Discursive Essay Planning

Discursive essay meaning

What is a discursive essay? On the first gaze, the type of the paper is easy for comprehension, and its objective is almost an obvious thing. To write a successful paper seems enough to represent the question in discussion in the way to grasp the reader’s interest, proceed with efficient supporting evidence and that’s it! No way!

A discursive essay is a type of writing which success depends on deliberate planning and strategy of argumentation.

How to write a discursive essay capable of winning over the reader?

Prior to start you writing process you need to determine how rich is your research base and whether it can provide you with a certain number of strong reasons for opposing points of view. A Lazy Variation of a discursive essay presents one-sided reasoning related to the theme in discussion presupposing basic structure of a paper. The variant like this will include the presentation of matter with a writer being all for or against it.

A Profound Variant of this kind of writing includes grounds for not less than two contrasting points of view. Determine your preferences!

Strategic structure outline for successful discursive essay

To provide a reliable base for your assignment, spend time on circumspect outline production taking into consideration the structural peculiarities of the chosen variant.

Introductory paragraph

A proper beginning - discursive essay introduction includes a clearly stated topic, explanation of its value, and indication of your position.

Main body

That is the variable part of the paper which structure will depend on the way you’ve chosen among laziness and thoroughness. No doubt, you need to provide each your argument with supporting evidence. A different number of arguments will result in a different number of paragraphs. Each new ground should be described in a separate paragraph: the first body paragraph should contain your first argument, the following – the second argument, so on.

Insertion of opposing view is the best way to finish this chain with supporting evidence. For a more vivid impression, slide from the strongest reasons to the weakest.


In the terminative part, you need to restate your relation to the topic and the reasoning included in the main body providing explanations. If you have not come to the clearly stated personal stance, explain which obstacles caused this. Determine the importance of the matter in discussion distinctly.

Lazy template illustrating how to write a discursive essay:

Here is a kind of template you can choose to follow (you can always extend it to implement profound investigation):

  • Introductory paragraph;
  • Author’s opinion topic;
  • 1st argument (including supporting evidence);
  • 2nd argument (including supporting evidence);
  • 3rd argument (including supporting evidence);
  • 4th argument (including supporting evidence);
  • Contrasting point(s) of view;
  • Restated author’s opinion;
  • Concluding part.

How to write a discursive essay keeping to format?

  • When choosing points to argue against, prefer the strong counter-arguments for they provide a better effect on the reader.
  • Keep the balance, if you choose the profound approach. Having represented 3 points in favor, include 3 points to contradict.
  • Avoid mixing transitions to help the reader get the implied meaning of the message.
  • As the format of the assignment demands, make sure to dwell in formal 3rd person throughout the whole paper.

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