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Valuable Suggestions for Your Social Media Essay

As more people appreciate the advantages social networking platforms bring, modern social media become increasingly discussed in academic essays. Academia’s attention to social media is fully justified as social networking sites have altered the way people communicate, run their businesses, as well as participate in politics or social life in general. Therefore, social media essay is an academic paper each student might write these days. There are many aspects tutors can expect you to discuss in this essay. Let’s review some of them, along with clarifying how good structure can further improve your writing.

Social Media Essay Definition

Social media platforms enable people to use the internet as a means for communication and immediate information sharing. Unlike traditional media like television or newspapers, which allow information dissemination, modern media promote human interaction. So we use such platforms as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, or Twitter to not only find out something new, but also respond to the discovered information immediately. Each platform has its own peculiarities that make it a unique framework for human communication. In order to write a really good social networking essay, students should distinguish various apps, and recognize their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s briefly review most popular platforms along with their contributions to communication in the information age.


Although Facebook is a rather young service that exists only about 15 years, it has already become an integral part of social life for millions of users. Nowadays, people of different ages and origins enjoy services that Facebook provides. Using their PCs, tablets, smartphones, or other mobile devices, people from all over the world use this platform to communicate with their friends and relatives, neighbours and co-workers, or simply people who share similar views. Apart from communication, information and image sharing, this platform enables people to unite into communities that are not limited to a single geographic territory or age group. Estimations show that 15,000,000 active Australians visit this platform every month. People often utilize Facebook in their spare time for entertainment purposes, but many use it for business-related reasons. Given its huge potential for information distribution and interaction, Facebook introduces new opportunities for business.


This service allows sharing photos and videos and communicating using messaging features. It is even younger than Facebook as Instagram is only 8 years old. Still, millions of internet users, including more than 9,000,000 Australians, already enjoy this app. They “like” each other’s photos or videos, add tags and location information to posts, repost each other’s publications, and use various entertaining filters for image editing. Now, we can share “Stories,” which are images and videos that disappear in 24 hours. People like Instagram for entertainment and business-related abilities. This app is especially good for blogging, marketing, or online sales.


YouTube differs from other platforms because videos constitute the main format of data sharing here. Users, among which 15,000,000 are Australians, upload videos of different length and share them with people from all over the world. They post comments, follow other profiles, and create individual video lists. Some may notice that YouTube somewhat resembles television. However, unlike TV, it allows immediate dissemination of user-generated content in a very interactive environment. People share whatever they want and receive responses from others without any limitations. YouTube provides huge opportunities to its users for personal and business development. It promotes video-blogging, enabling ordinary people worldwide to become journalists without pursuing specialized education or employment in traditional corporations. Many successful bloggers receive advertising revenues from their activities on YouTube. It is worth admitting that younger generation is especially fond of YouTube as a means to “talk” to the world.


Founded 13 years ago, this social networking service enables online microblogging. Twitter allows communicating online by posting short messages with whatever content they want. Since 2015, and particularly during 2016, this service became recognized as a powerful tool in political debates. Millions of election-related tweets were posted during 2016 U.S. presidential election. Arguably, Tweets influenced election outcomes, which illustrates the great potential of social media to promote certain ideas and corresponding political changes. The same is true for Australia, where social media in general and Twitter in particular constitute the newest political battlefield. Although Twitter is less popular in Australia than in the US, it still attracts more than 4.7 million Australian users monthly.


More than 6 million Australians use Snapchat, as this app is quite popular, especially among users who are younger. Unlike other social media, it does not allow saving your posts for a long time. Instead, they share snaps or messages, that disappear shortly after receivers read them. Also, Snapchat users post stories that disappear after 24 hours. Although it was originally created as a person-to-person communication app, now Snapchat enables users to have numerous followers.

There are many other social media people use worldwide. They include such popular apps as WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Tinder or Yelp among many others. These networks have both disadvantages and advantages with respect to the services they provide and roles they play in users’ lives. Notably, any of these examples, along with influence they produce, can become a topic of your future social media essay. So, it is worth reviewing some structure-related recommendations you can use while writing your essay, because perfect structure brings higher grade.

Structure Tips to Follow while Writing

When it comes to structure, you should make sure your essay has distinguishable introduction, body, and conclusion. Unless the task demands you to compare two or more services, consider following argumentative essay format. Your tutors will probably agree that essays are especially appealing when authors argue in favor of a particular position in a persuasive manner. This format requires students to develop introductions that attract readers with a hook, explain topics under concern, and contain clear arguable thesis statements. After these, several paragraphs in the body follow, each of which starts with a topic sentences, contains evidence, develops specific main point, as well as ends with a concluding sentence and/or transition. Depending on topics, it may be relevant to discuss opposite arguments. Students should refute counterarguments with the aim of supporting their own thesis. Essays should end with fully developed conclusion paragraphs. This suggests that students should restate their thesis, summarize main essay points, clarify why their argument is important or relevant.

When tutors require social networking essay in which students compare several social media services, in addition to earlier described introduction and conclusion, students should include main body for compare and contrast essays. They adhere to either block or point-by-point arrangement of body paragraphs. It is sound to choose particular organization based on essay length and number of similarities or differences. Good essays should have appealing titles that not only introduce the topic, but also provide hint regarding your argument.

Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media: Essay Discussions

Social media effects on users is one of the most frequently discussed topics. Whether you study marketing, management, or just need an essay for your next English class, this topic is worth considering, because social media influence personal lives and business activities. They produce positive effects, like the following:

  • They enable us unite, create environments where their interests flourish;
  • Spread news, information, data immediately, making users well-informed;
  • They promote public access to education;
  • Social networks encourage to engage in political life of the country more effectively, which is important for democracy;
  • They enable relatives to communicate across distance;
  • They provide outstanding business & employment opportunities.

But social media have disadvantages too:

  • They enable cyberbullying;
  • Distract students from studying, other activities, like sports or reading;
  • They deprive users of privacy;
  • Social networks disseminate biased information, as there are no guarantees that the news is true.

It is important to remember that social media are merely tools that people utilise to either succeed or not. Therefore, effects that they have on users frequently depend on choices we make in each individual case. This makes them such an interesting, appealing topic to discuss in academic writing and research.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Social Media Essay - Example

Social media change lives in many ways. They provide them with new options with respect to communication, entertainment, entrepreneurship, and relationship building. Simultaneously, they deprive of free time and privacy. One’s attitude to social media thus depends on assessment of pros and cons. Although they have many disadvantages including cyberbullying, if used mindfully, they provide with many opportunities for self-development, which is a precious advantage.

While empowering people who have good intentions, social media also become effective tools in the hands of those who do harm. The cyberbullying phenomenon proves this claim. According to recent estimates, 43% of all bullying happens online in Australia. Teenagers are most affected, and 17-19-year-olds experience the highest prevalence of cyberbullying. As a result, they receive psychological traumas, coupled with emotional and physical stress. This negatively affects their studying, depriving them of valuable educational, employment chances. Although social media provide an environment in which cyberbullying occurs, they serve as harbours where cyberbullying victims find support.

Indeed, due to social media, we participate in communities, where they share common interests, ideas, gain new experiences, along with skills. They get access to information that otherwise would be inaccessible for them. They get a chance to learn while interacting with others. Their actions obtain immediate responses, which enables them to assess and further develop their own skills quicker. These advantages promote self-development, helping us become better.

Social media cause harm, and this is a disadvantages. However, when used wisely, they benefit us, bringing numerous advantages. Given the great number of opportunities they provide, modern social networks should be present in our lives.

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