Best Topics for Argumentative Essays

Understanding the Difference Between Argumentative Essays and All Other Kinds of Essays

An argumentative essay is actually quite different from all the other kinds of essays that you may ever come across. They say even the brightest language learners fail to deliver a commendable argumentative essay.

The very nature of an argumentative essay is quite different from the other types of essays. As the name suggests, in the case of an argumentative essay a person has to argue over a certain topic. Now, arguing is not that simple as many people would think. You just do not have to blabber whatever comes to your mind or base your argument on assumptions.

You basically have to write a decent content backing your theory, you viewpoint with pure evidence, facts, observations, analysis and beliefs.

In the light of the aforementioned resources, you have to justify your opinion and persuade the reader to believe your argument. You should be confident of your opinion; any sign of uncertainty in your voice can be a minus point for you. The key is to stay focused on your opinion without sounding more emotional than practical or more stubborn than a firm believer of what you are saying.

So, let's get it started:

Argumentative Essay Topics: Gender Roles

  1. Girls can ask boys out.
  2. There is such thing as friendship between girls and boys.
  3. Woman's place is at work.
  4. Men need protection from feminists' attacks.
  5. Men shouldn't open doors to women.
  6. Women should retain their birth names after marriage.
  7. Research on male pregnancy should be encouraged.
  8. Women in combat weaken armed forces.
  9. It is OK for men to cry.
  10. Gender roles aren't gender requirements.
  11. Should the males be raised as warriors?
  12. The role of femininity and the male pressure bond.

Argumentative essay topics: Ethical Dilemmas

  1. Surrogacy should be legalized.
  2. Same-sex couples should be able to marry.
  3. All countries should abandon nuclear weapon.
  4. Companies using animal testing should pay higher taxes.
  5. Only victims of accidents can use plastic surgery.
  6. Professional actors shouldn't be allowed to play poker.
  7. Leather and fur clothes should be outlawed.
  8. Teens should have access to birth control pills.
  9. Politics and church should be separate.
  10. News writers should never distort the truth to astonish audiences.
  11. Should LGBT people be allowed to serve in the church?
  12. Should pet beauty be made illegal?

Argumentative essay topics: Personal Relations

  1. Empathy should be taught at school.
  2. Humor is the best way to resolve conflicts.
  3. Social life is more important than academics.
  4. Parents should become their kids' best friends.
  5. Smoking doesn't help make acquaintances.
  6. Internet kills communication.
  7. Codependency is the key to a happy family life.
  8. The first impression of a person is always right.
  9. Effective listening is more important than talking.
  10. Conflicts are necessary for healthy relationships.
  11. The role of social media in modern dating.
  12. Should the play yards be obligatory for young children?

Argumentative essay topics: College Life

  1. Teachers' pet syndrome is bad for student's self-esteem.
  2. Students should add their professors on Facebook.
  3. Fraternities and sororities are a waste of time.
  4. All students should live in the dorm.
  5. Sitting at lectures should be optional.
  6. Going in for sports should be mandatory.
  7. Homework does more harm than good.
  8. Junk food should be banned from campus.
  9. Extra-curricular activities increase students' career prospects.
  10. Peer pressure is good for self-development.
  11. How can people become independent when they are getting ready for college?
  12. The Liberal Studies in Great Britain: cons and pros.

Argumentative essay topics: Business Communication

  1. All is fair in love, war and business.
  2. Companies can refuse to hire candidates who smoke.
  3. Team building exercises improve employees' productivity.
  4. Brainstorming helps boost company's performance.
  5. Companies shouldn't copy competitors' strategies.
  6. Leaving a company to work for a competitor is unethical.
  7. Customers' critique is the best way to improvement.
  8. Inclusive corporate culture increases employees' motivation.
  9. Dress code is unnecessary for office employees.
  10. Diagonal communication is critical for company's performance.
  11. The most important rules for a foreigner becoming a part of the companies.
  12. The use of AI-based tools for video conferences and the outcomes.

Argumentative essay topics on Business

  1. Outsourcing IT departments is ineffective.
  2. Innovations should be used carefully.
  3. Small towns with local businesses shouldn't let big corporations (IKEA
  4. Governments shouldn't give bailouts to bankrupt businesses.
  5. All businesses should have pages on social networks.
  6. MBA degree doesn't guarantee business success.
  7. All businesses should go green.
  8. SOPA and PIPA can't stop online piracy.
  9. Poor leadership is the main cause of business bankruptcy.
  10. Energy drinks are a promising business niche.
  11. Should Great Britain use EURO as the currency?
  12. Business and politics: should the Brits become less independent when dealing with the United States?

