of the necessities of the task. Word tally is critical; however, it's not by any means the only thing that matters. At times there is no need to stick to certain organizing rules. The textual style must be proper. The header and footer and the side edges ought to all be as indicated by the task also.

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500 Word Essay Format

In the majority of cases with 500 words essay, universities recommend dividing things into five sections:

  1. Introduction. This is where you introduce an idea or tell about what inspires you to explain something. It may be anything from your definition of friendship to bullying on social media.
  2. Main Argument Paragraph.
  3. Factual Examples Paragraph.
  4. Your Analysis Paragraph.
  5. Conclusion. Sum up things and provide a moral lesson if applicable. Since the task is aimed at beginner writers, it generally follows the same formatting scheme.

500 Word Essay Ideas

Here are some ideas you can brainstorm:

  1. What technology has helped me the most during Covid-19 times.
  2. The most valuable memory from my childhood.
  3. The role of social media in our lives.
  4. The definition of love and friendship.
  5. Starting a college band in 2024.
  6. The most interesting startup ideas for students.
  7. The ways how we can address the world's environmental issues.
  8. Do politics and religion work together?
  9. The definition of corporate ethics.
  10. Is global warming a hoax that should be demystified?

Remember that if you use any external information, it is necessary to cite your sources accordingly to avoid plagiarism issues.


How many paragraphs are 500 words?

It may depend on your subject and structure that you would like to choose, yet experts at Writix recommend using five paragraphs where you have three body parts, introduction, and conclusion. Alternatively, you may have two or four body paragraphs.

How long does it take to write 500 words?

If you plan to type an already finished 500 words essay, it might take you about 10-15 minutes. If you plan to use handwriting, it usually takes about 25 minutes to get things done. If you want to research your subject at greater depth, it can take you about two hours to finish.

What do 500 words look like?

It always depends on your spacing, yet it does not look big per se. For example, single-spacing will look like one standard page. When you implement double-spacing, it will be about two pages. It is a standard size for blogs, newspapers, or high-school writing tasks.

How many pages is a 500-word essay?

It will be from one page (single-spaced) or one page and a half if you use double-spacing. Remember that there may be MLA headers and indents.

How many references for a 500-word essay?

According to academic writing standards, a 500-word essay should use up to five sources. However, in most cases, three sources are optimal. It depends on how much you have to cite, yet overfilling your work with quotes may go against the rules as a 500-word essay must have your voice.

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