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People in Project Management: Analytical Essay


The part of the study deals with effective project management and understanding role of people in project management. A project based work has been selected in the current study. Based on which role of team member is evaluated. The report of Belbin has been considered while understanding the role of an individual in a project and get a brief idea about successful project completion. On the other hand, it is important to focus on the role that is suited for the project. According to the report, it is required to think creatively in the project. It is essential to design different and take on opposition role when needed. Supporting for client is necessary when required in the project. Lack of responsibility creates confusion on the work as well as consumes more time in the work and unnecessary effort can be present in the work. On the other hand, discussion and evaluation of Belbin SPI report is performed in the current study. It would be helpful to understand and analyse strength and weakness of working as a team member of the project. It assists to improve skills in a project. Apart from these, reflection of perceived team dynamics and group is discussed in the present study.

Keywords: Belbin’s theory, inventory management system, project management skills, RFTrax and tracking system developer.


The project was developed based on inventory management as well as tracking system developer. In the project, designing and fabricating next generation wireless based automated detection system has been developed. In the project, Belbin’s theory has an important role to complete the project successfully. Performance of the Belbin team role report is evaluated to identify the issues and scope of improvement in the project. A project management based work has been selected. In addition, Belbin report working as a team member of the project has been evaluated. On the other hand, evaluative reflection regarding perceived group or team dynamics is presented in the study.

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Brief description of the project

The project deals with development of inventory management system. It was an educational project. However, a third-party help from RFTrax has been taken to complete the project successfully (Goleman and Boyatzis 2017). An enclosure as well as mounting bracket system from the concept of working on prototype has been developed to monitor integrity of oceanic shipping containers.

Organizational context

A design and development of new closures have been solely involved in the project with the help of emerging detection technology (Caldwell et al. 2016). The Belbin report indicates to perform better working behind the project compared to an upfront role. As a manager, it is essential to require people who can appraise the ideas impartially and need to make practical solutions. Potential for producing the drive as well as dynamism is important for the project (Carson et al. 2016).

  • Type Implementer (I)
  • Type Co-ordinator (II)
  • Type Specialist (III)
  • Type Shaper (IV)

Development area I





Development area II





Development area III





Development area IV





Critical and Evaluative reflection Belbin SPI Report

Belbin SPI report has been developed according to the performance on the project. An automated inventory system was developed in the project and the performance was analyzed in this report. The report focuses on the scope and challenges of the project work that helps to perform high standard work in time. It is necessary to develop some initial ideas before going to complete a big project (Lynch et al. 2018). It is necessary to uses managers ideas as well as skills for the implementation of the project successfully. In the workplace after manager colleague can also provide some advice related to work. In any project quality of work as well as the quality output of the project is very necessary for the manager. So, it is necessary for the team member to adjust to the work environment.

It is applicable for everyone if anyone placing in a job according to strength he/she will perform better as well as provides some innovative ideas to fulfill the work very efficiently. Improper working style can create difficulties for anyone so work with proper style is necessary as well as various ideas should be developed to overcome various circumstances in the work. For meeting deadlines of the work, boosting the energy of your self is also important and it helps an individual to add their values in their work to achieve their goals in the workplace (Gander et al 2018).

Belbin Spi report highlights the team role such as possible weakness and strengths. Strength normally refers to anyone have innovative tendencies as well as able to perform any unstructured environment. On the other hand, weakness defined incapable of finding new ideas in the workplace related to any specified area. After the analyzing self-perception report, two possible contributions are highlighted. Some advice is provided in the below about the playing procedure of strength.

To produce polished work, playing complete finisher role to a better effect is very important.

For playing implementer role, sharing affinity of method and structure is necessary as well as works habit with the colleagues also play an important role (Abdulrahman 2016). Implementer role provides the best approaches for the work as well as helps to uphold the work system.

Key points: I am able to think creatively but did not use this creativity in his particular career path. It requires depth knowledge of the subject for the implementation of this creativity in his work properly.

Work Environment: For myself, it’s necessary to place him any undisturbed environment as well as helps him to get engage with other peoples. It is necessary to keep in mind that work should be given to individual according to their capability and interest that also meets team requirements. According to the Belbin pi report it is best suited for designing a thing which is very different, I can provide supports to his colleagues and clients as well as he can perform as opposition when requires. It is observed that these types of job will be performed better. In another side, he will be more suitable in concentrated in a quiet environment. I have greater strength in the plant but has also weakness in resource investigator. I have greater strength as a shaper.