Argumentative essay topics on International Economy

  1. China is a new economic superpower.
  2. English should remain an international language for business.
  3. Outsourcing call centers to India cuts costs but reduces the quality of services.
  4. The European debt crisis can affect US small businesses.
  5. All countries should use the same currency.
  6. The European crisis shows that globalization is a bad idea.
  7. The International Monetary Fund (IMF
  8. The Poverty Reduction and Growth program from IMF and World Bank is ineffective.
  9. The immediate debt cancellation for the poorest countries is unjust.
  10. Greece won't leave the eurozone.
  11. What is the forthcoming analysis of the post-Covid logistics for Great Britain?
  12. The fishing and marine trade through the lens of the latest EU-based sanctions on Russia.

Argumentative essay topics on Management

  1. HR mangers shouldn't use lie detectors at job interviews.
  2. Applicants shouldn't be judged by their social network profiles.
  3. Companies shouldn't block social networks in the offices.
  4. Regular official training is necessary for all industries.
  5. Non-monetary motivation can be effective for employee retention.
  6. Staff turnover is bad for the company's revenues.
  7. Entry-level employees bring young energy to companies.
  8. Law should protect trade secrets.
  9. Delegating responsibilities is the key to effective management.
  10. Steve Jobs' genius is the top reason for Apple's success.
  11. The role of the authoritative management in international trade.
  12. The role of Queen Elizabeth in the management methods.

Argumentative essay topics on Marketing

  1. Social media is a cheap but effective advertizing channel.
  2. Subliminal messages in advertizing aren't effective anymore.
  3. Customer's feedback is the key to improvement.
  4. Humor is the only way for ads to reach spectators' hearts.
  5. Brand loyalty can't compete with special offers and sales.
  6. Push marketing strategy is obsolete.
  7. Direct sales letters are always perceived as spam.
  8. Old price/new price tricks will always be effective.
  9. Positive branding is central to business success.
  10. Companies shouldn't send annoying happy birthday messages to their clients.
  11. The use of history is not always right for marketing purposes.
  12. The role of India in the modern marketing for the Brits.

Argumentative essay topics on Literature

  1. Robert Frost sends a positive message in his poem "Road Not Taken".
  2. Shakespeare's works would be more enjoyable if they were shorter.
  3. The main message of Romeo and Juliet is the undeniable power of love.
  4. Hemingway portrays Santiago's relationship with his natural environment to show how his connection with the sea and its creatures saves the old man in the midst of his tragedy.
  5. In his novel 1984, George Orwell reveals the idea that excessive government's control creates a world in which citizens are hardly alive.
  6. All Quiet on the Western Front is Remark's fictional account of Germans' experience in the World War I combined with historical reports.
  7. As reflected in Beowulf, women played an important role of peacemakers in Anglo-Saxon society.
  8. Huxley's use of neologisms in Brave New World creates the atmosphere of futuristic environment.
  9. Jean Valjean as the main character of Les Miserables embodies the principles of spirituality confronted by the civil laws.
  10. The main idea revealed in Paulo Coelho's allegorical novel Alchemist is that the whole universe helps those who pursue their dreams.

Argumentative essay topics on Languages

  1. The structure of the language affects the way in which native speakers perceive the world.
  2. Jargon is caused by speakers' laziness, not language evolution.
  3. Google's auto-complete function uses negative stereotypes.
  4. Metaphors have the power of controlling people's minds.
  5. Social media networks are a strong engine of change in the arena of typed conversation.
  6. The prevalence of same-sex marriages requires reconsideration of dictionary definitions of traditional concepts of “marriage” and inclusion of new words, such as “widower”, for example.
  7. Stronger taboos against swear words can make people' cursing more creative.
  8. A simplified phonetic language system can help language students speak their target language.
  9. Complimenting colleague's looks is language sexism.
  10. Telling jokes or declaring love in a foreign language is easier to multilinguals.

Argumentative essay topics on Education

  1. Parents should allow kids draw on walls.
  2. Students should be able to choose teachers.
  3. Video games should be used in class.
  4. Homeschooling is more effective than public schools.
  5. Online courses won't kill traditional universities.
  6. Teaching handwriting isn't important anymore.
  7. Grades don't indicate either intelligence or effort.
  8. College classes should start later.
  9. Teachers should be allowed to possess guns during school hours.
  10. Schools have no right to search students' lockers.
  11. Montessori methods are not always acceptable for the classic society.
  12. Schools should be made private: the reasons for privacy and being strict.

