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Cover Letter Writing Guide With Examples

Why Do You Need a Cover Letter?

The majority of students and future employees often mix up the difference between writing a resume and composing a cover letter. A cover letter is a document where you come up with a certain structure that helps to support your resume where you tell why you are the best fit for some company or a job position. So what is a cover letter and what parts should be there to make sure that you are on the right track?

Provide the following elements:

  • Your contacts with a salutation.
  • An introduction to your HR manager.
  • Information on why you are the right person for a job.
  • A closing paragraph.
  • Your signature.

Unlike a resume, you should display your personal side and explain why getting you hired is a great addition to the company's assets by fitting within at least three paragraphs.

Structure of a Cover Letter

Regardless of your future job position or an internship you are trying to get, a basic cover letter format should include the following elements:

Start with your name and postal address. Even though we are living in the digital world, offering your postal contact details should be there. Include this information in the top right-hand corner. Your email and phone number must be included, too.

Add the date to your cover letter beneath the contact details.

Provide accurate contact details of the company in question. These should be provided on the next line, yet on the left-hand side of your document. Write down the name of the person you are contacting.

  1. Provide a job title.
  2. Provide the company's title on the left-hand side, according to the correct cover letter layout.
  3. Address the person you are contacting by starting with "Dear Sir" or "Dear Mrs. O'Connor".
  4. Provide a job reference to explain and show what kind of contact you are making.
  5. Introduce your CV information in about two or three paragraphs.
  6. Provide a conclusion paragraph with your signature where you end up with "Yours faithfully" and your name.
  7. If you know the individual well, you can end up with the "Yours sincerely" part.

Now let us get into details to learn how to start with a cover letter and how to structure your information correctly.

Step-by-step Guide to Writing a Cover Letter

Learning how to write a cover letter, you must think about the following steps that will help you come up with an excellent document that will always stand out. Let's see what steps must be made:

1. Pick a Suitable Cover Letter Template. Focus on visuals and the correct space that will help you pick the right formatting. Don't choose any flashy colours or odd fonts though! Keep things accurate!

2. Start Your Cover Letter with a Header. In addition to your full name, phone number, email, and date, you may also include your social media profiles like LinkedIn or GitHub (if you are a developer). A personal website is also an option. Remember that your postal address shouldn't be provided in full.

3. Talk to your HR manager or a company representative. If you are not sure about who to talk to, you can use "Dear Department Team" or "To whom it may concern" instead. Thinking about how to start a cover letter, make sure that you address the person who is responsible for your job position.

4. Your introduction must represent a hook. You should talk about 2-3 professional achievements or something that will make you stand out as an HR manager picks your cover letter. Make things interesting and explain how exactly you were able to reach success and take an innovative workplace approach!

5. Continue with an explanation of your personality. This is where you must tell about why you are the right fit for the job. Now, what to write in a cover letter and how to explain your personality? Start by learning about what roles must be handled first to ensure that you are the correct match. It will help you see how to address those challenges that a company has. Talk about what you have done, explain what you have achieved and how your ideas have helped the past company to achieve success.

6. Match Things With a Company. Now explain why the company is the right place for you and how it can benefit you when you become employed. When you think about what to include in a cover letter, you must research the company and see what kind of needs they have got. If you have something that the company will require, you should make things specific to let the HR manager see that you are the right individual for the job.

7. Call-to-action Paragraph. If you want to add something special or talk about something that will help your HR manager, this is the right place. If you need to mention something specific, include it here. Thank the hiring manager and provide a call to action by stating that you would like to continue the cooperation in the future and hear from the company.

8. Closure & Signature. Depending on your situation and the company, you can finish your cover letter with the "Best Regards", "Sincerely", or "Thank you," conclusion part. Thinking about how to end a cover letter, remember to provide enough space for a signature to make sure that it doesn’t look awkward.

Following these cover letter writing steps, always proofread and edit your document twice by reading each part aloud and checking for every phrase to ensure that your spelling is correct. Do not be too formal and avoid such phrases like “I would like for you to see my resume and a cover letter” because it’s already obvious and the HR manager knows what must be done. Stay respectful and show your motivation! While your achievements and personal qualities are important, sound confident and radiate success!