Monitor evaluator, team worker, complement finisher as well as in specialist also. Only one major weakness has as Resource Investigator. The marks of me for resource investigator are lies between 30 to 40 %. It is very poor marks, so it is seen that the improvement of this section is very necessary for me. For Resource investigator, it is necessary to become enthusiastic, communicative as well as exploring opportunities (Nestsiarovich and Pons 2018). But my strength it was seen that he perfect more concentrated work in a quiet environment and that is against the environment of resources investigator. For this reason, I did not have good marks for this post. I should develop his skill by more communicating with people and always find opportunities that help to develop his skill related to this post. I should also concentrate on the matter of losing interest as well as keep interest for that particular thing.

Critical and Perceive Evaluative perceived group/team dynamics:

Mainly the project deals with the inventory management system development. According to Aguilar et al. (2018), during the development of the project in the section of the prototype mounting bracket system is developed for monitoring the integrity of shipping containers. During the development of design, various designing issues came. Suitable development of the design for this project become tough because this project was required some different design normal inventory designs are not suitable for this project. New closures of the design were involved in this project and the development of new closures for any project is not an easy task. In this project, Belbin report indicates some innovative paths that help to perform an upfront role better in the project. Belbin report indicates that individual should use manager’s sills and ideas in the project as well as use creative ideas for the successful implementation of solutions in the project (Muñoz-Mata et al. 2019). Dynamism is a very important factor in the development of an inventory system. Belbin report also implies that use of dynamism is necessary for this project it helps to run the inventory system efficiently. Belbin report also implies that creativity is required for better implementation of this project as well as for the fulfilment of clients’ requirements. The manager should also concentrate on the role of individual team members as well as assign of the task should be done according to the strengths of the team members.

Critical Theories Associated with Team Dynamics:

In team dynamics, Tuckman’s theory has numerous benefits. Tuckman’s theory helps to produce dynamic in the project as well as helps team to perform high. For other team development Tucmans theory model is versatile for the integration. On the other hand Punctuated-Equilibrium Model provides limited collaboration opportunities in the team. For the achievement of the task, the team goes through three phases. In every phase of the level of task is increased as well as performance also increased. Task level of the team is increased according to the deadline of the task. Tuckman’s models and PEM models are different (Vera et al 2019). Truman’s models provide the process of evaluating time in team development. Generally, it is assume that the PEM model and Tuckman’s models are similar but team development but is linear, and the use of models varied according to the team development process. Integration of models is important because it helps to develop a clear and robust model for defining team progress. However, Tuckman’s model ensures an individual to theorize the group stages that the groups move through. But, Truman’s model failed to provide clarification about the phases starting and ending point.

On the other hand, Punctuated Equilibrium Model view team performance the basis of time and it did not provide any information related to group development stages. Any group can go through various development changes such as in roles, power structures, and communication as well as leadership changes also (Malčík et al. 2018). Many researchers imply that many of the groups can go through the five stages of development and the developments are varied according to group development perspective. Basic elements of group development stages are the same except the names. According to Quiñones, (2018), it is important for the team members to know their roles, responsibilities and always motivate own self for performing better in the teamwork. If the team member’s skill is unutilized then the dynamics can become disinterested, disillusioned as well as demoralized.


  • In the Belbin report, it was seen that I have proficiency to work in an unstructured environment. This ability helps him to perform any types of work in an unstructured environment.
  • I also has high creativity power, imagination power, free-thinking power as well as problem solution ideas. This capability helps him to perform the role plant, coordinator as well as a shaper.


  • In Belbin's report it is seen that I have no interest in the finding of new avenue enquiry related to some specific object as well less enthusiastic. For this incapability, he is not suitable for the post of resources investigator where interest and enthusiastic is very necessary related to any particular subject.
  • I also failed to inspire others as well as have a lack of drive. These two factors may create difficulties for playing the role of Shaper. I also have another weak point that is incidents are ignored by him as well as avoid confrontation and inflexible. These factors are the major challenge for him. For performing any team role efficiently he needs to overcome these challenges.


The above study concludes that it is essential to focus on a team member’s role in the project. In this case, following Belbin’s theory can be helpful to overcome the challenges and enhance project management skills. In addition, identification of the loop holes for being a team member in the project can assist to complete the project successfully.


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