Argumentative essay topics on Law

  1. Excess weight fees in airplanes should be banned.
  2. Parents' consent isn't necessary for giving teens birth control pills.
  3. Mailing any materials that refer to the topic of abortion should be prohibited.
  4. Drivers shouldn't be allowed to toot car horns unless it's a case of emergency.
  5. Castle doctrine: homeowners can use guns if they feel threatened in their homes.
  6. Citizens under the age of 21 shouldn't be allowed to carry guns.
  7. The Confederate flag shouldn't flow on any public property in the US.
  8. Police should be allowed to confiscate the vehicles of unlicensed drivers.
  9. Minors under the age of 18 shouldn't be allowed to use tanning beds.
  10. Police shouldn't be allowed to search a cell phone of anyone they arrest without a warrant.

Argumentative essay topics on History

  1. Western museums should repatriate artifacts to the countries of their origin.
  2. Holocost denial is an illegitimate attempt of historical revisionism.
  3. The personality of Hitler was central to the development of ideology of Nazism.
  4. Epidemics after the European contact were the major cause of the fatalities in Native America populations.
  5. The Spanish Inquisition was a hurdle to the scientific progress.
  6. The Cold War and arm race between 1947 and 1991 stimulated the scientific progress in the confronting countries.
  7. Slavery was an important stage in the global economic development.
  8. The Trail of Tears was the greatest crime against the indigenous population.
  9. Pearl Harbor attack changed the course of history.
  10. The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki can't be morally justified.

Argumentative essay topics on Nursing

  1. Placebo treatments should be used in medicine.
  2. Nurses shouldn't be allowed to end lives of suffering patients.
  3. Governments should encourage more men to become nurses.
  4. Spouses shouldn't have the right to remove the feeding tubes (Terry Shiavo case
  5. More funding should be devoted to the prevention and treatment of Hepatitis C.
  6. Elderly people should be allowed to have cardiac surgeries if they want to after they are informed of the potential risks.
  7. Religion vs. medicine: Jehovah's Witnesses can't be induced to undergo treatment.
  8. Vacuuming is critical for eliminating asthma triggers.
  9. Proper pain management should be made available to everyone.
  10. Understaffed hospitals can't be blamed for the lower quality of care.
  11. What are the changes required during the conflict times?
  12. The nurses should be allowed to take personal notes during their practice.

Argumentative essay topics: Innovations

  1. Some innovations make us lazy.
  2. Google glasses can cause more car accidents.
  3. Video games should have timers, blocking the windows after a set time limit.
  4. Wikileaks project serves the purposes of democracy.
  5. Availability of information on the web is doing more good than harm.
  6. The degrees received in online colleges should be treated equally to those of traditional brick and mortar institutions.
  7. Online shopping will soon misplace all the traditional malls.
  8. Including physical exercises in video games is the only way to convince kids to go in for sports.
  9. Texting helps students improve their reading skills.
  10. Modern people are overly attached to their cell phones.
  11. The reasons for survival sessions for the IT companies
  12. Team-building sessions: how do they help to create innovations?

Argumentative essay topics: Social Networks

  1. Most social networks use blue in their interface because it builds trust.
  2. Social networks shouldn't share users' information with 3rd parties.
  3. Social networks should be free from ads.
  4. Profiles on professional networks are a must for college graduates.
  5. Sharing too much information on Facebook is dangerous.
  6. Cyberbullying is the consequence of poor privacy settings.
  7. Social networks make us a better connected society.
  8. Twitter can be an effective tool of political propaganda.
  9. People who are attracted online will be attracted in real life too.
  10. Moderate Facebook breaks can improve students' performance.
  11. Is the violence posted on Facebook and Instagram acceptable when the politics follow it?
  12. The methods to monitor younger students during their online classes.

Argumentative essay topics: Environment

  1. People should abandon cash to save trees.
  2. Wind power plants help reduce global warming effect.
  3. Governments should ban plastic bags.
  4. Recycling is the best solution to the problem of e-waste.
  5. Everyone should use bicycle for short journeys.
  6. Families shouldn't own more than 2 cars.
  7. Earth hours should be held monthly.
  8. Nuclear power plants should be banned worldwide.
  9. Whaling should be prohibited.
  10. Ecotourism is beneficial for the environment.
  11. ​​Should green energy be marketed even more ?
  12. Nord Stream 2: pros and cons for the ecology.

Argumentative essay topics on Sports

  1. Video games are a kind of sports, just like chess.
  2. All violent sports, like boxing, should be banned.
  3. Players' transfers from team to team should be prohibited.
  4. All sports involving animals should be outlawed.
  5. Women shouldn't go in for power lifting.
  6. Women's sports should be treated equally to men's sports.
  7. TV sports shouldn't use alcohol or tobacco ads.
  8. Coach is responsible for 50% of athlete's success.
  9. The first move advantage in chess doesn't benefit a player.
  10. Some of the college athletes are actually smart.
  11. Should politics be involved in sports when a country is involved?
  12. Do athletes have a right to speak out about their religious beliefs?

