Statement of Purpose and Reason for Getting Master of Business Administration in Finance

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now"-Goethe

The sentiment expressed aligns closely with my views on realizing one's goals. There's no better time than now, as everything depends on the present moment. In today's fast-paced world, where advancements are made in every field, resting on one's laurels in terms of expertise and credibility won't lead to achieving one's aspirations. My primary interest lies in the financial aspects of business, and pursuing higher education is essential to gaining the necessary expertise and skills. I am ready to take action and start a new chapter by earning a prestigious MBA from a top university in the United States.

I received my education at the well-known JSS Public School in Bangalore, where my interests began to take shape early on. Driven by my strong inclinations, I selected Mathematics, Accountancy, Statistics, and Business as my main subjects at the esteemed Jain University in Bangalore, where I found my true passion. My undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Business Management in Finance offered me a thorough understanding of accounting fundamentals, financial accounting, and financial management, preparing me adequately for a Master's program. Participating in extracurricular activities helped me develop into a friendly person with notable leadership qualities. I eagerly took on the responsibility of organizing and leading various socio-cultural events at school and college. I represented my university as a dancer and played an active role in organizing festivals. Additionally, I volunteered at the U and I NGO and served as the community service director of the Rotaract Club, which enabled me to connect with others. Organizing blood donation camps and community service activities were invaluable experiences that enhanced my leadership skills and increased my awareness of societal needs.

I have consistently enhanced my skills, earning Applied Finance and Event Management certifications. I've contributed to community initiatives like Bal Utsav, Blood Donation Campaign, Sai Vrindavan, and Polio Campaign. My internship at Goldman Sachs in Bangalore focused on operations for a month. I learned to pinpoint project needs by drafting customer contracts, devising solutions by exploring system capabilities, validating outcomes through testing, and contributing to the team's success. I participated in a global intern project titled 'Understanding the ops dependency on technology tools.' Another internship at S M Pharmaceuticals involved observing and analyzing the company's performance for research and analysis, offering me invaluable insights.

Ernst and Young (EY) hired me through campus recruitment, and I've accumulated over two years of experience there. This role has allowed me to embrace a variety of tasks. Alongside a team of associates, I conduct routine audits and control-based testing for Financial Services Clients. I identify potential audit issues or anomalies through preliminary financial statement analysis and report these findings to the audit assurance senior/manager. I meticulously document the execution of specific audit procedures, manage work distribution within the team, and adapt our audit approach as necessary. I'm involved in external audits for Asset Management Clients, reevaluating past procedures, scrutinizing journal and ledger entries, fostering key relationships with EY global contacts, including assurance seniors and project managers, and conducting tests on balance sheet and income statement accounts.

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I've been involved in numerous projects that have bolstered my confidence in handling critical tasks independently. A supportive work culture and outstanding teamwork are key factors behind the organization's rapid growth, which also benefits employees' development. This professional environment has nurtured my growth and sparked my ambition to further my education. I understand that the broad knowledge base acquired during my undergraduate studies can be deepened through the specialized learning that a graduate degree offers. At this juncture, I am eager to pursue advanced education. Specializing in finance and backed by a history of practical knowledge, I am ready for more sophisticated research and study. My passion for finance and recognition of its evolving landscape motivate me to broaden my expertise, aiming to be recognized among the industry's thought leaders. The dynamic and innovative U.S. education system, which encourages intellectual and creative growth while integrating the latest advancements, seems ideal for staying abreast of new technologies.

The prospect of a graduate program that offers firsthand insight into the field's advancements and the opportunity to contribute to its growth has driven me to apply for a Master of Business Administration in Finance at the esteemed Clark University. The university's vast campus, diverse community, nurturing atmosphere, and commitment to fostering independent thought have fueled my desire to learn and evolve as a global citizen. The curriculum's emphasis on comprehensive development and the opportunity to explore various fields before specializing align with my educational goals. This approach equips students with critical thinking, communication, and professional skills relevant to today's business world and opens doors to careers in management accounting, advertising, banking, international business, and more.

MBA graduates are prepared to serve as specialized business professionals in a dynamic and varied business landscape. My immediate goal is to absorb as much knowledge as possible, experiment, and gain new experiences. In the long run, I aim to build a career in finance, making significant contributions to the field by turning theoretical concepts into practical solutions that improve our world. I am excited about the comprehensive development offered by a top-tier institution with a diverse student body. I value being well-rounded and seize every opportunity to engage in activities that break the monotony of daily life. I plan to fully leverage the educational opportunities at this renowned university to prepare for the career I envision.

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