Good Cover Letter Examples

Without a doubt, the best way to learn how to write a cover letter is by turning to various cover letter examples. Here is the classic career example to start with:

Tel: 0123 45678


Address: 22 Birmingham Road, , NW34 7GR


Dear Mr. Jones,

Since I was a high school student, I have always helped my friends stay safe online and fix their social media problems. I'm always researching all the possible safety matters on social media and media platforms to promote innovative solutions and ideas. It's the main reason why I am planning to apply for the Social Media Security specialist at Virgin Media Inc,.

For the past four years of my professional career, I've worked as an IT specialist at Penguin Books, LTD. In this role, I have learned how to cooperate and mastered the skills in the field of time management, keeping everyone aware of social media security, and helping to improve the financial sector of the company. In fact, as I worked for Penguin Books, I have helped to create a security system and improved the social media profiles both and globally.

I have found that I need to expand my skills and focus on the security aspect of things. Using my experience at Penguin Books, I want to explore all the different clients and new challenges where I could use my ideas. It's a reason why joining the local branch of Virgin Media will help me to grow and learn.

To meet your high standards, I have completed special training in social media marketing and online security at 's College of Technology. I also manage various social media profiles of athletes and politicians in Birmingham, including various charities and promotion of the social campaigns.

Ultimately, I'm convinced that my passion and skills for social media security and experience will make me a great fit for the role at Virgin Media,. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon and can be contacted at 01234 567 890 or via email at

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Yours sincerely,

John Wetton

The majority of cover letter exampleswill look like the sample above. Make sure that you provide information in an accessible language by still using the business language. If you are planning to get a creative job, then it's possible to provide something beyond the classics.

Taking a closer look at good cover letter examples written in the style will help you become inspired:

Amy Lee

Ridgeway Road, 02 PN18 NHS |000 1234567890|

July 13, 2021

Ben McLeod

Engineering Synergy Ltd

, SW7 5RN

Dear Ben,

As an electronic engineer with over eight years of experience and a strong record in software development, I was excited to see a challenge at Engineering Synergy LTD becoming available. Your company describes a necessity for someone experienced in sound engineering development with the presence of strong programming skills. My experience of assisting over fifteen projects and the education at Sun Microsystems makes me feel ready to take on the challenge.

While assisting the large project on sound engineering for BBC 4 News, I have collaborated on various 20 projects in Wales, South East , and Ireland to determine the most efficient solutions. While the plan has been dealing with 28 days to complete the project, my evaluation system has managed to complete the work and meet the deadline in 12 days. Concentrating on data collection, my software development has collected first-hand information that helped the company to find the pros and cons. I implemented a strict evaluation system to process the information and take all the unnecessary work out of the equation. Once the information has been seen by the stock holders and the head management, it has saved the financial costs and time. It has shown that processing of valuable data will help to address what has been achieved.

Your job position is exactly where my skills and current projects can fit. I am ready to offer further information and calculations to help your on-going projects improve. As a professional who knows how to adjust software solutions and engineer, I shall be a great addition to the engineering department at your company.

I am confident that my approach to work and an application of strong programming skills will help your company take a different approach and use innovative solutions to provide an ever greater accuracy. I am certain that you will be satisfied with the savings and accessible software engineering solutions as I shall be able to present my work at Engineering Synergy LTD.

I'm looking forward to a good time for us to further discuss our cooperation and be able to present my solutions. I am truly interested to become a part of your company and join the team of like-minded professionals.

Best regards,

Amy Lee

When you are ready to offer something unique, you can mention it in your cover letter as it is another way to make things interesting. Before you offer information or your personal solutions, make sure to protect your intellectual property content first!

Cover Letter Precautions to Remember

A sample cover letter should not be another carbon copy of your resume or become your biography. The same relates to asking about the company’s responsibilities or similar job offerings. It’s not the place to ask questions because your purpose is to provide information and make the HR manager or a company person inspired.

Even if you are dealing with short cover letter examples that you encounter elsewhere, you will notice that every paragraph is accurate and strives to meet the anticipated job. Do not mention your skills or experience that is not related to the particular position. Follow the templates that are provided above, take your time to proofread and edit things, and you will come up with an excellent cover letter!

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