Argumentative essay topics: Addictions

  1. Hypnosis is effective for curing addictions.
  2. Facebook addiction may require an intervention.
  3. Rehabilitated drug addicts can return to normal social life.
  4. Credit cards and debt lifestyles can be addictive.
  5. Emotional dependence on the opinions of others is bad for the personal development.
  6. Smoking can't relieve stress.
  7. Drug addiction is caused by the lack of spirituality.
  8. Family homes are better than rehabilitation centers.
  9. The mechanism of Alcoholics Anonymous is ineffective.
  10. Everyone suffers from certain addictions.
  11. The role of media for the marketing of substances.
  12. The rap and rock stars for the recovery programs promotion.

Argumentative essay topics on Art

  1. Video game related injuries are not a serious threat to society.
  2. We should preserve old buildings as architectural monuments.
  3. People shouldn't erect the statues of whoever they choose (such as immoral politicians, for instance
  4. Graffiti is bad unless it uses special canvas.
  5. Digital art should be treated equally to traditional art.
  6. Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake phenomena reveal the level of our culture.
  7. Any kind of censorship kills art.
  8. An artist always paints people as if they looked like her/him.
  9. Viewers always find their own meanings in artworks, which weren't initially meant for artists. (E.g. Black Square by Kazimir Malevich
  10. Some of the TV ads are true artworks.

Argumentative essay topics on Music

  1. Some of the rap songs actually have a deep meaning.
  2. Listening to Mozart's music doesn't make anyone smarter.
  3. Adele's songs can heal.
  4. For the sake of employees' health, music in shopping areas should be banned.
  5. Justin Bieber is actually talented.
  6. Electronic music can be as beautiful as classics.
  7. Music can relieve moral and physical pain.
  8. Teachers should use background music at college tests.
  9. Using earphones when crossing the street should be banned.
  10. Pregnant women should listen to comforting music.
  11. How has the music helped during the Covid-19 times?
  12. The DJs are not true musicians.

Argumentative essay topics on Photography

  1. The use of Photoshop at beauty contests should be banned.
  2. Photography can be even more difficult than painting.
  3. Street photographers don't have the right to take pics of anyone without a person's permission.
  4. A picture is a silent communication – many voices to many minds.
  5. Regardless of increasing technologies, photographer's skills are still important.
  6. Natural light is always better than flash for a quality pic.
  7. Even though every kid has a camera in his/her phone, the profession of a photographer isn't dying.
  8. An unlimited access to a digital camera and social media + bad choices can mean trouble (suicide of Amanda Todd in Canada
  9. Black and white pics still have certain charm about them.
  10. Post filters can improve the quality of some pics.
  11. The methods to teach a child to become a photograph.
  12. The media platforms for photography: the intellectual rights vs the laws.

Argumentative essay topics on Accounting

  1. The traditional direct labor focus has become obsolete.
  2. The collection of cost and profitability data is central to firm's strategic planning.
  3. The higher level of financial accounting disclosure increases the level of competition among the reporting companies.
  4. Non-cash items should be included in performance evaluation techniques.
  5. The choice of the financial accounting method shouldn't be delegated to managers or shareholders.
  6. Collusion in auditing defines the value of auditing mechanisms.
  7. The main goal of accounting is to implement contracts among economic agents.
  8. Corporate social and environmental reporting (CSR
  9. The changes in tax policies should be immediately reflected in accounting procedures.
  10. To serve the new management requirements, accounting systems should be more flexible.

Argumentative essay topics on Journalism

  1. Journalists should never distort the truth for the purpose of making sensations.
  2. With the development of photo editing technologies, journalistic photos are not that valuable today as they used to be.
  3. Silence of journalists on certain issues during wars is a part of professional ethics.
  4. Journalism ethics reflects the level of democracy in different countries.
  5. Internet journalism should follow the same principles of professional ethics as its offline analogues do.
  6. The advent of cable television had negative effects on journalism: The increased competition is bad for professional ethics.
  7. There is still discrimination against women journalists in the States.
  8. The Chinese government shouldn't control the messages concerning the public opinion on one child policy sent by the media.
  9. The word choices of different channels reveal the different attitudes towards the excavation of the al-Aqsa mosque.
  10. Citizen journalism shouldn't be a tool of political manipulation (South Korea presidential elections
  11. The role of online journalism vs being printed on paper.
  12. How can journalism help the cultural borders ?

Argumentative essay topics on Public Relations

  1. The effectiveness of paid advertizing will never compete with free media placement.
  2. The news coverage plays a primary role in formation of consumer perceptions.
  3. Modern consumers care about company's ethics.
  4. Company's reputation and ethics are the core factors of its success.
  5. Using social media platforms is critical for successful PR.
  6. Negative PR doesn't work for corporations.
  7. Selling last name to a brand is unethical.
  8. Word of mouth will never lose its value.
  9. Public relations should be integrated with other communication strategies.
  10. Self-education is more important than a college degree for PR.
  11. The women are more efficient as they are dealing with beauty and fashion products.
  12. How true are online testimonials at Sitejabber and Glassdoor?

