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Online Essay Editing Service for Students

The art of writing can be a tough nut to crack. Even after pouring your heart and soul into your essay, there is the added task of fine-tuning it to perfection. The need for a diligent essay editor service arises to weed out potential errors, awkward phrases, or typos that might have slipped through. Sure, you can opt for self-editing, but it's always wise to seek a second pair of eyes to elevate your work's quality.

Every student's journey in college is marked by the relentless cycle of writing and submitting essays. Each assignment demands thorough research, countless Google searches, and a considerable amount of effort. As exhausting as it sounds, the reality is that the finish line extends beyond just wrapping up the writing part. Even a well-written essay can stumble on overlooked errors, unfortunate typos, or clumsy sentence structures, all of which can tarnish your grade. Therefore, the pursuit of flawless content is not merely a choice, but a necessity.

Don't sweat it; EduBirdie is at your service! Simply ask, "Edit my essay," or even "mark my essay," and we'll roll up our sleeves to turn your work into a masterpiece.


Selecting a seasoned expert is vital for such a crucial task. Mastery of English is commendable, but creating a faultless, typo-free document presents a tougher challenge. Therefore, their educational background should be your primary consideration when hunting for essay help. While there may be exceptions, typically, those with a firm command of language and a sharp eye for minute details hold a Master's degree and possess years of experience. Ideally, their specialties should be English, Literature, Philology, or Linguistics. Examining their track record in handling similar assignments can be enlightening.

Our essay editing service is run by experts who are really good at finding mistakes and parts of your writing that could be better. They know a lot about different subjects, so they'll check your work carefully. These professionals have looked at lots of essays like yours and understand what your college teachers are looking for.

EduBirdie houses a team of expert editors trained to meet our clients' needs. If you desire an analytical eye to review and elevate your essay, you've landed in the right spot. By evaluating our staff members' profiles, comparing their success rates, examining the number of orders they've successfully fulfilled, inspecting reviews left by other students, and observing their overall grades, you're bound to find an outstanding editor.

Our commitment as an assignment editing service extends beyond conforming to the academic writing standards stipulated by institutions. We also focus on structural and readability facets to deliver a finely-tuned final document that stands out.


At EduBirdie, our clients are our highest priority, and their satisfaction forms the bedrock of our goals. We don’t merely fine-tune papers for remuneration; instead, we approach each assignment with a personal touch and fervor. Here’s what our pledge to you looks like:

  • Effortless Order Placement: Navigate to the EduBirdie website and click on "hire writer". Fill in the order form with your precise instructions and hit "continue". You only need to make a deposit and note that full payment is made only upon satisfaction with the completed task. Browse through our comprehensive list of editors and select one that suits your preference.
  • Skilled Writers and Editors: We take pride in our highly competent professionals who boast superior writing and editing skills. Each team member has amassed extensive experience in editing, ensuring that they meet our service's high standards. Our staff holds either a Master's or Ph.D. degree in a variety of fields. Timely delivery is guaranteed when you pay for essay, as we strictly adhere to deadlines and ensure prompt results.
  • Open Communication with Your Specialist: After identifying your preferred editor, you can freely communicate with them anytime. Feel open to discuss your progress, voice any concerns, or seek clarifications.
  • 24/7 Support & Personalized Service: Reach out to us at any time. Our representatives are always online and ready to handle your inquiries personally, dedicating full attention until your concerns are resolved.
  • Original, Plagiarism-free Texts: At EduBirdie, we deliver only unique papers, crafted from scratch. Your trust is paramount, and we avoid recycling papers. The best plagiarism checker thoroughly scan each completed paper.
  • Unlimited Free Revisions: If you spot any inconsistencies in your paper or believe that the editor has made extensive changes, let them know for rectification. Every paper should perfectly align with your specifications; if it doesn’t, we welcome your requests for revisions until it does.
  • Money-back Guarantee: If the quality of the essay remains unsatisfactory even after multiple revisions, inform our support team. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We promise to refund your money promptly if we fail to meet your expectations.

How does it work

Our pride swells each time our clients hail us as the best essay writing service. To uphold this reputation, we continually broaden our range of services, equipping ourselves to handle any academic paper you may require. Need a simple essay polished? Consider it done! Specify your topic, and we'll match you with an editor proficient in your subject area. Anxious about your dissertation? Though it demands extra effort, we're eager to take on the challenge. Simply submit your task, request "Assist with editing my essay," and we'll appoint a suitable expert. Collaborating with an online essay editor also ensures a logical, structured, syntactically sound, and readable document, enriched with relevant information.

We adhere to deadlines stringently; thus, we can revise an average essay in roughly two hours. Larger assignments like a dissertation might demand a more intensive approach and effort. Our editors meticulously examine spelling, punctuation, typos, sentence structure, stylistic errors, and flow. Additionally, they scrutinize the essay structure for compliance with academic norms. The sources' credibility and the formatting style's appropriateness are also evaluated. They can also ensure that all your instructions have been duly followed upon request.

As part of our online editing service, we also offer professional writing assistance, addressing corrections in your citations and resolving any formatting issues you may encounter. For instance, if discrepancies exist between in-text citations and your reference page, we can rectify this, ensuring a seamless match throughout your paper. Upon request, general formatting corrections can be provided. Our editors can propose style, flow, or structure improvements, which can help elevate your future writing quality. They can also revamp your thesis to align with your assignment or refine your conclusion to encapsulate all significant paper ideas. Reach out to our team beforehand for perfect assignment submission by the due date, and remember - clear instructions are key! If you have concerns regarding cost, our customer support team is available for consultation.


Ready to elevate your essay to the next level? EduBirdie is here to help! Our simple process lets you choose an expert editor who understands your needs. They'll work their magic on your essay, ensuring it's free of errors and ready to impress.

But that's not all – with EduBirdie, you're in control. You can chat with your editor throughout the process, making sure every detail is just right. And the best part? You only pay and buy essay when you're completely satisfied with the finished essay. It's risk-free and tailored to your satisfaction.

Feeling the deadline pressure? Don't worry! Our team is known for meeting tight deadlines without compromising on quality. So, take a deep breath and click 'Edit My Essay'. Let us take the stress out of your essay writing. Your perfect essay is just around the corner – let EduBirdie make it a reality!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does EduBirdie's Essay Editing Service offer?

    EduBirdie's Essay Editing Service aims to elevate the quality of your essay by eliminating errors, improving sentence structures, and enhancing readability. The service covers everything from spelling and punctuation to stylistic and structural improvements.

  • Who are the editors responsible for editing the essays?

    EduBirdie employs a team of skilled editors with extensive experience in academic writing. Many of them hold either a Master's or Ph.D. degree in various fields. You can choose your preferred editor based on their profiles, success rates, and customer reviews.

  • How does EduBirdie ensure the quality of the edited essays?

    EduBirdie offers unlimited revisions at no extra cost to ensure that the edited essay aligns perfectly with your specifications. They also provide a money-back guarantee if the quality remains unsatisfactory even after multiple revisions. All essays are checked for plagiarism to ensure originality.

  • What is the payment process for EduBirdie's Essay Editing Service?

    EduBirdie offers secure payment options, including credit cards and intermediaries like PayPal. You only need to make a deposit initially, and full payment is made only upon your satisfaction with the completed task. The pricing depends on factors like deadline, essay level, and page count.

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