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EduBirdie Review: Essay Writing Service That Supersedes Expectations

In our busy world, essay writing services are becoming increasingly popular. Many students lack time or resources to perform their assignments properly, which is why they search for the best essay service. This EduBirdie review will reveal how our company strives to meet all our clients’ requirements and what they think about our services. We help outline, write, format, edit, and proofread papers, and as we ensure high quality, you’re guaranteed to get the top mark.

EduBirdie Services Feedback

Our academic service is known for high quality and timely papers we provide. With the help of EduBirdie swift customer support, you can place your order, then get access to the database of our writers. We have a convenient system for you to check the reviews as well as writers’ experience before deciding who’ll be able to cope with your task best. It’s also possible to have direct communication with whomever you pick, so clarify your order details, check progress, and voice your concerns knowing they’ll be heard.

We provide absolute guarantees for the best quality of your papers. There is an unlimited number of revisions available, so if something in your paper doesn’t look right, simply ask the writer to correct it. The experts are interested in cooperating because they won’t get their money until you’re satisfied 100%. In extreme cases where you remain dissatisfied, there is always refund option, so we’re proud to say that we give you the ultimate form of protection.

No essay writing service exists without negativity, and since we aim to achieve utter transparency, in this EduBirdie review, we’re going to address the points raised in students’ discussions. There is a contradictory opinion about the identities of our professionals. Some people rightfully noticed that the photos some of them provide are taken from Google. Others voiced their doubts by claiming that some profiles lack even fake photos and depict drawn pictures of people instead. It led to many of our potential clients starting to question our credibility and being scared away.

The truth is, some photos of our experts are indeed taken from the Internet, but the reasoning behind it has nothing to do with their level of professionalism. Take a look at the reviews below. We’ve specifically chosen older as well as newer reviews so you could see that our writers’ quality remains consistent throughout the years.

These are just two random reviews out of many, and as you see, both students praise EduBirdie writers. What’s up with profiles’ pictures, then? First, many of our employees are professionals that work in an academic sphere, which has shaped their experience in the first place. Having their real photos presented on the essay writing service platform can easily compromise their position as well as reputation in real life. EduBirdie offers good rates and it attracts many people who find writing high quality essays easy, but naturally, many of such experts want to protect themselves.

Secondly, some writers simply don’t want to post their real photos. They want to maintain their privacy, as well as clients do, and since we value our professionals, we are ready to make concessions. Note that only some experts choose this option — others, especially those who’re working exclusively in the academic writing sphere, present their real photos. Both options have absolutely no impact on the quality of papers.

So, as you can see from this section of EduBirdie review, we always seek to meet your demands and give you the best paper. No one is perfect, so in case some misunderstanding occurs, we will always refund your money. EduBirdie writers are professionals who will gladly help you, so to make sure you choose the perfect option, just read reviews our other clients left for specific writers.

Pros and Cons of EduBirdie Academic Essay Service

While EduBirdie company belongs to the top essay writing platforms, we have both advantages and disadvantages that every potential client should know about. Let’s start with pros.

  • All personal assistants face strict and detailed screening procedures before they’re allowed to join our platform;
  • Choose the writer by viewing their reputation, feedback, and prices they request;
  • 24/7 communication: if there are any problems or questions, contact support representatives or writer directly. Someone is always online and is ready to help right away;
  • Quality is guaranteed with the help of screening process when hiring professionals, their EduBirdie reputation based on feedback from completed orders, as well as revision and refund options available to every client;
  • Efficient plagiarism checker;
  • Absolute confidentiality & loyalty are guaranteed. We protect all data shared with us;
  • Intuitive interface.

Since we want to make our EduBirdie review as unbiased as possible, let’s check the cons.

  • Prices might be rather expensive for some students, starting with $18 per page but usually higher;
  • Accidents can always happen: while we attempt to ensure best experience, giving 100% guarantees every time is impossible.

Regarding the first con, EduBirdie is indeed not the cheapest service. We don’t take more money just to boost our profits, though. Since we hire only top writers to ensure best essay writing, we offer them better rates than most similar platforms. Price corresponds to quality.

With second and third cons, explanations are simple. Life happens to all of us — your personal assistant might get sick, your professor might be in bad mood and give you bad grade, and this way, deadline might be missed or grade could be low. But we have to note that such cases are very rare as we try our best to fix any mistake or issue that can prevent you from receiving professional paper on time.

Regarding availability, writers have different schedules and might be sleeping or otherwise engaged when you need them. There’s a solution, though! Just contact our support representatives and they’ll help you.

EduBirdie Online Reputation: Legit Online Essay Help

You’ve already seen some reviews taken from online sites in this EduBirdie review. Let’s have closer look. Unfortunately, like with most similar platforms, writing service reviews about EduBirdie are pretty mediocre. Again, we’re striving for transparency, so we won’t be hiding the facts that’ll take you a few minutes to check. Instead, we’ll explain the difference between our success rate (+/-94% monthly) and varying online reviews.