Argumentative essay topics on E-commerce

  1. Brick-and-mortar shops will be replaced with online retailers soon.
  2. Elderly clients are afraid of using online shops.
  3. Most brick and mortar shops will soon suffer from the problem of showrooming (exhibiting products for the customers who later buy the same items online
  4. Site layout affects potential buyers' decisions.
  5. Online fraud schemes have almost no chances today.
  6. Online shopping can be addictive just like traditional shopping.
  7. Online shopping is still associated with certain risks.
  8. Customers' security should be the primary concern of online retailers.
  9. Online auctions use the effect of time pressure to influence buyers' economic decisions.
  10. Consumer behavior is an important part of ecommerce strategies.

Argumentative essay topics on Youth Issues

  1. More sex education in schools will reduce teen pregnancy.
  2. Living together prepares couples for marriage.
  3. Young couples shouldn't live with parents.
  4. Parents shouldn't give money to their kids who are over 18.
  5. Only abstinence can prevent teen pregnancy.
  6. College education isn't enough for finding a well-paid job.
  7. Internship is the best way for entering a profession.
  8. College debt is the top reason for youth depression.
  9. Early marriages are more likely to end with early divorces.
  10. Gap year between school and college improves career prospects.
  11. The media is too relevant for young people.
  12. The violence of video games helps to overcome the stress that young people see daily.

Argumentative essay topics on Aging

  1. Anti-aging drugs won't benefit society.
  2. Treating all chronic age-related diseases is more effective than treating individual conditions.
  3. The retirement ages shouldn't rise even if life expectancy increases.
  4. Aging isn't a medical condition, but the related diseases are.
  5. Eternal youthfulness would lead to less ambition.
  6. Senior citizens deserve better treatment.
  7. Elderly people who have kids shouldn't live in retirement homes.
  8. We should teach kids to treat all people with respect, not only elderly people.
  9. We need more TV shows focusing on interests of elderly people.
  10. People shouldn't work after reaching the retirement age to solve the problem of unemployment among college graduates.

Argumentative essay topics on Healthcare

  1. Government should provide free healthcare to the homeless.
  2. Only parents can make important decisions about children's health.
  3. Organ donation at the expense of donor's life should be prohibited.
  4. Individuals who are diagnosed with deadly illnesses should have access to treatments, which haven't gone through clinical testing.
  5. Breastfeeding in public should be allowed.
  6. High tax for the fast food industry could combat obesity.
  7. Modern doctors prescribe too much medication.
  8. Energy drinks should be treated like drugs.
  9. Xenotransplantation is dangerous and should be banned.
  10. People with HIV should tell everyone about their status.
  11. Are there post-effects among the people who have dealt with a Covid-19?
  12. Dealing with panic attacks deals with psychology than physiology.

Argumentative essay topics on Nutrition

  1. Fast food is essential for our fast-paced life.
  2. People should stop eating animals.
  3. Eating meat is good for health.
  4. All foods with GMOs should be labeled.
  5. World makes too much food, and the surplus should be sent to the starving regions.
  6. Obesity is the biggest killer worldwide.
  7. Vitamin supplements can't compensate for fruit and vegetables intake.
  8. Parents shouldn't make their kids eat more than they want to.
  9. Students shouldn't skip breakfast.
  10. We should get rid of skinny models stereotypes to solve the problem of bulimia and anorexia among young girls.

Argumentative essay topics: Celebrities

  1. Celebrities should have the right to their private life.
  2. Celebrities and media are to blame for the decline of moral in America.
  3. Violent movies increase violence in teens.
  4. Celebrity worship syndrome is normal for teens.
  5. Celebrities should avoid promoting bad habits in their works.
  6. Social media accounts can contribute to celebrity's reputation.
  7. Every celebrity should donate money to charity.
  8. Celebrity lifestyles, such as spending millions on clothes and jewelry, have negative effects on teens' ambitions.
  9. Actors shouldn't be associated with their movie roles.
  10. Audiences should know about the reverse side of celebrity lifestyles – hard work, nervous breakdowns and sacrifice of personal happiness.
  11. Celebrities are different from Asia or the United States.
  12. Celebrities should be paying more taxes for economic growth.

