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Dry January Resources: Why Do Dry January & Students Drinking Problem.

Originally established by the people behind the Alcohol Changein 2014, it is an important annual event that starts each January. The purpose of the Dry January Monthis the break from all the booze for a period of 31 days, which is why it bears such a name. The Dry January meaning became even more important as people have been drinking alcohol more frequently during pandemic restrictions and the times when no work or studies had to be done.

According to Alcohol Change , one in five people has been fighting the alcohol lockdown problem, which makes the importance of anti-alcohol initiatives so important for society in January 2022. As a team of educators and researchers, we believe that every responsible person should have their say in this matter and help promote a healthy way of life!

When Does Dry January Start ?

As you might have already guessed from the name, Dry January month starts on January 1st, 2022. Still, as you think about when does Dry January start, you should not make it last for one month only since keeping away from alcohol is a healthy practice that every responsible person must follow. Unfortunately, many students often ignore common sense and turn to booze drinking as a way to relieve stress. Turning to Dry January statistics, we can see that only one in five people who consume alcohol regularly are planning to participate in the Dry January campaign. In other words, we have one in eight Brits (only 12.4% of the adult population) who are planning to take part. Still, if we count our participants from the other side, we shall receive about 6.5 million people.

Approaching information offered by the Rehab 4 Addictionwebsite, the problems with the drinking culture among university students are known almost to every person involved in the field of higher education. Unfortunately, it is quite common for students to consume large amounts of alcohol. According to statistical data, the most popular drinks among higher education students are spirits where 79% of students drank because they saw it as a part of the university culture. It makes the dry January benefits obvious as they include both mental and physical aspects. Once students and adults, in general, see anti-drinking initiatives as the parts of their lives, many just quit drinking altogether as they improve their sleep patterns along with the overall emotional state. Speaking of higher education, Dry January benefits include addressing student drinking as the students represent the majority of social activists in the country that make all the events related to Dry January monthpossible.

According to another research offered by Dr. Gautam Mehta (a leading researcher at Helthista ), university students have found it difficult at first to cope with the challenges of abstinence, yet after a month of healthy living, they have turned to healthy volunteers who could promote the values of being sober and addressing the issues like weight loss and aggression management. It’s also safe to assume that the cognitive functions of university students have been addressed in a positive way because a period of 31 days is a classic alcohol recovery period for most adults.

Useful Dry January Resources ForStudents

Our hard-working team at Edubirdiehas prepared a useful resource pack that will be helpful for every student who is willing to change the usual drinking behaviours by showing a positive example and helping others overcome alcohol-related challenges. We strongly believe that every student could use these resources to learn about what is Dry January campaign and tell the world about how his or her dry month has passed. When you can share your story, you will inspire others by showing them how important it is to join. Just think about the Dry January charity campaign where everyone can join. Reading about the frightening statistics where one person dies as a result of alcohol every hour, it is only natural to focus on helping others. As a young person, the future of the country, you should do your best to make the Dry January (and not only) a happy and healthy season for every student you know and every person you encounter!

Here are the helpful resources to consider for your Dry January Month:

Alcohol Change Charity. The founders and the people behind the Dry January Monthcampaign. Find all the necessary and detailed information related to Dry January and see how you can participate as a student.

Cancer Research(Dryathlon Charity). It is one of the most famous charities . It is not widely known, yet alcohol consumption is one of the reasons why cancer cells grow. Do not let it go on by participating in Cancer Research. Join the Dryathlon Charity and be the change you want to see!

Dry January Crisis Management. This amazing charity aims for ending homelessness by letting people manage the Dry January Crisis. Each day that you spend sober will help homeless people in the country.

Dry January Community Group on Facebook. If you prefer turning to social media, think about joining the Dry January community on Facebook where they have all the latest news. It is also a great place to share your Dry January day-by-day story!

Action On Addiction . If you could not make it through Dry January month in 2021, this great resource will guide you towards getting ready for January 2022. It will provide you with amazing dry January tips like starting with sports or participating in charity activities.

Virgin Money Giving Dry January Campaign. If the big names like Virgin Media are making a positive impact in alcohol-free living by offering great discounts for TV and the Internet, then it must be saying something! Join it as a student and study the benefits!

HCA Healthcare. It researches alcohol-related deaths and focuses on providing people fighting alcohol addiction with resources and information. As a rule, it plays a vital role in Dry Month.

Try Dry — The Dry January App. The free and innovative Dry January app helps to track your time off alcohol. It is a great solution that you will appreciate as a college student. It also counts your calories and offers inspiring health quizzes that you can pass, learning a lot of new things!

Remember that these are only some starting points that you should consider because there are many student unions at universities like the famous Lancaster University Students’ Union that has pioneered the Dry January campaign in the country among university students. You can also talk to your academic advisors and university representatives as you start with your Dry January initiatives. As a student, you can set a positive example and inspire others to join you not only for a month of being sober but for living a healthy life where peace of mind prevails.

Dry January Month Quotes & Posters

Well, you might have heard all the purely jokes about Dry January month like offering dry gin, dry cider, and even dry martini! Yes, it would be funny if it would not be a bit sad at the same time. Still, we would not be if we would not joke once in a while. Jokes aside, there are many dry January quotes that are worth mentioning, yet the one that we consider meaningful is “I’m not telling you it is going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.”

And, indeed, it is not going to be easy but it will always pay off. Speaking of examples, just take a look at Jennifer Lopez who keeps her youthful appearance by saying “no” to alcohol. Serious though, create your dry January poster and add the words or a phrase that makes you inspired to pass through your Dry January month!

Is Dry January Month Worth It?

Of course, it is worth it! Even though university students like to have fun and joke about it endlessly, those of them who have tried it have improved their mental state and could lose some weight. After all, by asking yourself: is dry January worth it, just give it a try to find out because no one else can provide you with a better answer unless you test it yourself! Without a doubt, there will e challenges like Dry January headache, yet turn to a drinking water practice and keep yourself hydrated to overcome it (it does work!).

Turning to approximate Dry January results, we can see that over 86% of participants could save money. Considering that there were over 6,000 people involved, 81% of them stated that they became more in control of their drinking habits. Finally, 70% of participants had better sleep patterns and could concentrate on their studies. Next, 66% felt more energy and had a positive attitude to life, while 54% could lose weight. Stating whether Dry January month is a national success or not, let us tell you that by staying sober, you can set an example, which will be worth way more than any statistical data! Moreover, you will see how your life and studies will change, let alone your free time and finances! Be the positive change and start early to make your Dry January the one you can proudly share with your friends and family!

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