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If your professor has asked you to write a comparative essay assignment, they implied that this type of writing has to include at least two compared issues. You can make a comparison between theories, figures, facts, or events. It means you examine two, three, or more issues and provide a detailed depiction of their similarities and differences.


A comparative essay is an academic assignment that presents a contrast of compared aspects. Before composing, an essay writer will need to grasp the examined issues to point out the most important for comparison features. That’s why this work requires a lot of attention and writing skills.


how to start your essay

If you desire to write a good contrasting essay, you have to come up with the idea first. If you were given a prompt or plan, it would be much easier for you to start. But, if your assignment is to develop a plan by yourself, you have to consider possible ideas or items, which will be the frame of your work.

So, how to write a comparative essay?

Create a list of similarities and/or differences of the statements you are going to compare. Here, the best way will be presenting two columns: one for things items have in common, another — for dissimilarities.

This list will usually become a basis for your further composing work.

It’s also a good idea to check a good comparative essay example somewhere online or ask your English essay writing service for a good reference. Checking someone else’s good work will help you catch the idea of how it should be done.


While building up your essay writing, we advise you to follow the points of comparative essay structure. Write the body paragraphs in such order:


Here you provide readers with a thesis statement. You may ask a question, which can provoke the necessary interest in the chosen items. Alternatively, you can suggest a critical argument that will logically lead from a comparative essay introduction to the main body of your comparison essay.

Key points.

Point-by-point structure demands your main bodies be organised as points. It means you devote every paragraph to a specific point of comparison and present similar and dissimilar features in a sequence. Make sure the reader will catch the concept of your research.

To support your thoughts, you also need to give an example.

A Venn diagram can help you here. Such charts include closed circles, which stand for certain ideas. For instance, if you are comparing two texts, the two circles will represent them. If those texts have something in common, the circles must intersect, and the intersection is to contain brief information about things alike. On the contrary, the parts of circles, which are not overlapped represent the disparity of ideas.

Conclusion part.

In conclusion, you refer back to your statement. If you use a question in the introduction, you are to answer it in the end. Present the opinion you’ve reached when making a comparison and state ponderable results. Make it clear that your paper has considerable value for the following examination of the topic.

The described structure is basic. Although, you can avoid making points when using text-by-text format. Organising your text in this template, you build the main body in such a way: the first paragraph will deal with similarities of the objects only, while the second will be devoted to differences. Those two templates are accepted and one of them will be asked by your tutor.


When asked to compare individual subjects and write essays, students often do not understand the task and make mistakes. Here are most commonly met:

  • There is no thesis. The general idea might be expressed, but the strict thesis is missing.
  • Similarities don’t really match. Students often make up information without checking it in reliable sources.
  • The format is not followed, or the sequence of introduced statements is not adhered.
  • The paragraphs are not connected to each other. As a result, the main idea is lost.
  • The conclusion doesn’t respond to the question made in the introduction. If the central issue is not answered, all your work is in vain.

Try to bring sense to every paragraph and page of your paper and avoid those mistakes.

Do not hesitate to ask for professional essay help, if you feel like you need it.

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