Argumentative essay topics on Intellectual Property

  1. Modern plagiarism policies are too hard.
  2. Users of social networks should give proper credit to the sources of information when sharing something with friends.
  3. Self-plagiarism is non-sense.
  4. Creativity is a smart combination of ideas of others.
  5. SOPA and PIPA don't stop piracy, but make pirates more inventive.
  6. Wikipedia is a valuable source of information for students.
  7. Every teenager should learn what copyright is before sharing her/his poems online.
  8. An assignment of intellectual property should always be in a written form.
  9. Ignorance of copyright law is no excuse.
  10. The accessibility of information on the web is one of the main causes of growing piracy.
  11. Meta's intellectual rules for Great Britain: what are the challenges?
  12. Photography and Instagram: how can a person protect their privacy?

Argumentative essay topics on Philosophy

  1. The egg came before the chicken.
  2. Intuition can be more powerful than logical reasoning.
  3. Pessimists can turn out to be right, but optimists are more likely to enjoy themselves.
  4. Implementation of free will is impossible.
  5. There is no single truth because it is always subjective.
  6. Materialism is unable to explain the complete picture of the world.
  7. A phenomenally conscious state is always based on a certain subjective experience.
  8. Solipsism: We can't be sure of anything except for the existence of our own imagination.
  9. Moral behavior is necessary for happiness.
  10. There is no such thing as justified killing.

Argumentative essay topics on Psychology

  1. Men love with their eyes due to gender-specific cognitive mechanisms.
  2. Inkblot tests are ineffective for testing individual's personality.
  3. IQ scores are biased.
  4. The fun theory: Having fun is the best type of motivation.
  5. Music has a great potential for healing people.
  6. Social networks popularity is a temporary phenomenon.
  7. Divorces and breakups can be addictive.
  8. Kids of divorced parents are more likely to divorce.
  9. Moral scandals are worse than financial scandals.
  10. Virtual reality can be dangerous for teens.
  11. How can psychological help be offered to depressed college students?
  12. The mental assistance in private English schools: what are the limitations?

Argumentative essay topics on Sociology

  1. Lotteries should be banned.
  2. Media publicity for serial killers increases threat to society.
  3. Labor unions can't defend the employees' rights.
  4. Battered woman syndrome is a form of self-defense.
  5. Social inequality is a hurdle to society's development.
  6. Students should learn more about able-ism at schools.
  7. The institution of family is still important for society.
  8. Civil unions should have the same rights as married couples.
  9. Social guarantees make citizens lazier.
  10. Postponed parenthood has more positive than negative effects.
  11. Should a person be able to self-defend online by using or international legislation?
  12. The vs the American family system: what are the main commonalities & differences?

Argumentative essay topics on Geography

  1. Rivers have historical significance.
  2. Landscapes and natural resources have a significant impact on country's economy.
  3. Regardless of success of Google Maps, the level of Cartography still leaves much to be desired.
  4. Sustainable development should be the central point of Geography education.
  5. Tourism helps broaden life views.
  6. Country's climate has influence on its population mentality.
  7. Our goal is to preserve the natural habitats of other species.
  8. Geographical studies require state support.
  9. People from overpopulated areas can inhabit new regions.
  10. Eco-terrorism can't solve the global problem of pollution.

Argumentative essay topics on Anti-Gun Laws

  1. Mass shootings show that anti-gun laws are a necessity.
  2. Guns don't kill, people do.
  3. People should own guns for self-defense.
  4. Education is the only way to stop gun violence.
  5. Gun control laws won't stop criminals from getting guns.
  6. Mass media makes murders look like easy routes to fame.
  7. We should ban not only guns, but also air flights and everything that poses potential threat.
  8. Gun-control can't be put in action because it violates the Second Amendment.
  9. Revision of Second Amendment should prevent tragedies.
  10. Mental health tests will stop the wrong people from getting guns.

Argumentative essay topics on Abortion

  1. Partial birth abortions should be outlawed.
  2. The practice of gender selection can improve family relations.
  3. Every fetus has the right to life.
  4. Fetuses feel pain during an abortion.
  5. Abortion allows couples not to bring babies with life-threatening medical conditions.
  6. Selective abortion due to genetic abnormalities is a form of discrimination against individuals with disabilities.
  7. Abortion can kill a potential genius.
  8. Abortion reduces crime.
  9. Abortion increases the risks of breast cancer.
  10. A baby shouldn't come into the world unwanted.

Argumentative essay topics on Kids Adoption

  1. Couples should adopt kids instead of spending decades on infertility treatment.
  2. Parents should tell kids that they have been adopted.
  3. Interracial adoption improves families' understanding of diversity.
  4. Russian anti-US adoption bill: Adoption shouldn't be politicized.
  5. Domestic adoption requirements should be as strict as international adoption laws.
  6. Same-sex couples should be allowed to adopt children.
  7. Overseas babies shouldn't take the places of US orphans.
  8. Adoption procedures should be made easier.
  9. Celebrity adoptions are good because they draw attention to this important social problem.
  10. The policies of forced adoption in Great Britain were an unthinkable crime.
  11. Should the historians provide information about adoption in the past decades?
  12. What are the specific rules of adoption for single parents?

