Excellent Academic Writing: How to Write a Report?

Every day students have to manage hundreds of tasks and assignments. One of the most challenging tasks for every student is writing a report. Despite the fact, that this type of academic writing requires a lot of time and efforts, the hardest thing for the majority of students is a full understanding of what the report paper per se means. All students are familiar with a vast variety of academic assignments, its peculiar features, structure, and rules.

However, many of them don’t understand the whole differences between written assignments, like summary, article, review or report. So, what does report writing mean? Reading this article, you will find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions about how to write this task. Also, you will operate the main characteristic features of this paper and the crucial key aspects of its successful writing.

What is a Report?

The easiest and the most right answer to this question can be the following: it is a paper that presents a particular piece of information in the clearest manner. In other words, a report is an academic paper that must provide its reader with the information as succinctly as possible. The main feature that makes this assignment so unique and differentiates it from all other types is providing facts to readers, avoiding the author’s opinions and comments. Moreover, the structure also differs: it can contain graphics, tables, and even illustrations, whereas any other type of paper uses these kinds of materials very rare. Although there is a great number of formats and template variations, we will try to explain the differences between the most popular and frequently written forms in a high school - business and scientific.

Business and Scientific Report

Creating a report of the business format, every student should mention that it consists of several crucial components and has the following structure: a summary, the introduction part, used methods of investigation, findings and conclusions, recommendations for the readers, bibliography, and appendix if it’s necessary. On the other hand, the scientific format should include several different sections, like the introduction, methods and results, discussions, and the conclusions.

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What is more important is that following the report structure of the paper is a crucial key to your academic success and rejecting all the rules can turn into your failure. Thus, no matter what type of university task you write, or what kind of format you should choose, always follow the basic recommendations and rules. Only in such a way, you will get the highest grade for your efforts

The Structure of a Report

You should provide your report’s initial aim where you make things clear and accessible, which is why one should avoid jargon and always consider your target audience. When you are working on a successful report, you must provide an executive summary, which is the most important aspect of your work because this is how you explain what has been done and what objectives have been met. As always, there should be an introduction for your report assignment, the main body of your writing (the most challenging part to structure), and the final section that will include your conclusion and recommendations.

What Should Be Included in a Report?

  • An Executive Summary (Abstract). It should be a brief summary where you list the main points. These should be no more than 200-250 words. It should provide a quick summary.
  • Introduction. It should explain the problem that's being discussed and list some of the outcomes.
  • Main Body Report. It should be split into several paragraphs to set your objectives, your achievements, and the limitations that have been encountered. If it's not important or critical, leave it out.
  • Conclusions & Recommendations. It should talk about the results and include recommendations in a separate paragraph if there is something that can be suggested.

How to Write an Executive Summary?

There are several things you should know about the executive summary. Firstly, it is located on the second page of your written paper: after the cover page and before a table of content. Secondly, it has to highlight briefly the main points of the whole work. Thirdly, in most cases, this is the only part of the whole report that your teacher (reader) will actually read, so try to make it as much professional as possible.

How to Write a Strong Introduction?

In spite of the fact, that the importance of strong introductions is already highlighted in many scientific types of studies and articles, it remains unknown to many students. Sometimes, they even believe that it’s an unnecessary part of the paper. Unfortunately, it’s not true. On the contrary, the introduction is a crucial part of any academic report, for example, as references or conclusions! But how to write a really strong and effective introduction? There is a simple solution! All you need to do is to catch the attention of your readers, try to impress them and give them what they want – motivation, interest, and emotions!

You may also give the readers several significant reasons why they should continue to read your paper, which means that your work should be full of creative ideas and arguments. Try to share with your readers the most necessary information and facts about your topic and express it in the introduction part.

How to Create a Research Report?

If you want to write a research report, you need to remember all the details of creating the scientific format of this work. You should start with the introduction, which has to include the primary purpose of your written assignment, its primary hypothesis, and important findings. Don’t forget that the main your task here is to catch your reader’s attention, so try to make this section of the paper as much interesting and hooking as possible.

The next step you should do is to write a methodology section of the academic work. The results of your investigation have to be presented in the next paragraph. Finally, in the separate article discuss the findings of the report with your readers and compare them with the assumptions presented at the beginning. It will help them to understand every detail of your research paper.

The last paragraph of your paper writing is the conclusion section, where you should summarize your investigation. Despite the fact, that in most cases this section is the last one, you can also add some additional materials, which can be useful for your readers: bibliography, references, and appendices. It will help your readers to get even more information about the topic you were discussed in your research report.

How to Create a Practical Report?

Composing practical report doesn’t differ much from writing a research one. These two types are very similar, as they have the same structure and include the same crucial components. For many students, it seems a great benefit. Nevertheless, they still have to manage with all the principles of writing this task to get the best results.


To understand how to write an effective introduction, read the following example – it’s about the social media influence on our productivity:

“Nowadays, social media is an integral part of our lives. We cannot imagine our everyday routine without social media influence. In this report, we try to find a cloth relation between social media impact and all spheres of our lives.

The recent research is impressive. It was proven that social media has a negative influence on our productivity, as it is considered to be a huge source of distraction and even dependence. Thus, to stay workaholic, many people try to turn off their mobile phones and other resources of the media world while working.”

Turning to report writing examples is one way to improve your own writing skills and get generally better results.

Checklist for a Report

Editing and proofreading of the written academic material are always one of the most significant steps, and sometimes it requires even more time than report writing. Try to check out a paper structure asking yourself real and useful questions. You can also print out the structure component and check their existence in the report. Try to give your work to someone else for reading – sometimes it can provide a fresh look at your work.


Nowadays, every student should know the basic rules for creating a useful report to operate the fact and information correctly. Despite the fact, that this type of paper has a lot of specific features and details, it seems to be an essential kind of written assignments for students, as it helps them to think critically. I addition, following the structure of this written work is the crucial key to its successful fulfillment.

Report creating is an extremely crucial skill, it everyone should operate. When you are a student, you have to acknowledge how to write it to get the highest grade. Be ready in advance, learn and remember all the details about creating this assignment and you won’t regret that spent so many hours for this activity in a high school or college. If you need report writing help - choose Edubirdie's writers!

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