Easy Guide on How to Write an Autobiography Essay?

Sometimes we all face up this kind of writing which is well known as an autobiographical essay. It may serve as a self-recommendation while applying for a job or for a university course. Also, you could write it just for your own self as a premier writing experience. No matter how simple is the idea of this sort of time wasting, it is important to know a couple of advice on how to write it.

What autobiography is?

An autobiographical is an essay about the experiences you`ve passed through.
Nevertheless, writing the essay is not as easy as it could seem. This can be your homework in high school, enclosure to the application for a stipend or just a sample of the pen. Whatever the reason, there are several key concepts and strategies that you`d remember in the writing process.

How to start?

how to write an autobiography essay

If you are still wondering how to start an autobiography essay, remember the golden rule of composing complex texts – start writing with making an outline. Transferring some ideas into the paper, use one to organize it into a plan for a future text. The outline helps to form the structure of the entire text, develop existing ideas and recall what you might have missed. Try to body the essay adhering to the plan you wrote.


This paper unsurprisingly looks like the other essays: consists of five paragraphs with standard and familiar introduction, three body paragraphs and conclusion parts. Don`t forget to mark your thesis statement – the sentence that reflects the grain of your concept.

As it was told earlier that outline starts the essay, but the truth is that proper thesis statement is a genuine driving force of the sense of each text.

Make sure you follow these guidelines. Otherwise, you would be unhappy to fail with joining the ranks of a student body. Autobiography essay format is not a tricky thing, but if you have any questions, be sure to ask your professor before you get to work.

What should autobiographical essay contain?

Autobiography does not mean a straight and stodgy statement of your life's journey. You don`t need to enumerate each fact that happened to you.
Choose only the most eye-catching and breathtaking stories which precisely introduce and describe you as a person, and it can help you in developing your thesis statement.

Select the events sensibly taking into consideration the purpose of the essay. Hardly the prospective employer from tobacco sales department will appreciate one`s 14 pints record in the favorite pub.

Better tell the story which brought new friends in your life.

Developing the idea

After the introduction, which you can begin with your personal data given in a bizarre way, you would be lucky to face difficulties with developing the thesis statement.
Your beginning body paragraph is devoted to the discussion of the subject – your life – in the most general way. Otherwise, these difficulties are unsolved. Get closer to the details gradually.
Reaching the second body paragraph feel free to share the information of how spending two months in scout camp influenced your personality.

Excel your essay

It doesn`t mean you might need to use the same name program for editing tables. Include something special in your text beginning from the very first sentence. Compare, for example, your extracurricular activities with what you`ve learned from the course.

Try to think what could be attention grabbing for you foremost and then imagine how it coincides with the opinion of others. Don`t be afraid to tell the truthful stories from your life because only it contains the genuine interest for the reader.

Do your best to evade clichés and platitude. No one will appreciate your work if it doesn`t differentiate from the others. Invent fancy structure or use sophisticated literary language for the satirical purposes.

Provide strong conclusion

Remember, that the fifth paragraph roundly reinforces your thesis statement. These last thoughts are the review on everything you told earlier. You can use iterations to tie the whole essay up, once again narrating your story. Even though you might want to avoid this not very literary reception, conclusion consists of such things.


The student writes lots of different texts concerning his studies. The autobiography essay is the first step in writing and progressing as a classman. Plus it gives the possibility to introduce yourself most excitingly and to make a strong impression. If this essay is needed for the scholarship obtainment, it is vital to make as memorable as you can.

Only this way you can reach this goal.

One day you can find that the skill of writing essays starts with this simple task.

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