Argumentative essay topics on Religion

  1. The Catholic Church can be justified in forbidding the use of barrier methods of contraception.
  2. Catholic priests shouldn't take a vow of celibacy.
  3. Blasphemy should be a criminal offense (Pussy Riot in Moscow's Cathedral of Christ the Savior
  4. Western newspapers shouldn't publish cartoons of Prophet Mohammed.
  5. Creationism should be taught at schools.
  6. Schools should teach the Ten Commandments.
  7. Religion does more harm than good.
  8. Most modern people use religion for therapeutic goals mainly, asking for help during hard times.
  9. Religious beliefs should dominate over the state laws.
  10. The words „under God' should be removed from the American Pledge of Allegiance.
  11. The choral tradition in Great Britain and religious schools.
  12. The importance of Sunday School Education for society.

Argumentative essay topics on Politics

  1. Capitalism is better than socialism.
  2. It is sometimes right for the government to restrict freedom of speech.
  3. Voting should be made compulsory.
  4. Tortures shouldn't be used for obtaining the information even from individuals who are suspected of international terrorism.
  5. Suicide should be a criminal offense.
  6. The press shouldn't be able to publish allegations about private lives without consent.
  7. Church should be separated from the state.
  8. Arranged marriages should be banned.
  9. Both polygyny (the union of 1 man and several women
  10. Rural-urban migration should be restricted.
  11. Political attitude and Russia.
  12. The press should be independent by voicing more than one opinion.

Argumentative essay topics on Parenthood

  1. Parents should have the right to use the innovative technologies for choosing baby's sex.
  2. Parents should have the right to screen fetus for heritable diseases.
  3. Couples should receive parenting licenses.
  4. Parents should respect personalities of their kids.
  5. Grandparent involvement is important for raising happy kids.
  6. Democratic parenting style is the most effective one.
  7. Every parent needs some personal time and space.
  8. Stick and carrot motivation is an effective parenting strategy.
  9. The tendency of postponed parenthood is good for society.
  10. Dads should take parenting leaves.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Media

  1. Beavis and Butthead series have a negative impact on teens' development.
  2. Digital television is bad for environment.
  3. Emos culture is a good way for teens to express their emotions.
  4. Government shouldn't sponsor media.
  5. Netiquette (etiquette norms on the web
  6. Youtube should keep its anti-piracy policies stricter.
  7. Twitter has become an integral element of modern culture.
  8. Media bias should be outlawed.
  9. Social media is quicker at spreading the news than official channels.
  10. Censorship should protect kids from inappropriate content.
  11. How can the media help the military actions raine?
  12. The media should be unbiased when portraying statistical data regarding Scotland and Ireland.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Schools

  1. Corporal punishment in schools should be banned.
  2. Schools need more anti-bullying programs.
  3. Home schooling deprives kids of important social experiences.
  4. Religion shouldn't be included in school curriculum.
  5. Video camera surveillance in schools violates students' rights.
  6. Fundraising in schools should be banned.
  7. Corporate presence in schools can contribute to the school budget.
  8. Some of the plagiarism policies are close to nonsense.
  9. Teachers shouldn't encourage school snitches (those who report classmates for a certain reward
  10. Schools should place more emphasis on sports instead of academics.
  11. schools are one of the most static: what are the benefits?
  12. Home-schooling should be offered free of charge.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Paranormal Phenomena

  1. Bermuda triangle is nothing more than a triangle on the map.
  2. There is more than one Big Foot on earth.
  3. Paranormal phenomena are usually observed by those who believe in them.
  4. Loch Ness Monster is the late offspring of dinosaurs.
  5. The existence of ghosts is justified by existence of a soul separate from the body.
  6. There's no single persuasive proof for existence of UFO's.
  7. Internet trolls are real-life energy vampires.
  8. The color of the aura affects person's mood and well-being.
  9. Mind to mind communication is possible.
  10. Telekinesis can be the next step of society's development.
  11. The Internet portrayal of paranormal activity has kinetic energy.
  12. The use of legends in the creation of online ghost stories.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Same-Sex Marriage

  1. Same-sex marriages would allow spouses make medical decisions.
  2. Procreation isn't the only reason for creating a family.
  3. The term "gay marriage" is discriminative and it should be banned.
  4. Gay marriage shouldn't be politicized.
  5. Tax benefits and insurance are the reasons for same-sex marriage.
  6. Same-sex marriage debate is obsolete because the institution of marriage is becoming outdated.
  7. Traditional family roles are nothing compared to love and care, which kids can get in a gay family.
  8. Modern society isn't ready for legalization of same-sex marriage.
  9. Teaching community tolerance is more important than legalization of same-sex marriage.
  10. Same-sex couples have lower divorce rates compared to heterosexual couples.

