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Life During World War Two: Analytical Essay

Brief Summary of WW2:

(This is a very brief summary of the events of WW2 and does not explore all points of view)

(My main assignment about life during WW2 is after this brief summary)

World War Two was the bloodiest and largest war in human history, resulting in the deaths of 85 million people. It was a war that impacted the world on a scale never seen before, a war that changed our perspectives on what a human could do to another human.

After the treaty of Versailles following WW1, Germany was left in ruins and left to starve. This created a power vacuum, and a need grew in Germany for a strong leader, a leader who would fix things. At the same time just south of Germany in Italy, a new ideology was growing, fascism. Fascism was created by former socialest revolutionary Mussolini, it is a far right authoritarian ideology. The idea of facism was appealing to a desperate Germany struggling for survival. The National Socialast German Workers Party (NAZI) was founded on the idea of facism and the WW1 veteran Adolf Hitler quickly became head of this party.

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When the NAZI party gained control of Germany with Hitler as further, Germany allied with Italy who were led by Mussolini. These two countries worked together as they shared common enemies. Germany's initial goal was to rebuild Germany to its former strength while uniting all lands inhabited by ethnic Germans (Aryans). While Italy's goal was to restore Italy to the days of the Roman empire.

Japan also joined these new European powers as they were unhappy with how they were treated at the end of the first world war. They also needed a reason to expand their empire so that they could get moreaccess natural resources.

All of the Axis powers believed they were racially superior, and this led to many atrocities. Hitler began by rebuilding the German army, in violation of the treaty, the allies did nothing. In 1938 the German army just walked into Austria and took it, no one fought back. Through yet another betrayal of a contract signed by Hitler, he decided to invade a large part of Czechoslovakia. At the same time, Italy began to invade places in Africa. Then Japan invaded most of China pushing all the way to what was at the time China's capital Nanjing. At Nanjing, the Japianiese committed their worst atrocities, brutaliy murrdering, tourchiring torturing and raping 300,000 people.

Hitler now had his eyes set on Poland, the allies told Hitler that if he invaded Poland they would declare war, this didn't stop him. In order to invade Poland Germany made an alliance with Russia. On the 1st of September 1939, Germany began its invasion of Poland. This forced the allies to declare war on the axis starting world war two. The invasion of Poland was successful and the territory was split between Germany and Russia.

The allies were now very worried, as the tables began to turn. Hitler then launched an invasion of Norway. troops were sent to help defend Norway but Germany had occupied the Norwegian air force bases granting them air superiority. This let the Germans successfully invade as allied troops retreated.

After this Winston Churchill became Prime Minister of .

Similar to WW1 Germany launched an invasion of Belgium to get around allied defences on the french border. The allies then launched a counterattack in BelgiumGermany managed to get around the French frontline encircling the allied troops. The last of the troops miraculously escaped at Dunkirk. Then the invasion of France was quickly over resulting in another German victory.

Hitler now began planning his invasion of Britain. He started by bombing important bases in Britain to weaken their defenses. Britain responded by bombing Berlin, this caused Hitler to target civilian areas such as . In the end Britain won air superiority over the Englishhannel, this postponed the invasion.

Britain now began sending troops to Greece, and America began supplying the allies with weapons and rations. Russia continued invading small countries on their border pushing eastward. Hitler then forced Hungary to join the Axis powers so that they would have a better defence against the troops in gGreece. Now that the U.S was giving the allies supplies the Germans had to find a way to stop it. They tried sinking Americanhips with their submarines and this worked. The Germans communicated using a secret code until Alan Turing (famous mathematician) cracked the Nazi Inigma code, this basicly put a stop to american supply ships being atacked. As they could interrupt the German plans.

As more and more troops began to be stationed in Greece, Germany and Italy decided to launch an invasion, this was successful. Now Hitler was ready to launch his secret mission, he surprise attacked the unready unprepared Soviets with 3three million troops, this would be the largest ground invasion ever. The Germans made staggering progress into Russia, the eEastern front was one of the bloodiest. They pushed all the way to Moscow (Russian capital) and that's when winter hit. The German army didn't have the provisions to fight in this cold environment as Hitler thought Russia would have surrendered by now. It was so cold that the oil in the vehicles was freezing. When the specially trained for cold environments Russianroops arrived the Germans were quickly defeated and pushed back.

Japan now began to set their eyes further south but the U.S had a very strong navy. So on december 7 1941, Japan launched a devastating air raid on the U.S naval base at Pearl Harbour. This forced the U.S to declare war on Japan, then Japan began pushing south taking many small islands. They then pushed all the way to New Guinea were they began to launch air raids on Darwin in Australia.

Hitler also introduced his “Final Solution”, he began rounding up millions of ethnic minorities mostly consisting mainlyof Jews, and taking them to concentration camps. In this these camps millions would be brutally murdered and worked to death.

These would be the worst atrocities of the war. Now that winter had ended Germany began to continue their invasion of Russia. This time the Russians were ready. The Russian held city of Stalingrad held out for 5 months. When the fresh Rusian troops arrived they circled the Germans at Stalingrad pushing them back. Hitler refused to retreat. Very quickly the Russians pushed the remaining German army out of Russia. After a series of allied victories in Africa, the allies pushed the aAxis out of Africa. The Japinies Japanese luck also began to turn around run out, at Kokoda, the outnumbered Australian troops pushed back the Japanese Japinies invasion of New Guinea. Now the Allies began to push in to Italy, they got quite progressed far until winter were when the battles came to a halt. Mussolini was now thrown out of power as Italy the Italians became tired of war.