EduBirdie has been operating for many years, as you see from different years of reviews. If our actual success rate was low, we’d have closed down ages ago. Instead, we remain among top essay writing services and we cooperate with thousands of clients. Our site has an option where clients can leave their feedback to shape writers’ profiles, and most of them prefer to use it. They like saying something about their chosen assistant directly. Competitors, on the other hand, pick easier options and post negative reviews on general platforms. It can successfully sow seeds of doubts into our potential clients’ minds. Luckily, some of our constant clients come to help balance negativity out.

Are all good reviews fake, though? Of course not. We also make mistakes, we admit it. But the thing is, we’re ready to take full responsibility. Our representative tries to reply to each review, so if something’s wrong and it’s our fault, we’ll resolve the matter to your satisfaction.

Let’s check some other reviews. This one both praises and criticises us.

As it goes on, our client makes the following conclusion.

Despite some issues, the review sees EduBirdie in a favourable light. Review itself is credible because of all details it provides. Same applies to other reviews.

If you do have a problem with provided essay, contact us. Speak to chosen expert in advance as many things will become obvious just from your message exchanges. Better yet, check feedback left by others in writers’ profiles when trying to choose the writer or visit our site to review general testimonials.

Ordering Process

Placing an order with us is very simple. Just contact our customer support representatives in any convenient way. First, visit site of EduBirdie. There, choose a type of essay needed and write your email so we could contact you back.

Another option review involves clicking ‘hire writer’ in right upper corner. Fill in the form, mention deadline and all other details. If something’s unclear, contact our customer support directly, the table is in left lower corner.

That’s it! Start communication with personal assistant after this, check their profiles and reviews, and choose the best option. Money will be given to writer only after successful completion of task.

Prices and Deadlines

Our normal price has already been mentioned in this EduBirdie review but let’s take a more thorough look. One basic page with long deadline (around ten days) and mildly complex instructions cost $18. You can choose writer’s group then: “all writers” means that 100% of EduBirdie professionals see your order, including beginners. Paying 10% of price, only top 50% of experts from “premium” group will be shown. Finally, there is “platinum” group for 20% of order price with best and most experienced only. For $9.99, we’ll pick best writer ourselves so you wouldn’t spend time on checking every profile.

If deadline is shorter, price is higher. Same goes for particularly complex and many-layered instructions that require extensive research. In general, writing 5 pages takes about 2 days minimum, but if your order is more urgent, it’s not a problem. Our experts are ready to work extra hard. Prices might be expensive for such orders, but they’re justified as we ensure timely delivery and excellent quality. Review what kind of steps EduBirdie writers take before they’re accepted to understand these set prices.

Many people may think that it is not possible, but I have tried Edubirdie myself for an honest review. I have confused deadlines, so started working on wrong assignment. My essay on leadership roles was due in 5 hours and I started panicking. Essay writing service was only way out and I have tried my luck. I have placed my order at Edubirdie with a few clicks and have chosen writer I liked the most, although his price was a bit high, but I needed good paper without revisions. Surprisingly, my assignment was ready in 3 hours. I have submitted it to Turnitin and it had 0% plagiarism. I scored A grade! Totally worth the money spent.

Customer Support

EduBirdie team is online 24/7 and they’re all polite, patient, and trained in communication sphere. Whatever concerns EduBirdie clients have, we’ll address them all. Check these two reviews sent by students directly to customer support representatives.

“You guys are the best! With 4-hours deadline, I was so sure I was going to fail. You helped me immediately and a writer you’ve picked managed to follow all my instructions. Sorry to say that now but I kept bothering you for about 20 times as I was waiting for my paper. I was so worried! Customer support was patient with me though, you kept reassuring me and even updated me as for progress. Thanks so much!” — Ray J.

“I’m so grateful, you have no idea. Needed my paper sooner than expected and couldn’t contact my writer. Customer support stayed in touch and solved everything under 10 minutes. You guys rock!” — Lili

It’s very easy to contact the support as the interface is user-friendly, simple to use. CSRs reply very quickly, always know your case, so no need to explain a lot!

Extra Services that Help Students to Save Time

Plagiarism checker

For a complete EduBirdie review, we should mention our free plag checker for all students and additional checking for clients. Our software is up-to-date and we take care of all issues reported. Many clients acknowledge the effectiveness of this system.

To try it, go to EduBirdie’s site and fill in the following table.

Citation Generator Review

It’s important to format papers before submission as teachers look at it very strictly. Sometimes, they refuse to grade essay if it is not formatted. Edubirdie offers accurate and convenient citation generator that can help reference your works cited page in various styles that include but are not limited to APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, Harvard, ASA, AMA and so on. It’s easy, as well as quick for use and helps to spare some precious student’s time.

Apart from plag checker, citation generator and services already described in EduBirdie review, there are also other options. They include helping students with ordinary homework, reworking flawed essays, assisting with business plans, composing outlines, drafts, etc. High quality is guaranteed, so no need to hesitate!

Edubirdie: Excellent Service that you should not Miss

This EduBirdie review is aimed to show both sides of our platform, its pros and cons. EduBirdie online reputation is presented by various kinds of reviews, but the fact that customers keep returning to us and leave real and 100% verified comments in writers’ profiles is undeniable. We provide quality guarantees and if you’re dissatisfied, all money will be returned. Every concern is addressed swiftly. So read our terms and conditions, contact support, and place your order! As long as you’re clear with instructions, you won’t be disappointed.

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