Influence of Society on Poetry: Analytical Essay

Society is a very big influence on poetry because of the impact poetry brings in the way it is written. Generally, poems have deep meanings that talk about very deep and meaningful events that happen in one's life or in the world. Society can affect poetry in many different ways but mainly poetry can become a reflection of what society is and what it has become but it also can display the emotion and impact that society brings with it. Poetry does this through the literary devices that it uses to put a mental image in the mind of the reader and the subject in which the poem is talking about. Whatever society is feeling that is what is gonna represent in the poem.

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As stated earlier, Society can influence poetry by being a reflection of what society has become and or what Society is. A poem that represents this is An Obstacle by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. In the poem, An Obstacle, The author is communicating to the reader about a time where she was approached by an overpowering and derogatory male and how she had overcome the encounter. The poem is a clear metaphor about how the Government is holding back the women of society. We know this because the poet was a Feminist in the late 19th century and purposefully wrote the poem to conevy what it was like to live as a woman in the time period. This proves that society has an influence on poetry because An Obstacle is a reflection of how Society treats women.

Next, society influences poetry by displaying the emotion that society can have within its self. A good example of how emotion about society is shown through poetry is the poem The Melting Pot by Bryan Oden. The Melting Pot is a poem that talks about Immigration to America in the beginning of the 18th century and the struggles and the worries that the Immigrants dealt with during the process of Immigrating. In the poem, we get a sense of what these Immigrants had gone through because of lines like “ ‘What does my future bring? Good? Bad? Evil? Love? Pain? Gain?’” and “Every country they come from, for all different reasons: Poverty, war, drought, and famine, too.” These lines are a representation and truly bring out the entire meaning of this whole poem. The poem, The Melting Pot, is influenced by society because of the emotion that it shows about Immigration.

In conclusion, society greatly influences poetry because poetry is the type of outlet that can be used to become a reflection of how society is and used to hold the emotional value that society brings to the table. It does this through the subjects at which these poems are written about and through the literary devices used to help put a mental image inside the mind of the reader and feel the weight at which these poems are written. So in the end, the next time you’re reading a poem, think about the underlying meaning and consider what the poem is truly conveying about. You may learn something about the culture and society in which you live in. So don't hesitate to contact our English essay writing service if you need help with your papers.

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