WithAs the allies became more hopeful they began to plan a eEuropean invasion. They tricked the Germansy into thinking they were going to attack Calais when they were actually going to attack Normandy. On jJune 5th 1944, the allied air force raided the french coast, paratroopers were also dropped in to weaken defences. The next morning on June 6th the allied army arrived. The forces that landed at Normandy mainly consisted of U.S, and Canadian troops. After some of the toughest fighting of WW2 the allied forces took the coast. France was saved as the Allies successfully pushed out the Germans.

Now Allied forces began to push intoGermany, America and Britain from the west and Russia from the east. They pushed all the way to Berlin. Then a single bullet was fired that destroyed Nazi Germany, a bullet fired by Hitler. Hitler and his wife commited Suicide Ending Facism in Europe. Thou Berlin's troubles had only just begun but that's a whole other story and the capitulation of NAZI Germany.

Japan was all that remained of the Axis powers, and fierce fighting on both sides pursued between the U.S and Japan. Theye Japinese Japanese fiercely defended Okinawa, launching many kamikaze attacks (an aircraft loaded with explosives and making a deliberate suicidal crash on an enemy target). Okinawa despite the best efforts of Japan fell to the allies. On August 5th 1945, when the most powerful weapons the world had ever seen were dropped on the Japinies cities of Hiroshima and Nagsaki, these Nuclear weapons caused outrage across the world. Then tThe Japinese surrendered, ending World War Two.

After World War two another war was looming on the horizon, a war that would likely bring about the end of humanity, a clash of ideologies.

What Was Life Like In Nazi Germany

In this historical analysis of life in NAZI Germany, I will explore the life of a typical German family and the life of a jewish family that is living in hiding during 1939 till 1945. I will compare and contrast these two very different worlds in all their differences.

Life for the typical German family

Life in Nazi Germany was a constant struggle between lodgic and people telling you not what you could believe but what you have to believe. Life in many aspects was similar to the rest of the world, except with an all seeing eye totalitarian government censoring and monitoring all information. Life did get better under the Nazis Ffor anyone ethnicly German that would give up willingly give up their freedoms and support the far right Nazi idiology.

The Nazi party began by encouriging encouriging women to quit their jobs so that the job market opened up for more men who were genraly to old for millitiry military service. While younger men 18-30 were conscripted intointo the German army. Women were expected to have many children and there were even medals given to women who had a certain amount of children. Younger Teens/children were forced to join the Hitler Youth (The Nazi equivelant to the scouts). The Hitler youth was mainly used as a tool to indoctrinate young and susceptible minds, and to teach skills that would be useful when they grew up and were conscripted into the military.

School teachers were also forced to indoctrinate students, the curriculum mainly consisted of propaganda videos and lessons teaching German superiority. There was still basic subjects as well, such as German and math.

When war started in 1939 and food rationing was introduced. Food was very scarce, as it was in the rest of the world. Most people who lived in cities such as Berlin started breeding rabbits for food as they were easy to look after in apartments. The looking after of the rabbits was often left to the kids. Anyone who had friends who lived in the countryside had a much easier time as they could send fresh eggs, meat and vegetables.

In NAZI Germany there was also a thing called the national socialist peoples welfere organization (A.K.A NSV). It was actually one of the few good things introduced by the NAZI’s it gave support to the poor (if they were white Aryan) and helped support vetrans. This was part of the whole socialist part of Nazism.

Pop culture also played an important part in German life. All pop culture was monitored thou, to ensure public opinion stays stayed postive to the NAZI cause. There were multiple films that were released to German theatres such Der Ewige Jude (the eternal jew), a deplorable film depicting Jews as savage animals. The film was popular amongst occupied Europe.

Nazi Germany loved classical music, and Hitler was a fan of the Opera. For the most part only classical art forms were aloud allowed as Hitler felt threatened by modern trends.

Life for a Jewish family in hiding

Many Jewish families went into hiding to avoid being captured by the Nazi’s, often they were hid by differant families who wouldwho were takeing massive risks by hiding them. Many Jewish people hid in a secret annex (including Anne Frank). People didn’t just hide these minorities out of the kindness of their hearts, many of them sore saw it as a way to make a large profit, including one farmer who charged by modern standards 6000 euros a day ($9929 AUD) as rent for his secret annex.

If anyone wanted to leave there shelter/hideout they would have to leave at night, as it was way too dangerous to be seen. Most people would rarely leave as they would pay the people hiding them to do the shopping for them. Many of the people going into hiding would actually hide very near to the enemy right under their noses, often near military bases as these areas were searchd searched less often.

It is very hard to write about these tough times as many people who summed up their experience in hiding described it in one word ‘boring’. Life in hiding was a constant nothingness and people being were continually scared. Life was terrifying, if anyone sore saw you they could turn you inreport you to the NAZIS, the people looking after sheltering you could turn you in for a bounty. They would have to constantly have to worry about how they would pay for food or pay for accommodation and secrecy protection.

In conclusion, life was tough for a lot of people, it wasn't an easy time. People were still human for the people of the world during WW2 was difficult regardlessno matter of if you were German, Jewish, black or white. Some people had it tougher but no one had it easy. we are all still human and we all need to remember that and when you forget that it is easy to make judgements about groups of people and that it is how wars are started.

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