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Gender Pay Equality in Sport: Analytical Essay

Exercise is the least expensive way to stay healthy it has the potential to prevent chronic diseases as effectively as medication assists brain development and helps one develop self-esteem and leadership. It leads to higher academic success lowers levels of stress and fewer cases of depression. Who here believes that there entitled to these benefits? Yet there is a huge group of people who can’t enjoy these benefits.

Look at the media coverage and the lack of coverage of women’s sports. What we are escaping from is a world in which women are equal to men. You might be surprised to hear this. In fact, last year the media proclaimed it as the year of women in sport. This was in part of the tremendous and impressive accomplishments of female athletes that year. For example;

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In Australia 40% of sportspeople are women, however, only 6-8% of the total sports media coverage is devoted to them. Women-only sports such as netball add up to only 3.5%of all sports stories in the four major Australian newspapers the reasons why the men get paid more than women is because they have higher tv ratings and higher ticket sales than women. The point about ticket sales is not true this year because 60 minutes reporter Nora O’Donnell mentioned in an interview with a few members of the women’s national soccer team. US soccer shows that this year women’s national team will net around 5 million dollars in ticket sales while us men national team will lose about 1 million. For the most part, the interest in men soccer so more people is watching the game. Which is giving the government the excuse to let to pay women less than men. One reason why man game has a higher rating is that in general, their games are more competitive.

Who is supposed to tell those little girls that becoming a professional sports player means that they are going to be faced with discrimination that they will get less money for the exact same job as will men? That they will be forced to work in worse conditions and faculties than men. I know that I for 1 don’t want to be the one to tell those little girls those things. I want to tell them to dream big and being a professional sports player means that they can make a living off their passions. I want to tell them to work hard because their work will be rewarded with adequate pay. But today I cannot tell those little girls those things. Gender discrimination is still a major problem in our society today. But I know that I want to do any little thing that I can to help stop this problem. Sport is just one starting place, but it is a place that we can start.

A way that female athletes get more attention is for popular companies to use female athletes’ teams in marketing campaigns. Across the world, certain companies like Nike have made progress in this department such as nationwide such as Alex Morgan in there commercial. If another company’s around the world used female athletes from sports teams in there marketing campaign this could be the start of popularising the game for women. Many people have the argument that “women’s sport isn’t interesting enough” and that it does not deserve media attention even though over the past few years the popularity of women’s sport has gotten better we are still a long way of being equal to men.

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