Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays are papers that require the student to convince the readers to take his point of view concerning a particular issue.

Argumentative essays writing assignments have become common within the academic arena. However, many students still experience challenges when they are required to complete these tasks.

The task of completing argumentative essay begins by selecting an appropriate topic for the paper. There is an extensive collection of an alternative when it comes to choosing a topic. However, you need to focus on selecting an issue that is contentious. This means that you should have a divergent view concerning this issue. Maybe you need help in essay writing? Here we are!

A suitable topic should also be specific.

This means that the topics should be clearly defined and should have a realistic scope. Once the student has obtained a suitable topic for the argumentative essay, the next step involves identifying a stand concerning the topic.

If exchanges are not so easy to express in words, what more in writing?

Making an excellent argumentative composition is not a skill we can acquire in a moment. It takes time, energy and an excellent understanding of the topic at hand. In summary, here are the basic factors to consider when writing an essay.

Main purpose of an argumentative essay

We should never forget that the main purpose of a research argumentative essay is to "win over" our readers. It is fundamental that we have a good command on the topic, and a single, firm stand. To be able to make an effective, follow these simple steps.

Choose a hot topic

How to start an argumentative essay? How to pick a good topic? Choose a "hot topic or rubric" Of course, readers do not gain interest on topics which concern them the least. Select a recent controversial and arguable issue for example, and make it specific. Gather enough information and understand the arguments of both sides. Some of the controversial issues that students may relate to are drugs and sex. These are also the most common topics in an argumentative essay.

Make a stand

Between the parties, select where you stand. For example, on the issue of the legalization of abortion, you can take either the "pro" or "anti" side. Make sure you firmly believe in your argument, and you do not have any second thoughts about it.

Introduce your argument

Most probably, many essays have already been written concerning your topic. This is understandable because the subject is timely; it's the talk of the town. Therefore, make sure that you make an exceptional introduction; one that will make the readers think that it is not just one of those essays that they have read. The thesis statement should be presented clearly.

Thinking of argumentative essay introduction, remember that it should grab your reader’s attention, a hook. You should introduce your topic very clearly, no vagueness or uncertainty. When you state the topic, it’s essential to explain its importance. Why did you choose it? What makes you care about it? And the most important one: why should we, readers or the world, care about it?

Discuss both sides

Before you start the argument outline, it is imperative that you present both sides of the issue first. Then in structure, explain the opposing side's arguments in detail. Disprove their points. Explain why the opposing side's arguments are weak. After doing so, present your own argument and provide the necessary facts to back it up. Always remember to express your arguments in full confidence. A reader can't trust someone who is unsure of his words.

A persuasive conclusion. Summarize your points and reaffirm your thesis statement. Win over your readers by stating your conclusion in an absolute and confident tone. A good argumentative essay outline will help you keep your thoughts organized even here. Everything goes easier when you have a plan.

Organization format

Organization is a vital element in the process of writing argumentative essays. You need to ensure that information is organized in a way that captures the interest of the readers and that make it simple for readers to follow.


Originality is also an essential element in writing an argumentative essay. You need to ensure that the ideas presented in the essay are authentic. Presenting other people's great idea without acknowledging them is considered as plagiarism.

Most important argumentative essays should also have discussion sections. This section should constitute the largest portion of the paper. You need to present arguments that support his point of view in this section and support them with evidence.

The points should be organized in order of priority.

argumentative essay outline

You should commence the writing process with an introduction section. This section should define the issue discussed in the argumentative essay and state the unique student's point of view.

Many people experience difficulties with how to write an argumentative essay, and thus require assistance when asked to complete argumentative essays for college or school. You can seek help from an online essay writing service to solve your problem.

Lastly, read your paper. Are you convinced? Remember, before you can convince the others, you should have first convinced yourself.

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