How to Write A Catchy Title For An Essay?

Contrary to the popular belief, there is no single way to write a catchy title that would win all the possible awards and bring you towards immediate success. A reason for that is that things will always depend on what you would like to write and the subject of your essay. For example, some college professors even recommend writing your essay first and only then coming up with a catchy title when you already know what your writing is about. You must remember that finding a great essay title is an essential part of achieving success with your essay. The trick is to focus on the scope of your study and reflect on the essay type that you are going to handle. If it is reflective, your title must reflect, if it is argumentative, pose that argument in your title as well. The most important is to see your purpose and let the reader understand it even before the reading starts.

The purpose of every good title is to introduce your readers to your ideas and be just like a book’s title that will tell a reader about what is to come. Still, essay writing should reflect what you have in your title, which is why the title composition is so important. It must be catchy, inspiring, and far from being misleading, especially if you do some creative writing. Think over your introduction part and check with your essay grading rubric regarding how long your title can be and some other formatting requirements. As a rule, a lot will depend on your academic discipline. Assignments in Law or Nursing will have totally opposite title writing styles to Psychology or English Literature paper titles. Some of these rules will relate to the length of your paper, yet the golden rule is to keep your title to the point and avoid abbreviations or information that requires further explanation.

The Major Components of Essay Title

The most important components for a successful essay title must include the following:

  • Reflection of your subject.

Your title must fully reflect your content. Avoid using misleading words or assumptions if your paper does not deal with it exclusively.

  • A high degree of readability.

It should be readable and memorable! Think of it as if you are dealing with a book or movie title. While being creative is always good, academic writing requires being readable because of an explanatory tone. For example, “Nursing challenges in rural areas in Northern Ireland” instead of “What nurses in Northern Ireland face in their profession”. Keeping things clear will also help you with essay heading in APA format or other styles that require it.

  • Shortening to the point.

There are certain rules, depending on the academic essay type, regarding how long your title can be. While there are no strict restrictions in most cases, always consult your grading rubric or academic advisor first.

  • Clarity of keywords if it is a research paper.

If you are writing a research paper, the chances are high that there will be an abstract page with keywords. If you already have them included, you can form a good title for essay from them.

  • Single-type meaning.

The most important component of your essay title is the meaning it carries. Try to avoid titles that can be understood differently or misread. Narrow things down and keep them to the point.

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How To Create A Catchy Essay Title?

The majority of college students today do not really know how to write a good title for an essay. They start thinking about it before they decide on a good thesis statement or have the introduction part already written. This is exactly where the problem lies. You have to know what your essay will be about to give it a good title. It is also what trained journalists do when they have to come up with a good title for their article’s headline. Another example would be the music stars and celebrities who often change song titles even when they have everything recorded. There are even cases when radio DJs would announce the song title differently and it would catch up from there with the customer folks. Learning how to come up with a title for an essay might sound like a complex task but things will get easier right away if you follow these simple tips:

— Create an essay outline first.

It is one of the safest and fastest ways to come up with a catchy essay title since you will already have all the important elements of your paper outlined in front of you.

— Come up with a good thesis statement.

It is the heart of your assignment, which should be connected to your paper’s title. Your thesis statement is what your paper is about and the main part of what you explore or reflect on!

— Make sure that your title reflects your main argument.

If your thesis statement is overly complex and contains more than one sentence, it is recommended to think about the main argument that you would like to make and create your essay title from there. It should be like a hook sentence.

For example: “Five reasons why bird migration patterns have changed in 2021” or “The use of AI-based tools in exploration of autism in preschool children in Wales”.

— Brainstorm topic sentences.

Do not forget about topic sentences, which also play an important role in the reflection of your essay title.

— Write a single sentence that would sum up your paper.

If all else fails, just write a single sentence that reflects your paper’s essence. Imagine that you do it for a good friend of yours to let your brain relax a little bit.

Do not hurry to give your essay a title until you read the information that deals with your essay’s subject. See some other titles, get inspired, and choose different wording schemes by exploring what might work the best in your particular case.

Good And Bad Examples Of Essay Titles

As a rule, when you have good or bad title examples for essays, you must learn by taking a look at what has been done correctly and see why it matters. The same goes for the wrong titles that we have provided for your reference to help you learn why something must be avoided. Let us start with a classic English literature example:

Weak title:

Shakespeare About Death Analysis

Strong title:

Reflection on the subject of death in sonnets by William Shakespeare.

As you can see, the second title provides information on where the subject of death has been encountered and what methodology has been chosen, which is the reflection, which means that you have to reflect and present a reflective piece of writing. The weak title does not provide enough information regarding what exactly it is about death that must be explored.

When you are dealing with subjects like Engineering or Sound Design, you should let your readers see what approach has been taken and why:

  • Weak essay title example:

The use of particles in the creation of transwaves: modern methods.

  • A strong title:

The pros and cons of particles in the creation of transwaves: auxiliary reflection method.

Once again, the second “strong” title provides information about your approach to the paper, meaning that you will explore the flaws and the benefits. Instead of just saying “modern methods”, the second title also points out that an auxiliary reflection method has been used, which will be useful for future paper publishing and research keywords for various scientific databases.

Another title example relates to creative writing where your task is to inspire your reader:

Weak title:

The Ghost In The Machine

Strong title:

The Ghost In The Machine or Where Does The Lost Web Information May Appear

It is evident that the second title provides not only the intrigue of ghosts in the machine but also explains what the paper is about. Dealing with the complex subject of the Internet, social media, and lost information, the title still keeps things interesting and sounds inspiring. It is what good essay titles must represent!

The Most Common Essay Title Mistakes To Avoid

When you compose your essay title, it is essential to avoid the most common writing mistakes, the majority of which happen involuntarily as we try to do it all and overdo it purely by accident. Here is the checklist of things to avoid:

— Your title fails to describe the main objectives of the paper.

— It offers too much detailed information that sounds confusing or lengthy.

— Your title is too short and provides insufficient data.

— What you have for the title of essay can be easily misread or misunderstood.

— The title is too general and could be narrowed down.

— There are too many nouns implemented in your title.

— Your essay title is not suitable for an essay header.

— There are acronyms and filler words.

Still, there are other issues like going against your course rules or missing the guidelines that are meant for research paper publishing. For example, there may be no semicolons, question parts, active verbs, or certain technical aspects that may be specific to your course or a subject you’ve chosen.

The Role of Essay Titles For Your Academic Success

Let us not forget that the writing titles part represents the art of its own and the first thing that an average college professor sees first. It must create a positive impression and inspire your audience. If the title is strong and catchy, it will create a special reading environment where even the simple arguments will be approached differently. Likewise, if you do not work hard enough at choosing your title, even your best assumptions and main idea will be seen through the prism of a weak title. The trick is to connect your essay title with the thesis statement as it is the best way to achieve success. The same must be applied to the publishing aspect where your title must stand out and be easily recognizable based on keywords. The simplest way to achieve it is to think about the keywords and implement them wisely.

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