Argumentative Essay Topics On Airlines

  1. The risks of a car accident are much higher than an airplane crash.
  2. Airline pilots should be armed.
  3. Horizontally challenged people shouldn't pay for 2 seats.
  4. Parents don't have to pay more for their babies' tickets, regardless of additional safety and comfort concerns.
  5. Airlines should pay for their carbon emissions.
  6. Airlines should restrict the alcoholic drinks for the international flights.
  7. Flight attendants' forced retirement at the age of 35 is discriminative.
  8. The gender-specific job title "stewardess" should be replaced with the word "flight attendant".
  9. Using airlines is as safe for infants as it is for adults.
  10. Airlines should hire more female pilots.

Argumentative essay topics on Drugs

  1. Performance enhancing drugs should be banned and eliminated.
  2. Birth control pills should be more accessible.
  3. Marijuana shouldn't be legalized.
  4. America's war on drugs was a failure.
  5. The legalization of drugs will result in addiction epidemic.
  6. The drug control policies saved lives of thousands of people.
  7. The use of antidepressants should be restricted.
  8. Patients don't need special prescription from a doctor for obtaining analgesics.
  9. The use of advertising in the pharmaceutical industry is unethical.
  10. Neuroleptics should be banned because of the unpredictable side effects.
  11. The elimination of drug marketing in China.
  12. The history of punk culture and substance use.

Argumentative Topics on Movies

  1. The movie Lord of the Rings Trilogy is better than Tolkien's novel.
  2. The visual effects make Cameron's Avatar a masterpiece.
  3. The Twilight Saga has important philosophical messages.
  4. The best movie directors, like Stanley Kubrick, never receive the Oscar nominations they deserve.
  5. Books shouldn't be judged by their movies.
  6. Trailers are actually spoilers due to which we have wrong expectations from movies.
  7. There should be a limited number of remakes for a single movie.
  8. Movie soundtrack can be more popular than the movies: Adele's Skyfall vs. James Bond movie of the same name.
  9. Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained was the most controversial movie of 2012.
  10. The movies nominated at the Cannes film festival are more intellectual than the Oscar nominees.
  11. The movies should not be banned for controversial content.
  12. The use of the festivals to promote young directors by setting up online platforms.

Funny Argumentative Topics

  1. Reality TV is fake.
  2. France has the prettiest girls.
  3. Barbie dolls should be a bit overweight.
  4. Real men shouldn't wear tight pants or pink t-shirts.
  5. Dating techniques should be taught at school.
  6. People with high self-esteem have better chances for success.
  7. Diamonds aren't girls' best friends.
  8. Birthday parties are too expensive.
  9. The American dream isn't dead.
  10. American society has become too politically correct.
  11. The use of online marketing by the pets.
  12. The history of pizza and the Italians.

Information Essay Topics

  1. Neutron Stars
  2. The Pigmies
  3. The Sport of Curling
  4. The Life Of Isaac Newton
  5. Woodwind Instruments
  6. The Periodic Table
  7. Captain Cook's Voyages
  8. Burma
  9. The Beatles
  10. Adolf Hitler
  11. The Internal Structure of the Earth

Simply save this page and get back to it every time you need a sparkle of inspiration.

An argumentative essay is actually quite different from all the other kinds of essays that you may ever come across. They say even the brightest language learners fail to deliver a commendable argumentative essay.

The very nature of an college paper is quite different from the other types of essays. As the name suggests, in case of an argumentative essay a person has to argue over a certain topic. Now, arguing is not that simple as many people would think. You just do not have to blabber whatever comes to your mind or base your argument on assumptions. You basically have to write a decent content backing your theory, you viewpoint with pure evidence, facts, observations, analysis and beliefs.

tips for writing

In the light of the aforementioned resources, you have to justify your opinion and persuade the reader to believe your argument. You should be confident of your opinion; any sign of uncertainty in your voice can be a minus point for you. The key is to stay focused on your order essay opinion without sounding more emotional than practical or more stubborn than a firm believer of what you are saying.

What Brings in the Need of An Argument in A Text

Any matter cannot be made into a subject for an argumentative essay. There is a certain criterion which has to be fulfilled first. For any issue to be made the subject of the argument, there first should be some sort of a wish or a necessity for a change in an enduring pattern, policy or practice.

The argument may then be led in opposition or in agreement of the proposed change.

Like, for example, one can build an argument on any of the below-mentioned issues:

  • A change to avoid any kind of infringement of the human rights.
  • A need for a louder appeal for the rights and comforts of the senior citizens.
  • A need a new law for the cause of protection of innocent animals.

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